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Day Of The Animals: Tales Of Man Vs Beast (And Man Suffers)

Mother moose kills Alaska man, 70, attempting to take photos of her newborn calves

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 70-year-old Alaska man who was attempting to take photos of two newborn moose calves was attacked and killed by their mother, authorities said Monday.


File photo

The man killed Sunday was identified as Dale Chorman of Homer, said Austin McDaniel, a spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

The female moose had recently given birth to the calves in Homer.
There are up to 200,000 moose in Alaska, a state with a human population of about 737,000

The animals are not normally aggressive, but can become so if provoked, according to the state Department of Fish and Game’s website.

A cow moose will become very protective over young calves and will attack humans who come too close.


maximus otter
Fair enough.
Rock singer bitten by bat onstage

Taylor Momsen wandered to the back of the stage, checking her outfit as she went before finally noticing the bat and rushing forward to the crowd.

Pointing to the creature as she walked, the Gossip Girl alum said: ‘There’s a f**king flying bat on my leg right now. Could someone help me please?’

In the video, she revealed she had to go to the hospital for rabies shots and showed off an impressive collection of bite marks on her thigh.

She captioned her ordeal: ‘So…ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT…in Sevilla Wednesday during “Witches Burn” of all songs… a BAT flew onto me and clung to my leg…
My new book on man eating animals. It's volume one of a two part set. I am not responsible for the lousy title or cover art. I wanted to call in 'Beasts That Prey On Man'. This volume covers crocodiles, Komodo dragons, constricting snakes, sharks, bears and human cannibals. Volume to is out next year and covers big cats, wolves and other wild dogs, hyenas, weird man eaters (chimps, squid, baboons and an elephant) and parasites. .
Church in Ede closed for weeks due to flea infestation by stone martens

A church in Ede will remain closed for the next few weeks because of fleas. A number of stone martens recently entered the church and caused a flea infestation, writes Omroep Gelderland.

The Sion Church has moved all services to the Oude Kerk for the next few weeks.

The fleas were discovered last week. The church is now ‘from front to back’ covered in fleas, says administrator Jacolien Ros. The caretaker has also been bitten by the insects. ‘There will probably be more people bitten by the fleas, but they might not link it directly to the church,’ says Ros.

Over the next week, the fleas will be controlled by a special company. "That has to take some time to work in, which is why it will take several weeks before the church can reopen. The roof also has to be cleaned."

This is because the stone martens have nestled under the roof of the church. The predators cannot be controlled as they are a protected species. However, the church does try to chase them away.

Stone martens often cause nuisance. The predators do not only occur in nature, but also in villages and cities. There, they sometimes settle under roofs, in crawl spaces or cavity walls. Their droppings and urine cause an odour nuisance. Their nocturnal rumbling causes noise pollution.
She didn't really "suffer". But it seems like an all-around bad idea to feed giraffes like this. The giraffe accidentally got hold of her shirt and let her go a few seconds later, and she is fine. Also, not "heart stopping" unless it was you in the back of the truck.

Family speaks out after giraffe picks up toddler in heart-stopping video​

The toddler was feeding the giraffe from the back of her family’s truck.

Dog finds explosive in Brabant backyard and takes it into house

In Budel-Schoot, Brabant, a dog has found an explosive device. It is a pipe bomb, a rod-shaped explosive, which was in the backyard of a house on Parallelweg, writes Omroep Brabant.

The labrador took the bomb in its mouth and brought it inside, owner Jermain told the regional broadcaster. He did not initially know it was a bomb and tried to open the explosive.

"It was a rusty thing about 20 centimetres long. I thought it was something else and cut it open. When I saw that it could be a bomb I just called the police," Jermain said.

Emergency services cordoned off the street and Jermain and residents of surrounding houses had to leave their homes as a precaution. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service Defence determined that it was actually a pipe bomb, police reported on X.

The service took the explosive to an outside area and detonated it. The street has since been cleared and residents have been allowed to return home.

Jermain says he wants to dig up his garden to see if there are any more explosives. He also hopes his four-legged friend will find a piece of gold next time. Why the bomb was in the backyard and who left it there is not known.

Runner from Gelderland attacked by buzzard for second time in a short time

A runner in Groenlo in Gelderland has been attacked by a buzzard for the second time in a short time. After the second attack, the runner, André Bleumink, posted a picture on Facebook showing his bloodied head.

On his way from Groenlo to Lievelde, where he has been running for years, Bleumink suddenly felt a hard blow on the back of his head this week. ‘That was quite a shock,’ he tells Omroep Gelderland. ‘My heart rate at that moment was higher than I can get while running. It felt like a big bruise, so I just kept running.’

After a running mate took a look at the back of his head anyway, it turned out to be something more than just a bruise. Reason for Bleumink to post a warning on Facebook.

Mock attack
Buzzards that attack often involve breeding birds protecting their nests. Mostly it is a mock attack as a warning, but it regularly happens that runners and cyclists are actually attacked by the birds of prey. Municipalities and sometimes farmers therefore erect warning signs.


More attacks by buzzards, this time in the Mourne Mountains.

A man has urged people to be vigilant after he was injured by swooping buzzards while running near the Mourne Mountains.

Steven Morgan said he has experienced two separate incidents involving birds swooping down on him near Fofanny Dam Reservoir and in Donard Forest over the past number of weeks.

A Royal Society for the Protection of Birds spokesperson told BBC News NI that one possible reason for a buzzard or buzzards to act in this way is that they they are "defending its nest or young".

The RSPB said it would be rare that buzzards come into physical contact with people. The spokesperson advised that as this is still the bird's nesting season, people should give areas where they are known to be located "a wide berth until the birds have left the nest".

One incident earlier this month left Mr Morgan bleeding, with several cuts to his head. Another incident involving a swooping bird happened while he was out on a run in woods on Thursday.


Spanish tourist crushed to death by elephant in South Africa​

A tourist has been crushed to death by an elephant in front of his screaming fiance' in South Africa.
Heartbreaking tributes have been paid to a tourist crushed to death by an elephant in front of his screaming fiance' in South Africa after getting out of his car to take photos.

The horror incident took place on July 7 in a nature reserve after the man hopped out of the vehicle to take close-up photos of a herd.
Officials have identified the man as 43-yea-old Carlos Luna, the boss of a cleaning firm, from the town of Ejea de los Caballeros in northern Spain.
Mr Luna reportedly got out of his car to take photos of the elephants in Pilanesberg National Park before he was trampled.
A Spanish consul in South Africa was today said to be heading to capital Pretoria to help with the repatriation of his body.
Police told local media Mr Luna, his fiance' and two other women were driving through the reserve when they stopped after spotting three elephants and two cubs.
Truly apocalyptic, the seventh seal.

Did you have "rabid seals attack" on your 2024 dystopia bingo card? 'Everyone was paddling to get away,' The Guardian quotes one swimmer in South Africa assailed by the unfortunate beasts. Surfers paddle at their peril.

Last month, a single seal bit several surfers in a matter of minutes and another seal swam ashore with horrific facial injuries that could only have been inflicted by a seriously aggressive animal. These attacks convinced authorities to euthanise four animals and send their bodies to be tested for rabies.
Three of those four seals tested positive, and the number of cases has since risen to nine.
A team of scientists from the University of Pretoria noticed unusually aggressive seals in 2021 and suspected rabies had reached the population there, but it was so unlikely—previously only reported on the cold and windswept Norwgian island Svalbard—that it took years to confirm the hypothesis. They're now sequencing the virus to figure out how it got there.

Leusden municipality provisionally closes part of Den Treek estate in connection with wolf

The Leusden municipality is closing ‘a core area’ of Den Treek estate, where a child was allegedly bitten by a wolf on Tuesday, until 15 August. The reason is that the province of Utrecht's advice to avoid the area has had insufficient effect. The municipality has issued an emergency order stating that the owner may no longer open the area.

Nature outing
On Tuesday morning, a girl was allegedly attacked by a wolf during a nature outing at an after-school club (bso). The wolf bit her very briefly in the side, but did not bite through, parents and the bso said. The girl reportedly suffered minor injuries.

The police are investigating what exactly happened. The girl's clothes have been taken away for trace investigation.

Daily reports
The estate is privately owned. Its website states that staff receive daily reports from visitors about wolves being seen. Earlier this month, a dwarf poodle was attacked by a wolf and taken into the bushes. The poodle is still missing.

Commenting on Tuesday's incident with the girl, the province said that a wolf pair with cubs lives in the nature reserve near Leusden. That ‘therefore behaves very defensively towards dogs and people who get too close’, the province wrote.

With video of wolf coming close to joggers: