1. ramonmercado

    Arthropods In Amber

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  2. M

    Fossils As Basis Or Evidence For Myths & Legends Her site on this: She has also written a lot on the influence of fossils on legends and it is fascinating stuff - she could write a great article for FT too ;) Emps
  3. A

    Newly Discovered: Animal Fossils "A Very Puzzling Dinosaur Skull Mystery William Donawick was taking a horseback ride in far southern Montana near his daughter's Wyoming ranch when he spotted a curious piece of bone. Since...
  4. K

    World's Oldest Fishy Tadpole Thing Even older than your old friend Keyser :)
  5. A

    Fossils & Fossilization (How Do They Form? Are There New Fossils?)

    Has anyone here got enough scientific knowledge to confirm the fact that fossils aren't being created now? And can anyone explain why fossils of trees have been found when the tree should have rotted away in the time it took to create the fossil. It seems that the scientific understanding of...