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the membership

  1. David Plankton

    A Million Messages

    One for the Mods I suppose... By using the amount of posts made in one week, is it possible to estimate when we might reach 1,000,000? Currently at 994,848. How long does it take the board to amass 5152 messages? edit:too many 'posts'
  2. EnolaGaia

    General Website Queries: 2018 Onward

    This new thread is being established to contain general queries about this website and members' issues arising with regard to its use. For issues relating to the forum's technical implementation, its functionality, and / or how to utilize its features, it would be more appropriate to post in...
  3. Yithian

    Usernames & IDs

    Dear All, As you may or may not recall, back in the mists of time, many long-term users were required to 'update/change' their original usernames to facilitate one of the previous board changeovers. As a consequence of this fact many members' names still bear vestigial numbers, digits, prefixes...
  4. Yithian

    From The Fortean Times To Forteana: Our 10th & 20th Anniversaries

    Am I right in believing that the message board will - at some stage this year - pass its tenth birthday? When did it go live? Is there a party planned? Will there be jelly and ice-cream? I wasn't there at the birth, but we still have - at last inspection - a smattering of posters from that...
  5. Yithian

    Missing In Action: Members Who've Gone Silent / Haven't Been Seen For Some Time

    NOTE: This thread was established for inquiries and discussion about members who seem to have gone silent or drifted away for a notable length of time. This thread is not intended to contain material concerning the following specific cases - cases for which we have other dedicated threads...
  6. A

    Quitters: Members Who've Left The Forum

    Just a question - there's a been a rash of self-inflicted deletions recently (or did the mods grow tired of their insolence? :D) and wondered if there was a common cause?
  7. A

    Shape-Shifters: Members Who've Changed Names / IDs

    Just a question - would those who've changed identity like to own up - it's not a big deal but it's nice to know who some people previously were so I don't have to reform my low opinion of them* :D *Joke
  8. stu neville

    Nailed To A Tree: The Warning & Ban Log

    Following the somewhat confusing events of the last couple of weeks, there are some points that need to be clarified. Warnings: Before anyone is banned, they will be warned: any more than three warnings and they will be banned for an indefinite period until the moderators and/or...
  9. P

    How Old Is The Forum & Who Were The Earliest Members?

    Does anyone know who was the first member to join the mb, I had a quick look and thought it might be evilsprout, joined 27.7.01.
  10. S

    Avatars & Signatures

    i have an avatar that i would like to use, but its too big. So i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make it smaller, or could maybe do it for me??:D ;) its one of those moving ones, if that helps any....:D