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  1. Feech23

    Childhood Memory

    Another thread I just read about the child seeing the old lady in black with the limp triggered a memory of a sad time for my family in the early 1980s when my aunt died suddenly in London and her husband died at the funeral. Our cousins were staying with us in Ireland as the adults travelled...
  2. catseye

    Memory Of 'Something'

    Honestly, how long have I been here? And I haven't told the tale of the thing that started my interest in the paranormal, tch! We've just sold the family house, so it's safe enough to tell now, I guess. Our family home was a two bed terrace in Exeter, and to go to the loo you had to go up the...
  3. Yithian

    Nostalgia: Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be

    A bit of a ramble this, but there are a few associated thoughts floating around in the old bean--too much time on aeroplanes and waking up at all hours. Feel free to respond to any aspect of it that strikes a chord. Nostalgia is a longing for the past: for a past that is idealised, crystalised...
  4. Vardoger

    The Mandela Effect: False Memory

    The Berenstein-Berenstain conspiracy theories are entertaining. I found two versions of the same image. My guess is, the ---stein image is faked.
  5. Cochise

    False Memory

    Most people will be aware of the film Duel. (Speilberg's first). My memory, however, insists I've watched two different versions of it, one in black and white with the shabby dark tanker lorry and and old rounded car driven by a 50's businessman type, one with a newer red flat fronted lorry...
  6. Bosbaba

    Remembering Things Not Your Own

    Has anyone had the experience of remembering or recalling experiences/languages that were not their own? I have been bothered by this ever since I was in primary/junior school - When bored and just daydreaming as a kid I was able to write in a script that was not our normal alphabet and also...
  7. Glensheen'sGirl~

    Earliest Memories

    I too avoid mirrors when it's dark. The shadowy look of things causes the light etc. to play tricks on my eyes and it always freaks me out. Playing "Bloody Mary" with my cousins as a kid probably didn't help either... :cross eye