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ships & shipping

  1. eziofan

    Baltimore Bridge Accident

    Just watching the tragic Baltimore bridge accident. On the video stream you can see many cars and lorries passing over the bridge just before the collision. It certainly brings home the part that fate plays in our day to day lives. This will spawn many tales of how close people came to becoming...
  2. F

    Committal To The Deep: Burial At Sea

    It's supposed to be almost impossible to be buried at sea off the UK these days, due to worries about health risks & contamination. But I remember a case nearly forty years ago when a widow had her husband buried at sea as per his wishes, off the Scottish islands & in a bronze coffin. A...
  3. Paul_Exeter

    What Are The Te Lapa Lights That Ancient Polynesians Used To Navigate The Oceans?

    "Roughly translated as “the flashing” or “something that flashes”, Te Lapa is described as a blinking pulse of light that emanates from islands, yet is virtually unknown to science and completely unexplained. The strange effect was first mentioned in Western literature in the early 1970s when a...
  4. Tunn11

    Viking Longships

    Couldn't find this on a search and I don't know whether it has been brought up before but what were the Viking longship "figureheads" designed to look like? ignoring mast/sails there is a long neck, small head and a lower tail. Rather than dragons could they have been based on a typical "long...
  5. Yithian

    Did The Aurora Borealis Contribute To The Sinking Of The Titanic?

    Aurora Borealis May Have Contributed to Sinking of Titanic, Suggests Meteorological Researcher Erika P.Sep 17, 2020 07:40 AM EDT On that fateful night of April 15, 1912, the seemingly unsinkable RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk for hours, killing over a thousand passengers. More than a...
  6. maximus otter

    Astronaut’s Map Leads Treasure Hunters To "Columbus' Anchor"

    RESEARCHERS have used a “space treasure map” to make a remarkable discovery in the Caribbean — a centuries-old anchor believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’s ships. Analysis of the anchor, which was found off the Turks and Caicos Islands, reveals that it dates to between 1492 and...
  7. kamalktk

    Model Titanic Is Haunted!

    A model builder says his replica Titanic is haunted. :wink: It is a rather nice model. http://wtkr.com/2012/06/14/portsmouth-man-says-titanic-replica-could-be-haunted/ "It’s been 100 years since the RMS Titantic struck an iceberg and sent more than 1,500 souls to their watery graves. In...
  8. MrRING

    Titanic Ghost Tour

  9. F

    Was My Son On The Titanic In A Former Life?

    My son was born in July of 1995, by November 1995 the child could climb stairs and stand up - he talked really early and was obsessed with drawing - but he was wary of water. I remember the plughole in the bath used to make a slurping sound when the water went down and it terrified him. He...
  10. rynner2

    Viking Ship Rediscovered

    Builder found Vikings washed up at pub Jack Malvern Archaeologists believe they have found the only intact Viking boat in Britain beneath the patio of a Merseyside pub. The 10th-century vessel was discovered in the 1930s by builders excavating the basement of the Railway Inn on the Wirral...
  11. ramonmercado

    Mary Rose

  12. James_H

    Ghost Ships: Spectral Ships & Vessels

    Hello - I would like to get some answers out of you lot about things that i can't really remember Who was the English King/Prince who saw it? Any other accounts? Any Other ghost ship stories are there any around the british coast? Can i lump the marie celeste in, as well? thankees
  13. A

    The Philadelphia Experiment

    Has anyone heard of this story? I have no idea where to pos this message so I figure that I might as well put it up here since it deals with the U.S. Government. A few decades ago the U.S. Army was testing a new kind of stealth gear on ships by making the invisible. When they first tried it...