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    9/11: The September 11th Attacks

    Not sure what exactly to say about this, but here it is: http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Scientists_find_active_superthermite_in_WTC_0404.html
  2. A

    9/11 NY Lottery Draw

    "On the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks, a date known as 9-11, the evening numbers drawn in the New York Lottery were 9-1-1. " Hmmmm. What are the chances of that happening?
  3. A

    Weird 9/11 Precognition Thread

    Did anyone else have any weird precog or syncrohinicty just before they heard the news of 9/11. I was sitting in my local (had the day off) next to a cigarette machine which had a big picture of the New York skyline, with the Twin Towers in the centre. The jukebox was playing the Clash's 'Rock...
  4. A

    View Rare & Historic Photos Taken Inside WTC On 9/11

    View rare & historic digital photos taken inside WTC Tower 1 in the moments following attack. See firemen climbing up stairs with equipment, office workers evacuating, and the WTC lobby, all before the collapse. Photos are NOT for sale. Go to http://www.shop1.net scroll halfway down page.
  5. A

    Kind Of A Prediction Of The US Attack

    How about this. Monday Night I had a very potant dream that there was a huge explosion in what I thought was Bristol (Big city). I told the Girlfriend who, knowing me, advised me to take the day off work (i didnt). I went to work as usual Tuesday and around 1pm (when I got back from lunch)...
  6. carps13

    Nostradamus and 9/11

    OK OK - I know everyone has probably had that spurious quatrain in their inboxes a thousand times today already, but if not, look out for this verse on a monitor near you - soon. "In the year of the new century and nine months, > From the sky will come a great King of Terror... > The sky...