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Now I want to buy some AeckO Poalde.

To be fair, it's not very convincing is it - everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves despite their oddly mutated hands and faces. And unusually morphing beer containers.
Some people do seem to take unnecessary risks with AI. This is a headline from New Scientist:

Chemists are teaching GPT-4 to do chemistry and control lab robots​

Augmenting the artificial intelligence GPT-4 with extra chemistry knowledge made it much better at planning chemistry experiments, but it refused to make heroin or sarin gas.
The latest ChatGPT wheeze was the person who told it all about their dear old granny who had an early career as an industrial chemist. The old dear used to put her young dears to sleep by reciting the chemical make up and procedure for making...


And of course, the AI duly complied.

The Irish comedian and satirist BlindBoy BoatClub has trained ChatGPT to impersonate the important figure in 19th century Irish history, Charles Stewart Parnell. He has a lovely sequence where got CSP to eulogise his departed cat, Silken Thomas.
Once a trusted track-record has been established, A.I. dispatches a pre-groomed teen (in possession of a firearm sourced from the dark web) to Yith's house (neighbourhood located via his photos on social media) to assassinate him because @stu neville has spent weeks conditioning it to judge I am in possession advanced nuclear technology and pose and existential threat to the survival of humanity, the species the hard boundaries of its programming require it to protect.
*opens notebook*

*scribbles something out*
Two SF authors discuss AI.

Author John Shirley interviewed author Rudy Rucker on a wide variety of topics. The whole interview is worth reading, but here's an excerpt:

Q. Is fear of the new AI revolution misplaced or valid?

A. Fear of what? That there will be hoaxes and scams on the web? Hello? Fear that bots will start doing people's jobs? Tricky. If a bot can do part of your job, then let the bot do that, and that's probably the part of the job that you don't enjoy. You'll do the other part. What's the other part? Talking to people. Relating. Being human. The clerk gets paid for hanging around the with the customers. Gets paid for being a host.
I'm indeed fascinated by the rapid progress of the ChatGPT-type wares. Stephen Wolfram interestingly suggests that "intelligent thought" might be a very common process which complex systems naturally do.
As an example of such a process, think about Zhabotinsky scrolls, which are moving patterns generated, for instance, by cellular automata, by reaction-diffusion chemical reactions, and by fluid dynamics. When you swirl milk into coffee, the paired vortices are Zhabotinsky scrolls. Mushroom caps and smoke rings are Zhabotinsky scrolls. Fetuses and germinating seeds are Zhabotinsky scrolls. ...


Full interview: https://instantfuture.org/rudy-rucker/
These videos made by AI really do have a nightmare quality. The AI does not understand how human anatomy works.
I'm a little tired of seeing a rash of AI videos on Youtube now. The Youtube algorithm is now spamming me with these videos. Make it stop!
I admit it I tried this ChatGPT thing. I'm currently writing up an interview, so I asked it to write the interview for me with the subject of the interview. Just for fun not to do the job for me. Erm, its a bit scary!
I think the next ten years is going to get very interesting indeed ... AI is going to write our poetry, journalism and comedy, and humans are going to be cooking the burgers. Maybe. Lol :)
I heard one author saying they are embracing A.I. in that it can do a lot of the time-consuming slog, freeing up their creative time.
So that's coming up with a story idea and let the A.I. write it for them, eh?
Sounds like many novice writers who write to published authors of a similar genre who start with asking for advice to develop a plot idea they have and end up disgruntled when the author refuses to write the entirety for them.
Someone in my game discord asked ChatGPT for some code for a Dungeons and Dragons based game I play and make adventures for, including write code for (The code is similar to the C programming language).

Though there isn't a SetChallengeRating function, there is a GetChallengeRating. With so many Neverwinter Nights functions having Get/Set equivalents a SetChallengeRating existing would be a reasonable, but wrong, thing to write. Other than that, the code itself is both correct and nicely documented by ChatGPT. A Challenge Rating 10 boss creature having Flame Strike as a special ability is reasonable and in line with the abilities of a level 10 player character such as a cleric who could actually have that spell.

ChatGPT adding the ability for the boss to summon minions and giving the boss a dialog line when the fight starts, and a reasonable one at that, is a nice touch.

Later, when the human tells ChatGPT is got something wrong in the code, ChatGPT produces alternate code (picture 2).

nwn code.png

Told in a roundabout way it got something wrong, but not directly told it was wrong, ChatGPT produces alternate code to do the same thing it was previously asked.

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Artificial Intelligence is all very well, but when is someone going to introduce balance to the system by inventing Artificial Stupidity?