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From here (Durham) the central rosette took on the shape of a bird or angel. It was really dramatic. I think this feature was centred over the North East region? Apologies for the neighbour’s soil pipe intruding into the shot!
That's almost like a Brocken Spectre!
Auroral pareidolia!


There were some small clouds giving the appearance of a face in the purple area of the aurora here. This picture is "borrowed" from a local Facebook page and was taken at Stone Street so the bright lights may be Canterbury.
Am so cross that I didn't get to see more than wisps last night. I didn't think to look through my phone! Going out tonight to hope that they will stage another appearance, and will try for photos. Hoping that I'm far enough north in Yorkshire to be able to see something.
What does looking through your phone do?
Some cell phones are more sensitive to faint colours like aurorae. I couldn't really see any colour last night, but some pictures taken at the same time show brilliant reds and greens.
I should think that might just be about taking photos with long exposure.
We are supposed to see them where I live which is just south of Chicago but we had clouds last night.
Hope to see then tonight ...its just 4 pm here now.
I saw them! Just after sunset. Not colours but tall bands of light stretching waaay up and a base glow all south of me. Nifty. And to add to the event a recent Starlink deployment of about 30 satellites went across. That must’ve tripped out the uneducated skywatchers, and there were many people out. I go to isolated spots and had about 5 carloads drop by near me in my 90min under the veil. Big news indeed.
The sky was clear, with loads of stars and a crescent Moon visible and I was scanning the heavens regularly between Eurovision songs and after the whole shebang around 00:30, but, didn't see a thing down here in Hampshire. :(
I missed the lights on Friday night so don't know how bright they were here. I noticed on the videos that the badger made a very brief visit and seemed uneasy. It picked up the banana but left without eating anything. I wonder whether the aurora seemed like the first hint of dawn to nocturnal beasties?
I also missed them on Friday night, waking up to online reports of people standing in their back gardens in Leeds and being treated to amazing displays. Last night, Otley Chevin was absolutely thronged with people. We kept going further north to Little Almscliffe Crags and the nearby car park there was busy, but we found a space next to a couple sitting in a VW Beetle with the roof down. Aurora app was showing red, but the cloud cover went from nine to ten tenths pretty quickly, and then the fog came down... Bah, humbug.
An extremely rare event for some local people to see the Northern Lights in our location.

I think the local weatherman said this would be a one in a lifetime event in our location or longer.

I did not see the northern lights, but it seems my cell phone camera supposedly has better photoreceptors than our human eyes.

Amazingly I saw some stars I could not see with my naked eyes.
It might be that your cell phone camera picked up stars only visible in infrared.
Scientists are not sure what to expect but the sun has done its 27 day rotation and now the eighteen earth size huge sun spot is now directly aiming at earth.

More large Northern Lights, just not sure.
During the first week of May, the Northern Lights in the U.S. we’re seen as far south as Florida.

NASA claims this event was historic because it could be several lifetimes before this situation happens again.

The energy streams during that time were perfectly in line with each other which does not usually happen.