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silent planes

when i was aound 10-11yrs i was walking to my nanna and grandads on a sunday morning with my mam whan we saw a plane a very very large bomber style one flying around 300-400 feet above the local houses and it did so with no noise at all then just as we watched it just flew away, we were the only ones who saw this and to my knowledge or granparents knowledge there has never been an air crash in this area (west yorkshire) wheather it be during WWII or peacetime so this coulnt be a ghostly apperition has anyone else saw or heard of anything like this
i forgot to say that the plane was so close you could see the details on it
Airport ghosts

Does anyone have any info about ghosts/hauntings related to any of the major civil airports. Im aware of one or two regarding Heathrow, but would like to hear of any others people know about.
They're probably people who died waiting for their flight to turn up. Now there's suffering.
Re: Airport ghosts

ceebs said:
Does anyone have any info about ghosts/hauntings related to any of the major civil airports. Im aware of one or two regarding Heathrow, but would like to hear of any others people know about.

Isn't there a bloke in a bowler hat who sometimes appears on one of the runways at LHR, or did I dream about it?

A lot of our regional civil airports were once RAF stations, and some of the supposed ghosts are of airmen, etc. Our local airport has a supposed phantom airman who haunts the local airport hotel (once the officers' mess), and there's a haunted hangar (it's now a TNT depot, or does that amount to the same thing?)

RAF Cosford has a haunted bomber thingy in the museum. Big plane type thing, old, big wings, probably named after a city. The local news did a report on it years ago and people phoned in to say that they could see a WWII aviator sitting in the cockpit. They ran a bit of the film back which showed a very indistinct shape for a few frames. They followed this with the out-takes of the presenter trying to walk through the fuselage and having great difficulty because of his equipment wanting to wrap itself round sundry bits of aircratf.
I saw a real ghost in the airport once.

While we were waiting on queue for check-in, the young maiden that was stamping the tickets suddenly DISAPPEARED!!!

Just vaporized right before our very eyes!!


Maybe it was her third coffee break in an hour?

ok, then maybe it wasnt really a ghost....hehe

'Close encounters of a Rissington kind.' 29/7/98.

"It’s 11pm and a group of ghosthunters are hot on the trail of spooks.

The four-strong team, from Cheltenham-based Circular Forum, have descended on RAF Little Rissington after receiving reports that the old base is a hot spot for things that go bump in the night.

They were alerted by residents at Upper Rissington, the new village which has sprouted up at the Cotswold airfield.

There has been a series of close encounters at the base in recent months, including sightings of ghostly airmen..."

There's a sighting which has been reported at an old RAF base (Bircham Newton in Norfolk, altho' it's not an airport now) of a sports car full of laughing airman which speeds along and crashes into the back of a hangar.

And a phantom Spitfire has been seen at Biggin Hill . . .


Thanks for the info on this so far! As well as the aircraft related stuff, im also interested in anything to do with the airport terminal buildings. I worked at Edinburgh airport for a while and there are a few stories about disembodied footsteps in borading corridors when no flights are operating, and some sightings of figures in maintenence hangars and parts of the terminal and aircraft ramp area. Anyone know of any odd happenings (delays and disappearing check in agents aside!) at their local airport?
Phantom Spitfire

A couple of years back, my brother and I were driving back from a camping holiday in Whitby. We were somewhere between Skipton-on-Swale (not the other Skipton near Keighley) and Ripley when a Spitfire flew directly over us. We saw it through the windscreen and the sunroof, when I turned to look back, it wasn't there. Almost as if it had vanished directly overhead. It was then that we noticed it hadn't made any sound that we could hear (it was quite low, maybe 200ft), and seemed to be in dark, black silhouette. It was certainly moving very fast, but we were in a flat part of the county, and there were no nearby hills or high trees for it to fly behind.

We both consider ourselves to be typical, down to earth Yorkshiremen (as loads of us seem to be on this board!):rolleyes: , and I've had several of what I would consider fortean events happen to me (some are posted elsewhere), but this was by far the oddest, not least in that there were two witnesses. I'm a vintage aircraft enthusiast, and I've got a pretty good knowledge of Spitfires, and this one just weren't right!

I'm afraid to say I can't give the exact position, all I can remember is we were in "B" road territory, and we'd passed through a village with a very old established painting and decorating business! Sorry, I know as a Fortean I should write all the details down!:(

Anybody know this area? Any similar stories?

Funnily enough, we'd briefly stopped in Skipton-On-Swale, and there's a memorial to a bomber crew who crashed in the centre of the village during the war.
Hilton Hotel - Paris Orly Airport

Something strange happened while my wife and I were staying at the Hilton Hotel at Paris Orly Airport several years ago.

I'm not saying that I encountered a ghost. There is not enough evidence for me to decide that, but you can make up your own mind.

I don't remember the room number, but we were in our room in the middle of the evening and the same thing happened two nights in succession.

There was a knock on the room door and I opened it. A young petite, quite attractive, dark haired woman stood there. She looked puzzled, as if expecting to see someone else. I said hello. My wife was inside the room and did not see her.

I don't recall if she said anything, perhaps something in French, but she shrugged and turned away and I closed the door.

I though very little of it the first time, presuming that she must have lost her way and found the wrong room. However, the very next night exactly the same sequence of events occurred, which I thought was a little odd. It's a pity I did not think to go out in the corridor afterwards and see where she went.

Has this happened to anyone else at that hotel?
Before RAF Hendon became a museum, there was supposed that some nights, when people could hear the sound of a very low flying aircraft, then as it grew louder & closer & everyone was begining to panic, the sound would suddenly stop!

It was claimed that this was the sound of some idiot, who tried to fly his plane through the gap, that once existed between the two hangers that are now the main halls of the museum.

Unfortunately, the width of the gap was less than the span of the planes wings & the result was predictable, so now the pilot is supposed to be the ghost!!!!!
I read once of Boudicca's ghostly chariot being seen in the nuclear weapon store on an RAF/USAF base in Norfolk. Can't remember any details.
I know nothing about airport ghosts, but I was born in Middlesex and lived in Hounslow until I was 8, so I did a websearch on Hounslow Heath, which was the site of what (in those postwar years) became Heathrow Airport. I was surprised how much history the place has.

There has been flying from there since 1919 or earlier, but before that it was a haunt of highwaymen, including Dick Turpin. For hundreds of years there were also gunpowder factories along the nearby River Crane, and Oliver Cromwell infested the area too. Of especial interest to me, the first baseline for the Ordnance Survey mapping of Britain was laid out on the heath.

So I wouldn't be surprised if LHR has a few non-aviation ghosts there at least!

Here are some links for those interested:
...but there are hundreds more!

With the amount of road ghosts worldwide, I'd like to know if anyone has ever heard of runway ghosts, or phantom plane passengers! I guess only pilots would see a figure run across the runway and vanish, and it's certainly easier to dodge a plane than a car!
I can't give sources right now, but there is supposedly a haunted runway at London Heathrow - the figure of a man in business suit (and bowler hat, if memory serves), who has been seen by flight-deck crews preparing for takeoff. When the 'nutter' has been reported to the tower, investigations have turned up no-one. Well, that's the story.
Since we've heard a lot of stories about ghostly WWII planes, has there been any spectral modern day jet liners?
There's plenty of Airport Runway ghosts if you investigate RAF bases post-World War 2 ie Lindholme, Acaster Malbis, Scampton etc.

Whether there are modern-day accounts of airport ghosts is another matter.
'Lindholme Willie'

I was at a work 'leaving do' on wednesday night and got talking to a colleague who I'd never really spoken to before. Turns out her dad is a Navigator in the RAF. Can't remember how we got talking about ghosts, but her mother claims to have 'seen' Lindholme Willie. Colleague was amazed I'd even heard of LW, but her mother's version of the story is of seeing a WW1 Airman (LW is usually described as being in ww2 uniform) walking by the side of the road along the perimiter fence of the airbase, and she was the only one in the car to see him. Colleague's mother has had several similar encounters at various bases in the UK, and she told me a few of them, and like a good fortean I tried my darndest to remember them, but I'm afraid the Lager got the better of me:rolleyes: ! If I see her again I'll ask her more.

have a look here if you're unfamiliar with the Lindholme Willie story

Interestingly, before Lindholme Willy was known and seen as a WW2 or as you state a WW1 pilot, the Lindholme area was haunted by a Hermit called William or Willy for a couple of hundred years.

I think its apparent that Willy, decided on a 20th Century face-lift and became a pilot!

BTW In 1987 the pilot's body was found, and thus ending the sightings (allegedly). Still damn scary place when I have to drive past Lindholme to get to the mother-in-laws though!

http://www.mysterymag.com/html/the polish airman.html
Maybe the same sort of thing, but when I was 9 or 10 (that'd be in 1989/90) I remember looking out of my window and seeing a plane go over silently. Me and my sister used to look out of my window a lot, as the person in the room facing mine was mentally subnormal and used to try to talk to us (I kid you not, and I know it's not very PC - his name was Michael, by the way.). We were on the flight path to Upper Heyford, so we used to get a lot of traffic overhead, mainly F1-11's. The thing that came over was about the size of a B-52, which it may have been - all I can remember is me and my sister (and I've spoken to her about this) watching, and wondering why it didn't make the noise the other planes did. It could well have been a B-52, or a transport plane coming in to Heyford - at that age, you haven't got everything worked out, but it is one of the few things I remember from my childhood. Make of that what you will....
same thing happened to me!
in the united states, Washington state to be exact, me and my mom were at my granparents house and we looked out the window and we saw what looked like a stealth bomber (it was when i was about 11), anyway it was extremely low to the ground
like 400 feet or so and it made no noise!, you couldn't even tell it was there, it was quite strange.
'Lindholme Willie'

Martin, I'd never heard about the Hermit ghost. Interesting they share the same name... perhaps old 'Willie' has passed the baton to the new one. Do ghosts retire?:D

I've searched extensively for any news story related to the recovery of an airman's body in 1987, all the stuff i can find via Google comes from second-hand accounts. Was one actually recovered, or is it local folklore? Anyone have a first-hand account ?
"Willie's" body was actually found and buried in the village of Thorne's cemetry. The local paper's headlines commented on the "Ghost laid to rest" etc (I do have the references if required)

A local author who wrote the history of Lindholme, actually took photo's of where he was found and his grave etc. (Again I can supply the name of the author etc)

Willie (WW2 version) was a polish airman who died on one of the first bombing raids. His first appearance was in the fields behind the Robin Hood and Little John pub, and then he started to appear standing at the side of the roads etc.

Local farmers began to reclaim alot of the land from Lindholme and thats when his body was found, close to Bawtry Road, the main road that runs through Lindholme and Hatfield Woodhouse.

I do think that further investigation of the case, might reveal alot of local folklore and hopefully the name of the polish airman.
From the other perspective.

There is a similar story told from the vantage point of the pilot in John Gribbin's book, "Timewarps," pg 158 in the hardbound edition, concerning Sir Victor Goddard, an aviator who in 1935 while flying an open cockpit aircraft in rain and cloud lost control and nearly crashed. He leveled out just before hitting the ground, and suddenly found himself flying in bright sunlight. He then flew across the Drem Airfield near Edinburgh, which at the time was supposedly a relic (read abandoned) of WWI. Goddard saw the field bustling with activity. Just as suddenly as it began, the vision vanished, and Goddard found himself flying in rain and cloud again.

<<< I am an amateur string theorist, among my passions is the study of the manifestation of physical reality and the structure of the universe. The following is an abstraction from my personal theory concerning such matters, on which I have given considerable thought over the years. >>>

I do not believe any of the conjectures put forth in the book "Timewarps" to explain these mysterious transgressions of time and space, but I do not disbelieve the testimony of the witnesses either. I believe such things can and do happen on occasion, however I think the answer lies in the possibility of the universe having multiple "canned" QM histories from which it may select the pathing of objects in the time-like dimension. As creatures who exhibit some measure of free will, we have a great deal more power to select our pathing in space-time based upon the course of action we choose to follow than an inanimate object would. We could regard ourselves as "fuzzy" quantum objects. If the universe does not contain an appropriate QM history that roughly corresponds to our choices, we may find ourselves in the position of creating a new QM history for ourselves. Likewise, we may find ourselves temporarily *transgressing a QM history which is incompatible with our own, at least until the machinery of the universe figures out that there has been a "glitch," and takes steps to correct it, or re-normalize the errant QM object into an appropriate and compatible QM history. A great number of seemingly paranormal occurrances can be explained by this "canned QM histories" approach. Another nice feature of the canned histories approach is that there are no violations of the fundamental conservation laws, whereas the "many worlds" approach to QM is perpetually violating all conservation laws by spontaneously "creating" new universes for every course of action possible. In the "canned histories" approach I suggest, only one history is selected and actualized at a time for any given QM object, which avoids the need to fabricate a new universe to accomodate every errant object. The downside is, occasionally there is a "glitch" in which a "fuzzy" QM object (such as you or I) makes an unsupportable choice and finds itself *transgressing into a realm that is incompatible with our collection of memories and experiences. But, the conservation laws remain intact, and given the choice between "borrowing" an incompatible history briefly, or violating the foundation laws of the universe, I think the universe opts for the former. So, we get some "quantum weirdness" manifesting in the "real world." (i.e. teleportations, temporal transgressions, live frogs entombed in stone, spontaneous human combustion, vanishings, miraculous appearances, rains of objects, phantoms, etc...) I personally feel it makes the "real world" a much more interesting place to be. Strange things can and do happen; free will, random action, QM and the housekeeping functions of the universe are probably to blame in many cases. Unfortunately, even though QM is an established feature of the universe, few people incorporate it in their paradigm of day to day reality, so these odd phenomena do not get the attention and credibility they deserve in mainstream science.

*(These transgressions are frequently accompanied by the sudden onslaught of a deep sense of opression, depression, or the feeling that the universe has somehow "split in two," depending on the interpretation of the victim/witness.)

If you are interested in my work, you may visit my website at:


I'm afraid it may seem a bit dry by comparison, but its aimed at "serious" (read as "lacking imagination") investigators.
Aviation Ghosts

I am interested in finding the best (allegedly true) ghost stories involving airplanes, airports, etc. I know there are some well known ones out there like the ghosts of Eastern Airlines Flight 401, but I'd love to hear of some lesser-known ones.

I am not that interested in the stories of "ghost planes" that appear at odd times or places, but more the stories of ghosts haunting aircraft and airfields. Thanks in advance.


I tried to post the link, but it wouldn't work. Instead, go to the "New Ghosts?" thread in the Ghosts forum; there is a link to some spooks related to the 9/11 crash in Pennsylvania.
Thanks. I read through that thread, and I have to agree that the guard's credibility is questionable. He sounds suspiciously like an Art Bell fan with the references to "shadow people."

I might have breached Board etiquette by not posting this thread in the "Ghosts" section, but I thought I might get a broader response by trying the General Forteana board first.

Should I be mistaken, the Board gods may smack me upside my fedora (and transfer this thread to "Ghosts"). :(