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the internet

  1. ramonmercado

    The Spread Of Misinformation Varies By Topic And Country In Europe, Study Finds

    Cultural and National differences affect (mis) beliefs. MAY 8, 2024 Editors' notes The spread of misinformation varies by topic and by country in Europe, study finds by Public Library of Science Cumulative number of the total retweets received by questionable sources vs. the cumulative...
  2. Mr Bleak

    New Blog: 'Dark' 19th Century History

    I launched a new blog two months ago Bleak Chesney Wold : Named after Lord & Lady Dedlock's residence in Dickens's 'Bleak House' , famous for its Ghost Walk. Related to 'darker' elements of 19th century history. There have been posts about the location of Chesney Wold itself, reviews of Linda...
  3. C.O.T.

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Art

    Hi, bring here some that sure that will make this wekend a lot more fun. It's about the new AI image generation software that has been released this last months. It consist on a different approaches of neural networks that have been trained to draw new images. They do it after the "brain" has...
  4. maximus otter

    Liana Shanti: The Mysterious ‘Sisterhood’ Tearing Families Apart

    Jason and Jennifer Veras had been together since high school. “We were a loving family. We were a happy family. We barely had any issues throughout our 23 years in a relationship,” Jason said. “Until she brought Liana Shanti into our family.” Everything changed soon after Jennifer started...
  5. Sharon Hill

    Fortean Content On The Web

    It would be great to have a thread about sources of Fortean materials and history available on the web. I'll start with a source that may be inexhaustible reading for anyone's lifetime: Isaac Koi's Archives for the Unexplained Includes topics mainly on UFOs but also lots of publications on...
  6. Sharon Hill

    Fortean Social Media

    Mastodon accounts With the Twitter dumpster fire in full bonfire mode, some of us have moved to the Mastodon platform on the Fediverse. Gordon is there, Andy is there, Stu is there, I'm there. Several more. There are LOTS of artists and gamers. There is also a quickly expanding community of...
  7. Kondoru

    Blogging About Forteana In A Respectful Way

    (Mods; feel free to move if you feel this is not the right place) I want to blog on local Forteana but in a scholarly way; there's too much junk online and I am trying to make an academic name for myself Which does not mean I cant do Forteana! What do you suggest? Any good examples?
  8. gerhard1

    Strange Case From Texas

    Three strange emergency calls from a seemingly deserted house in a Texas town lead to a very strange case. The video is quite fair to all sides , both believers and skeptics.
  9. McAvennie

    Momo Challenge

    Maybe this should move to urban legends and folklore... A new internet game scaring the kids. Seemingly a WhatsApp number that you call leading to a response from a distorted faced girl who encouragea you to kill yourself. Allegedly several kids around the world have done so and many more have...
  10. blessmycottonsocks

    Let The Right One In (NOT Alexa)

    Sounds like she's a nosy little thing and can't wait to tell the world what you're up to: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/05/24/alexa_recording_couple/ Must admit that I've let Siri in and Cortana's sniffing around my desktop PC somewhere, but maybe it would be prudent to leave Alexa out in...
  11. AlchoPwn

    Russian Disinformation Campaigns: The Ancient Art Of Subversive Trolling

    How many of the conspiracies that have gained traction over the years have actually been based on disinformation planted by the Russians? But hang on, what does Russian have to gain? Plenty as it turns out. When you flood the world with false news, the truth is drowned out and your opponents...
  12. LazarusMP

    Slender Man

    Tried searching and surprisingly didn't see a thread about this so thought I'd make one. A thread on the Something Awful forums inviting users to create faux 'paranormal' images resulted in an interesting concept - The Slender Man - that seemed to resonate strongly with many. Original...
  13. G

    Wikipedia & Sceptics Versus Forteana

  14. S


    Wikileaks seems to be really under fire (pun intended) at the time of writing! Log on now if you can. This is conspiracy to suppress information in action. http://wikileaks.org/
  15. Yithian

    Missing In Action: Members Who've Gone Silent / Haven't Been Seen For Some Time

    NOTE: This thread was established for inquiries and discussion about members who seem to have gone silent or drifted away for a notable length of time. This thread is not intended to contain material concerning the following specific cases - cases for which we have other dedicated threads...
  16. F

    Project: Fortean Categories & Articles On Wikipedia

    I assume I'm not the first, but I've decided to tackle all the various Fortean articles on Wikipedia. Well, perhaps decide is a bit generous -- I got addicted to the platform and after making a few edits, moving things here and there, creating a new Fortean stub, and looking at category...
  17. G

    Hoaxes & Pranks

    Absolutely Hideous and Disturbing "Prank-Gone-Wrong" THREE CLEARED OVER 'JOKE' EMAIL TO KNIFE HORROR FATHER "Three workers have been cleared of forgery after sending joke emails about a fake business trip to a rival. The man later had a mental breakdown and stabbed his 12-year-old daughter to...
  18. A

    Ghosts & Computers (Including The Vertical Plane)

    FUTURE CONTACT BY COMPUTER. Does anyone remember the Fortean Times story,presented by Lionel Fanthorpe on the television series,about an alleged three-way communication between a future computer operator,a person from the past,trained to use one and a couple from our time? If you have noticed...
  19. P

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

    Has anyone any thoughts on :artificial intelegence:, to my mind it seems to be advancing in leaps and bounds, do you think it will ever compare with the human brain, personaly I dont think it will happen in my lifetime but I think it might in the lifetime of my grandchildren.:spinning