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Right at the start of this thread there was a discussion of the story of "Lindholme Willie", and the ghosts' link with the discovery of the remains of an airman on Hatfield Moor in 1987. A local historian has since gone into this story in great depth and found out, amongst other things, that all the crew of the crashed aircraft now usually associated with the story (Vickers Wellington W5557) by ghost researchers and the like were accounted for.

Their conclusion is that the still unidentified airman found in 1987, and later buried in Finningley churchyard, was in fact a crew member from Wellington Z8406, which is officially recorded as having disappeared without trace on a bombing raid to Emden on 3 May 1942. Specifically he believes it may be the rear-gunner Flt-Sgt Stanislaw Marian Gross of (topically enough) Lviv / Lwow - the page has his biographical details and photo. The implication is that the crippled aircraft very nearly made it home, but crashed short of the runway and is still in the marsh. As for "Lindholme Willie", the story seems to be a composite of several different elements - like so many ghost stories.

On a separate but related note, there is a pretty remarkable-sounding missing dog story on that page!

There are still many bodies that have never been found and were assumed to have been shot down over the sea. But that is not necessarily the case - take, for example, a plane that allegedly crashed in the North Sea - on board at the time was Ciapek (a dog) the squadron mascot which was found, many weeks later, half starved but running around Norfolk.
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Like this one:

Location: Barton under Needwood (Staffordshire) - Former RAF Tatenhill, now a business park
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2008-2010
Further Comments: A witness who works on the site has reported the smell of old aftershave in the corner of a warehouse which is only detectible at 20:30h, and the sounds of young men in disused buildings. A loud crash and the shaking of a concrete floor resulting in one employee running to a warehouse, convinced that racking units must have collapsed, but nothing was disturbed. On one summer night, the sound of young children playing and singing could be heard by the main gate at 23:00h, a location many miles from the nearest residential site.

RNS Inskip not far from here was a naval air station during ww11, two men
are sometimes seen walking on the main runway, it is thought they may be the ghosts
of the crew of a Swordfish that crashed there after a alternator fire.