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Gravity Modification With Spinning High-Temp Superconductors


Gone But Not Forgotten
Sep 6, 2001
Hello Out There.
Over the last Decade there has been intermittent reports on the use of spinning superconductors to modify the effect of gravity most recently ( I think) with the work of Dr Ning Li. She now seems to have dissappeared and information on this amazing new technology seems to have become very sparse.
1.) Does anybody know of the whereabouts of this scientist?
2.) Has anybody heard anything recently about the progress of this technology.
I believe NASA were her sponsors up until she dissappeared.

Although that Hungarian Chap Podelenkov? got the Publicity in the mid nineties for bringing the effect to the publics attention, I believe he was working around Dr Ning Li's Predictions from the begginning of the nineties.
With Both an Esoteric technology and a possible Conspiracy theory I feel this is an apt discussion on the Fortean Forums?

' The Truth is.... Where?'
Yes, I definitely heard about a (Russian?) scientist resurfacing recently to say he was convinced this was real. He was allegedly the original discover. Can't remember any more details right now I'm afraid.
I heard Dr. Ning Li speak at a space exploration conference in Florida in 1997, when she was affiliated with NASA and the University of Alabama, Huntsville.

At one point she said she was proceeding carefully with her research because "we don't want another cold fusion". This got laughter and applause from the audience.

Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what has happened. After an initial show of enthusiasm, the press and most scientists lost interest in gravity modification with superconductors.

According to this article, (the most recent I could find, Sepember 2000) Ning Li left NASA and UAH and founded a private company:

Podkletnov is apparently still active in Finland. Check this site: http://www.gravity.org
was she the one to flote the frog? over the magnet's
Floating Froggy

I thing the floating Frog experiment was done in the UK somewhere.. :p

Mind you it could have been a repeat of the experiment. Scientists do still repeat experiments don't they :confused:
I think if the experiment is interesting enough the experimenter does not get to publicly repeat the experiment. Instead they dissappear from sight along with their experiment and info as we have seen here! If the experiments proposed had failed then I do not think the dissappearance would have happened in the same way. I believe the levitating frog was something else altogether using low Magnetism in the frog to support the frog in an intense magnetic field. Dr Ning Li and others have been able to reduce the gravity acting on a body suspended above the disc by a few percent but shortly before dissappearing she was talking about total negation of the gravity acting on the body above the Spinning superconductor! The reduction in the gravity is in a cylinder shaped space above the disc and shows no reduction in its effect with distance.
casio said:
was she the one to flote the frog? over the magnet's

The levitating frog was a purely magnetic effect, with no gravitational modification. A pretty bizarre set of images. (Just shows what you can do with a sufficiently strong magnetic field.)
Froggy was charged so that his polarity was opposite to that of the electromagnet, which then repelled him and allowed him to "float".

If gravity could be negated, wouldn't (almost) perpetual motion be possible? Wouldn't this enable the construction of dynamos that allow the superconductor to partially power itself.

Oh, and if the zero-gravity cylinder doesn't alter with distance, couldn't we use it to launch spacecraft using very little energy (comparatively).

It just sounds too unlikely. :( Gotta be wrong.
Hi again.

I am afraid there is no magic perpetual motion device here as alot of energy is "pumped" into the Superconducting disc by Radio waves. This along with the spinning of the Disc causes the effect. I have not come accross how distant from the disc the cylindrical "Field" emanates except that it is at least to the floor above the device and that it seems to be Cylindrical. The only figure I came accross in Laymanese, on its power consumption was that she expected to get negation of Gravity over Approx 100CM^2 for 1KW of input Radio waves into the disc plus I imagine the energy to spin the disc Which makes me ask the question would it not be easier to "Spin" the RF. Yes it does sound like you could just launch things into space very cheaply if the cylindrical field extend up all that way but then again Gravity is such a weak force who knows. I just find it very interesting. Anyway I am trying to understand it a bit better by reading about Superconductors and they are so weird that there has got to be alot of "magic" to be found in them sometime soon I am sure. Of Course if anyone finds out where Ning Li is now we could possibly find out more and discard any conspiracy theory.
Gravity manipulation

There's an article about the antigravity stuff (using superconductors and all) in New Scientist recently, january 2002 edition. The jist is, the jury's still out. Nasa are expecting delivery of their superconductor thingy in two months, and expect that they'll have definitive answers in six months... All sounds kinda familiar though huh?

The story might be on their website now, but I can't find it.
The New Scientist article was less than convincing. The word "evasive" could have been invented to describe Podolenkov (sp?). Having had what appears to be ample opportunity to display his experiment, he has found reason after reason not to.

His gravity pulse generator also sounds somewhat suspicious. When he says that the reason that no one can see the generator is that it requires extreme voltages/currents and that the generator for these is inside a restricted area of the research site, it must surely be possible to test his claim that it can knock over a book over 1 km away. All you have to do is watch the book?


Sounds like the sort of thing Tesla was supposed to be into, and there's enough stuff on the web on him. However, sending rockets into space is like cracking peanuts with a sledge hammer, and there must be much more energy efficient ways of doing this. I'm sure their discovery is not too distant. Isn't space/time/gravity all related, so if you bend space or time then gravity fields are altered? Also, I thought superconductivity only worked at temps. near abs. zero? Tell me more.
The big thing about the gravity shield is that part of your propulsion system stays on the ground. Even if the weight reduction is only 1 or 2% the savings on launch craft would be immense
intaglio said:
The big thing about the gravity shield is that part of your propulsion system stays on the ground. Even if the weight reduction is only 1 or 2% the savings on launch craft would be immense

The idea of having most of your propulsion system on the ground is actually being looked at. A group at JPL (I think) are illuminating the base of a "lightcraft" with a laser to superheat the atmospheric gases underneath in order to accelerate it upwards. I'm guessing that for a realistic launch vehicle, there would have to be some "conventional" motors on it as well to deal with any delta v that was required in the exoatmospheric regime. (Though, it may just be possible to use light pressure, if the illuminator didn't destroy the craft.;) )
Before Dr Ning Li Dissappeared (Mentioned in the New scientist article) She had been talking about achieving negation of gravity over a circle area of a 12inch dia with 1KW of input power to the mechanism. So maybe if you could cram a 2KW power source and the Gravity modifer within this area turn it upside down and switch it on .... Who knows maybe a very fast clean rocket.. and still nobody knows where she went to!..
Yeah, she was running around with one of the test things in her pockets and accidently pressed the ON button :)

But about spacecrafts, shouldn't you be able to use lasers to transfer energy to them? Microwave laser hitting some turbine inside the engine or so.
There was a program on TV a few years ago, that included some film about the laser "space craft", it was a disc about 6" in diameter, little thicker than & of the weight of a pie tin & was shot up to (at the most) a hundred foot, with a laser pulse.

It makes me wonder, the size of laser that would be needed to put a payload of even a few pounds, into earth orbit & the power that it would consume!

I notice that there is no further report of the project since 1999, so possibly, the plug has been pulled on the funding?
What was the circumstances of Dr. Ning Li's disappearance, out of interest?
xeno said:
Before Dr Ning Li Dissappeared (Mentioned in the New scientist article) She had been talking about achieving negation of gravity over a circle area of a 12inch dia with 1KW of input power to the mechanism. So maybe if you could cram a 2KW power source and the Gravity modifer within this area turn it upside down and switch it on .... Who knows maybe a very fast clean rocket.. and still nobody knows where she went to!..

People like this usually get shanghaied to work on secret military projects. They either never see the light of day again, or they have their identities changed...
But that ship was made using sloar pressure right? Like those solar panel ships you see in science fiction. I was talking about using lasers to transfer the energy. In a way smack some solar cells on a space ship and put a flashlight on it.
Do you mean solar sail ships, Xantic? People hav tried those already but no-one has got the things to deploy properly yet :( They can also take light from diffuse lasers. I think it was Larry Niven (correct if needed) who proposed that you could turn Mars into a very large CO2 laser.
No as I stated I did _not_ mean solar sails. What I meant was that instead of trying to use the pressure of light as usual, you could use the energy in it. Transfer energy to a spaceship using lasers. As a simple example I said you could put solar cells(not sails) on a rocket. Then direct a beam of light towards it that the solar cell would turn into energy. The energy could then be used to propel in into space. The idea here being that the rocket didn't carry it's own fuel.
Sorry Xantic, I misunderstood you. :eek:
I see what you're driving at but ion engines need reaction mass too. Also I think there was a proposal back in the '70s to supply power by using masers. This had the advantage that the collectors were lighter than solar cells, essentially being a metallic mesh, and conversion power was a much higher efficiency
Have to reply to this forum....
There was an attempt to launch craft into space using lasers - the idea was to focus a beam of light (Infra Red actually) that would hit the underside of the craft that was to be moved. The impact of the radiation on the craft was focussed by the craft to heat the available air to produce an upward lift. The prototype managed about 200m before it came back down. As for anti gravity effects, the father of all of these is Henrik Casimir. If we take two plates and place them reasonably close together, they act as metal plates. However, if they are placed close enough, the imaginary particles from the background radiation are constrained into certain wavelengths. The particles outside are not, so the plates are drawn together, giving energy from the vacuum.
That's not really anti gravity, that is zero point energy. But a very strange thing still.
Hello Dark Detective.

Dr Ning Li's dissappearance is the main reason I started this thread but you know how these threads go. To my knowledge she was on the trail of gravity modification from 1991 although at first purely theoretically, Spurred on with Podelensky's? success she was getting results and then just seems to have dissappeared, Some said she had returned to China some said due to the Success she had she has gone to some real equivalent to the Black Mesa in the USA. Another is she is working secretly for a private company? I was hoping someone out there had found something.

Now to Xanatic and Anton La Vey. The Same Nasa that is now funding Podelensky? for his Gravity Modification is also or was also sponsoring research into getting Zero point energy to work using Cassimir forces. A certain Jordan Maclay in the breakthrough propulsion physics Lab at NASA and that was a Couple of years ago and I can not remember hearing much about it since.
Just because they sponsor anti-gravity and research into ZPE doesn't mean it's the same thing.

ZPE works by exerting a pressure on the metal plates, not by somehow going against gravity. No more than a stepladder does.