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Mark Steel's in Town - Series 5 - 1. Glastonbury

Mark Steel returns to Radio 4 for a fifth series of the award winning show that travels around the country, researching the history, heritage and culture of six towns that have nothing in common but their uniqueness, and does a bespoke evening of comedy in each one.

As every high street slowly morphs into a replica of the next, Mark Steel's in Town celebrates the parochial, the local and the unusual. From Corby's rivalry with Kettering to the word you can't say in Portland, the show has taken in the idiosyncrasies of towns up and down the country, from Kirkwall to Penzance, from Holyhead to Bungay.

This first edition of the series comes from Glastonbury, Somerset, which lives up to every expectation of being the most new-agey, hippyish town Mark has ever visited. He talks about the Tor and King Arthur, visits the two chain shops on the High Street, is given an unusual reason for not being able to get into his dressing room, and makes a crucial mistake when it comes to cider.

Written and performed by ... Mark Steel
Additional material by ... Pete Sinclair
Production co-ordinator ... Trudi Stevens
Producer ... Ed Morrish.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 ... astonbury/

Duration 30 minutes - Available until 7:02PM Wed, 15 Jan 2014

Great stuff! He's done his research - enjoy! 8)
This mad drummer must be stopped!

A notice has appeared at a protected landmark demanding a "selfish" bongo player stops pounding his drums at sunset.

The anonymous note, which was tied to a gate at Glastonbury Tor, accuses the musician of "taking over" the sacred space and spoiling the silence. Deborah, who runs the Glastonbury Tor Facebook page, said he had drummed at "every single sunset" since November.

The National Trust, which manages the site, has been asked for comment. Glastonbury is a "spiritual magnet" for both "Pagans and Christians", according to the trust's website.

According to the anonymous author of the note, Bongo Man is upsetting visitors and spoiling their "wonderful opportunity" to enjoy "peace at sunset".

They suggest the musician plays for just five to 10 minutes at a time to "allow silent spaces for others".

Hi me and the beloved mrs visited Glastonbury a few years back.Beautiful abbey town etc . On the way back home we stayed a night in Bridgewater never again.
Courtesy of Vicki Steward. Its accuracy is startling.