1. EnolaGaia

    Adverse Medical Reactions To Tattoos

    In this rare case a Japanese man suffered visual effect, eye inflammation, and loss of hearing as a result of a reaction to a back tattoo. FULL STORY: PUBLISHED CASE REPORT...
  2. C

    A Rather Unwise Tattoo

    I'm all for defacing your own body with ink and a needle, but this is something else... ... _page_id=2 Apologies if everyone's seen this already.
  3. M

    The Backwards Forehead Tattoo

    Hell I always assumed that was a joke but this shows people really are that stupid: Source
  4. James_H

    Messed Up Autograph Tattoos

    Once I found myself talking to Pete Shelley out of the Buzzcocks after a gig, and he told me that he'd once signed a fan's arm with a dodgy biro, which caused him to put three "L"s in "Shelley". Several years later, he met the same fan, who had the signature tattooed on her arm, complete with...
  5. M

    Tattoo UL? (Tattoo Doesn't Mean What The Wearer Thought)

    Do you think this is for real or an UL? story
  6. A

    Body Modification

    I didnt really know where to post this but still... Did anyone see that program on Channel 5 last night on people who modify their bodies to look like animals or whatever? Ive always been fascinated by this and have read quite a lot about it (although would never do it myself) but whats...
  7. A


    Tattoos as a sign of undying love have always fascinated me. Don't people realise the elusive and mercurial world of love???? A uncle of mine whilst serving in Canada during the war forgot he was married and had his loves name 'Gladys' tattooed on his arm.......he spent the next 40 or so...