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Historic UFO Encounters: Newspaper / Magazine Articles

In Oregon
Heppner gazette-times., August 04, 1966, Page 5

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This excellent sighting could have been of a triangular craft:
Advocate (Burnie, Tas. : 1890 - 1954), Thursday 8 January 1953, page 3

Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954), Thursday 11 January 1923, page 9
This is one of the many examples of a phenomenon caused by a Russian space launch; the rockets shed fuel and propellant on the way up, or in orbit, and the resultant cloud is quite beautiful. Because these events happen over land in Russia they are seen more often than the corresponding US launches, which usually happen over sea.
Is there any documented substance to Robert Hastings's claims re 10 missiles being disabled?
I've analysed Hastings' claims elsewhere;
1/ nearly all of them are hearsay (that is to say, reports by somebody else other than the witness).
2/ the actual timings and locations of several of the events are in doubt and may have been subject to misremembering;
3/ at least one of the witnesses claims that Hastings has misrepresented him
and 4/ the official logs of the events show perfectly routine (if slightly worrisome) malfunctions.
So, no; it is mostly without substance.
The following article is a perfect example of media and public hysteria following Arnold's report - especially the perceived threat of a Russian secret weapon - and how those enigmatic 'flying saucers' might well be 'anything'.

There are obviously striking comparisons with a similar case near Roswell, only 2 days earlier.

From the 'Palladium-Item', Richmond, Indiana, on 9 July 1947:

This is one of the many examples of a phenomenon caused by a Russian space launch; the rockets shed fuel and propellant on the way up, or in orbit, and the resultant cloud is quite beautiful. Because these events happen over land in Russia they are seen more often than the corresponding US launches, which usually happen over sea.
Yes, that makes sense! Thanks.
Where is the evidence for this?
I can't locate any contemporary newspaper reports and it seems to only have surfaced some years ago.

Do we know the reason for this?

It does remind of a photograph I have come across and is attributed to Algodones, New Mexico, 1968:

I don't know the provenance of the photo from Oregon, only that it was supposedly taken by a fireman in '27 or so. An orphaned UFO photo I think like so many others. That photo from NM above is VERY interesting --I don't think I've seen it before. There is an archive of old UFO photos online grouped by decade, but I can't find the link to it now..
Discs have naturally come to mind for representations of deities; the Sun and Moon "discs" being most common. So, it's not surprising that they have stimulated our imaginations from the beginning. Then again, we just sent a flying saucer into the Martian atmosphere...


Very interesting post:
On “Baiting” the UFO Trickster & the Control-System Hypothesis:

In a way, this is trying to manipulate the contact algorithm. Kind of like alien Google bombing!!:

"In a recent episode of the Sara Carter Show, Mr. Elizondo was asked to comment on a remark made by the Former Soviet Air Force General Vasili Alexejev where he claimed that the Soviet military had conducted experiments in which they successfully “lured” UFOs to their location! Elizondo’s response was a sobering glimpse into the serious national security implications of the UFO phenomenon.

Carter: “Do you (Luis Elizondo) believe what he is saying, and, if so, what is your guess on what that might be? What could the Russians have done?

Elizondo: ”To answer simply: ”Yes, absolutely”, I agree wholeheartedly with that assessment. The problem is the how. And I want to be careful not to say too much and only because I still have a security clearance and I think there may be efforts underway to continue that line of experimentation.

But we do know that based upon our observations, that there seems to be some commonalities associated with these UFOs, and when I say commonalties I mean from a national security perspective. I don’t mean necessarily, you know, like your neighbours and grandma saw some lights in the backyard or something, which could be absolutely true by the way.

What I mean is the information that we have collected about these craft, these vehicles, whatever you wanna call them, these UAP/UFOs, there seems to be some commonalities, and one of them is a keen interest in our nuclear capability. When I resigned from the Department of Defence, I actually put in my resignation memo (reproduced below) that some of the concern we have is that there appears to be some sort of interest in our nuclear technology


"I know a whole number of military bases in that category. As a rule they are objects of strategic significance, rocket complexes, scientific test establishments, in other words the places where there is a high concentration of advanced science and, to some degree, danger. Because every nuclear rocket, every new airforce installation represents a breakthrough both in science and in military terms; it is first and foremost a peak, the summit of human achievement. And that is where UFOs appeared fairly often.

Moreover, individual officers and commanders on the spot who knew about the phenomenon and had no official instructions on the matter, acted on their own initiative to investigate UFOs, recording data, and so on. I know that in some places they even learned to create a situation which would deliberately provoke the appearance of a UFO. A UFO would appear where there was increased military activity connected, say, with the transportation of “special” loads. It was enough [to artificially simulate]* or schedule such a move for a UFO to appear."
The Holloman UFO seen through theodolite in 1950 very much resembles one of the two objects seen at Everest during the 1933 ascent, as well as an object seen in other cases in Australia. I think it could be the same object:

Hollomon object, 1950:
"Through the finders on the theodolite the object presented a side view to the observers and appeared to be cigar-shaped and metallic, with a straw-colored irridescent radiance or luster. Fins one-third of the way back from the front of the fuselage with a row of as least three oblong ports extending from the fins to the rear of the object and located above the center line of the fuselage complete the physical description. The ports were dark, somewhat a "smoky" gray but not luminescent. The object hovered in an almost horizontal position, elevation 20-25 degrees, azimuth northeast. Shortly after the men had focused their theodolite on the object, it began maneuvering."


Everest object, 1933:
I saw two curious looking objects floating in the sky. They strongly represented kite-balloons inshape,
but one possessed what appeared to be squat undeveloped wings
.and the other a protuberance suggestive of a beak.
Fix this

'They hovered motionless, but
seemed to pulsate, a pulsation inci
deritly much slower than my own
heart-beats, which is of interest sup
posing that it was no optical illusion.
The two objects were very dark in
colour, and were silhoutted sharply
Fix this textagainst the sky, or possibly a back
ground of cloud

GHOST OF EVEREST - CLIMBERS' CURIOUS TALES. STRANGE OBJECTS OBSERVED. EXPERIENCE IN SCOTLAND. - The Gloucester Advocate (NSW : 1905 - 1954) - 20 Nov 1934"in%20the%20s
This is a great one. Reminds me of Ohio police chase a bit.
The object not surprisingly also moves up and down and side to side = typical, as you know now :cool:
Desert Sun, Volume XXXIV, Number 10, 16 August 1960