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  1. Min Bannister

    Mysterious Streaks Of Light Over Southern California (2024)

    The video is very impressive. What an amazing thing to have seen. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-68718343
  2. maximus otter

    Lego Heads In Mugshots?

    Something looks a little funny on one California police department’s social media pages. The Murrieta Police Department is photoshopping Legos onto suspects’ faces in mugshots and arrest photos. Courtesy of the Murietta Police Department Locals have noticed this phenomenon on the police...
  3. S

    Expedition X [Season 3, Episode 6]: Aliens Of The Deep

    Watched this interesting ("if factual") TV programme last night, was impressed in particular with the static video view of the night sky - which supposedly caught a UFO doing some crazy stuff above them. The main gist of this it was catching a supersonic craft flying above the waters off...
  4. marhawkman

    MIA Plane Found? (Folsom Lake; California; 1965 Collision)

    hmmm airplane lost for decades... now found by mistake? https://www.insider.com/plane-crashed-1965-likely-found-bottom-of-california-lake-2021-6 It's kinda interesting that they didn't find it it in the initial search though. I mean, it's easy to say "we don't know where it crashed" when...
  5. Aether Blue

    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Back From San Francisco (Fortean Family History)

    Route 1 offers breathtaking vistas of the ocean along the Central California Coast. Unfortunately, following a sea cliff exposes it to washing out and landslides nearly every winter. Come summer, construction and rubbernecking tourists slow traffic to a virtual standstill on the winding road...
  6. EnolaGaia

    Dark Watchers (Vigilantes Oscuros): Ominous Figures; Santa Lucia Mountains (California)

    The phenomenon of the 'Dark Watchers' has a long history in the Santa Lucia Mountains of California (along the coast; south of Monterrey Bay). It's difficult to categorize them. They've been described as ephemeral giant figures seen on the horizon, as ominous figures encountered at close...
  7. GNC

    The Keddie Murders

    Couldn't see an unsolved murders thread, so any thoughts on the Keddie Murders of 1981? Info: Wiki link Every so often new evidence arises, but it goes nowhere. Most of the suspects are dead now anyway. The witness saying he saw the killings in a dream is a weird part of it. Sometimes the...
  8. genex17

    Vanishing Headlights, The Demon Flyer & Other Mojave Mysteries

    The Mojave desert stretches from California to Nevada about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. The Mojave bears a close resemblance to the UK's barren Moorlands,mostly shrubs and grass instead of cacti. It's often called the "High Desert" for its' 2000-4000 foot elevations. A man driving a...
  9. A

    The Yuba County Five: 'An American Dyatlov Pass' Incident (1978)

    First, sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere- I searched and couldn't find anything. Second, there is hardly any information about this apart from the original Washington Post article and a long thread on Reddit. I'm not familiar with Reddit, and don't know how reliable it is but...
  10. blessmycottonsocks

    Unidentified Aquatic Creatures

    Looks like a cross between a manatee and a hippo: Mystery sea creature photobombs Brit's pictures on holiday in Corfu sea cave Harvey Robertson was on a boat cruise with when he captured a number of photographs of what looks like a cross between a crocodile and a hippo. By LOUISE PARKER...
  11. genex17

    British Tourists Claim To Have Photographed Ghost On Alcatraz

    One from my neck of the woods. British tourists claim to photograph ghost on Alcatraz Posted on Wednesday, June 18 at 2:31pm | By Beth Spotswood Is it a ghost? (Image taken by Sheila Sillery-Walsh. Sheila Sillery-Walsh, visiting San Francisco from Birmingham England, managed to capture a...
  12. Moooksta

    Fresno Alien / Nightcrawler / Stick Figure

    The original Fresno Stick Alien footage is HERE. I seem to recall the "experts" on Sy Fy's Fact or Faked attempted to recreate the footage and failed. I'm sure someone here has an explanation for it. Seems the Fresno Stick Alien is still out there. On March 28th a retired Fresno couple...
  13. ramonmercado

    Southern Californian Cult Members Lost & Found

  14. Timble2

    Need To Flee The Planet?

    Worried by SARS, George W, global warming, or just fed up? This could be your answer. At last someone's building a spacecraft that looks like it might come from a Gerry Anderson series. I want one. Full story at: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99993645
  15. A

    The Winchester House

    I first read this in an Alan Moore Swamp Thing (where the rifle concerned was called Chesterfield, I think) but my brother claimed it was based on the Winchester Rifle. The story is that after Mr Winchester died, his widow kept seeing visions or ghosts of everyone who had been killed by a...
  16. A

    The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

    Despite much criticism and analysis, the Bigfoot Patterson film still seems to defy all scepticism. Does anyone out there think it is a real Bigfoot, especially with the analysis provided by the likes of Grover Krantz who believe it to be an unknown biped. Unfortunately, enigmas such as Bigfoot...
  17. M

    Angel Hair (Stringy Material Falling From The Sky)

    Hmmmm... the last account there reminds me of "angel Hair". It'll be familiar to most as the long, thin hair-like strings that have been noted to fall from the sky during UFO activity. I remember once reading that one hypothesis for that as substances in the atmosphere forming crystal...