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  1. BS3

    Tehran, September 1976

    I'm sure most of you will have heard of the UFO incident over Tehran in 1976 involving two F-4 jets. I'm sure a few will also have seen the interviews given by Gen. Pervez Jafari, who was pilot of the second F-4 that night. Some of the other people involved, such as the air traffic controller...
  2. Paul_Exeter

    Help with Haunted Skies 7 By Hanson & Holloway

    If you do, please could you look up the January 1978 Frodsham UFO case (teenage poachers, humanoids and cows) for me and see if the hoax scenario is mentioned? I'm asking as researcher David Sankey contacted Jenny Randles with his doubts on this case and was also involved in this book, providing...
  3. Sid Boggle

    A 'Classic' UFO Photo That I Can't Find

    Hello. Can anybody help with this? There is a photo that I'd like to see again but just cannot find. I must have seen it in a book several years ago. I'd say it was taken in probably the 1940s or 50s and shows some kind of UFO in the distance, whilst in the foreground - just in front of the...
  4. S

    Expedition X [Season 3, Episode 6]: Aliens Of The Deep

    Watched this interesting ("if factual") TV programme last night, was impressed in particular with the static video view of the night sky - which supposedly caught a UFO doing some crazy stuff above them. The main gist of this it was catching a supersonic craft flying above the waters off...
  5. Paul_Exeter

    The Scottish A70 UFO & Alleged Abductions Of Gary Wood & Colin Wright

    Have been meaning to post about the case for some time. In represents one of the last great British 20th Century UFO cases (sadly thus far the 21st Century has yet to provide with another such 'classic' multiple-witness UFO and abduction incident). This event took place on the night of 17th...
  6. taras

    Abbey Clancy: I Saw 3 UFOs On The A3

  7. Spring Heeled Spud

    Huge Triangular UFO Over Seville

    Had a week in Seville (lovely city) and was reviewing photos on my phone when I saw this. Didn’t see anything at the time and it isn’t a reflection as we were sat outside. Must be some kind of lens flare but looks great
  8. Paul_Exeter

    Dan Aykroyd Describes ‘Spectacular, Gray UFO’ Just Feet From Hotel

    "The most spectacular one that I saw was bout 50 feet away from me and on the 23rd floor of a hotel in Montreal," he explained. "There were no lights at all, it was just a big, grey object that looked like a Macy's Day Parade balloon."...
  9. BS3

    Coastguard Sighting, Berry Head, Brixham, 28 April 1967

    Here's a sighting that made newspaper headlines at the time, but is now little remembered. However I think it might have some interesting implications. Around midday on 28 April 1967 a number of members of the public reported a bright, reflective object moving over Torbay. The sighting...
  10. Paul_Exeter

    BBC World Service 1996: UFO—Fact, Fiction, Or Fantasy?

    This is definitely worth a listen. Narrated by Anthony Grey, three 30 minute episodes feature Jenny Randles, John Mack, Stanton Friedman and many others: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/p033f98v?partner=uk.co.bbc&origin=share-mobile
  11. Paul_Exeter

    "My Dad Was A Famous Alien Abductee. I Thought He Was A Joke—Now I'm Not So Sure"

    A rather sad and thought-provoking read: "My father saw UFOs. Not one, once, like a dinner guest might claim after a few glasses of wine, but many times. Numerous UFOs all at once, up close, lingering in the western Wyoming sky like a nightmare that refused to dissipate come sunrise. In 1981...
  12. Paul_Exeter

    The 1991 Volga, Russia UFO Photos

    Two schoolboys took eleven photos of a UFO that landed near a small town on the Volga in Russia and the military conducted an investigation: Does anyone have anymore information on this case? The subtitles have spelt the town's name incorrectly.
  13. Paul_Exeter

    Free PDF: The Reliability Of UFO Witnesses (57 Chapters!)

    Major new work featuring a re-analysis of Pascagoula, Cash-Landrum, Betty and Barney Hill and more: "The Reliability of UFO Witness Testimony is a new book edited by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Richard W. Heiden, "the first major book to comprehensively focus on the discussion and current...
  14. SimonBurchell

    NASA UFO Team Public Meeting

    Just posted on the BBC, currently live news feed: NASA UFO team holds public meeting ahead of report Is the truth out there? Do aliens exist? It’s a question that’s been asked by millions of people for thousands of years. Are we about to get a bit closer to the answer? Maybe. Last year Nasa...
  15. Paul_Exeter

    It's Time To Rethink Some Common Assumptions About UFOs

    Excellent article in my opinion: "Sightings of UFOs may challenge our entire worldview, but the facts are too compelling to ignore, and they’re not going away. So, it’s time to wash off the sticky stigma and engage in serious discussion about the evidence, and its implications. Most UFO...
  16. Comfortably Numb

    The 18 Oct 1973, Mansfield, Ohio, 'Coyne' Helicopter Case

    Although I can't locate an existing thread, please obviously redirect as necessary. I wondered if my recent musings on this case, might be of interest and any feedback would be most welcome. In summary, although familiar with the background, I have never studied it in any great depth, until...
  17. maximus otter

    Mystery Emerges As ‘UFO Is Spotted’ On The Other Side Of The Moon In Wild Video

    UNIDENTIFIED flying objects have been spotted floating near the moon in footage posted to TikTok. At least two white aircraft, one of which was notably smaller than the other, can apparently be seen in the video. Although one object remains static, another appears to disappear behind the...
  18. RaM

    Malmstrom Base Montana UFO Case

    A US Air Force captain has recalled a terrifying moment in which his nuclear base came "under attack from a UFO". He described how guards were left "frightened", "screaming" and "babbling" by the bizarre sighting, which has been covered up for more than 50 years. Robert Salas, a retired US Air...
  19. Herr Cloaca

    UFOs In Poland

    Why don’t UFOs come to Poland as much as they did in the last decades of the 20th century? How does folklore help expose contemporary conspiracy theories? We spoke about aliens in Polish culture, the explosion of paranormal phenomena around the time of the transformation, and urban legends with...
  20. BS3

    Fenny Compton Lights, Warwickshire, 1922-1923

    I've mentioned this one previously, but thought I would open a separate thread as I find this a particularly interesting set of 'sightings', sitting as it does in the grey area between ufology and other types of Fortean phenomena. Also it took place almost exactly a hundred years ago, around the...
  21. maximus otter

    Model In UFO Mystery As Bizarre Craft Flies Past Her Plane At 20,000’

    A MODEL has spurred a UFO probe as a bizarre craft was seen flying past her airplane at 20,000ft in crystal-clear footage. Valentina Rueda Velez from Colombia captured the moment the object zoomed past her cockpit window. Footage showed the plane flying in perfect conditions with blue skies...
  22. Paul_Exeter

    UK UFO Report 2022

    Lots of information presented here and can be downloaded as a PDF: https://ufoidentified.co.uk/ufo-report-2022 Alas, no CE3s reported :(
  23. Paul_Exeter

    Guardian (UK) Article On The Popularity Of UFO Podcasts

    "In the last five years, the number of podcasts investigating aliens, UFOs, the esoteric and the inexplicable has exploded on to the internet like a meteor shower" https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2023/apr/07/ufo-podcasts-thunderbeat-johnny-vaughan-high-strange-chinwag-paul-giamatti
  24. Paul_Exeter

    Noddle Hill UFO: Any Forum Members From Hull?

    If so, could you shed any light on this report? "Location: Hull (Yorkshire) - Noddle Hill Playing Fields Type: UFO Date / Time: 1992 Further Comments: At least four people watched a fast moving ball, around the size of a car, pass overhead. After the object moved away, the witnesses were left...
  25. Paul_Exeter

    Kevin Randle: Why We Should Continue To Investigate Old UFO Encounters

    Rendlesham was 43 years ago, the Calvine photo was taken back in the 90's, yet Kevin Randle argues that we should keep digging: "Several years ago, I learned about Rich Reynolds when he suggested it was time for we geezers to get out of the way and allow the youngsters to solve the mystery of...
  26. lordmongrove

    UFO Wave: A New UFOlogy Card Game

    UFO Wave, new UFO based card game.
  27. maximus otter

    Congressman Says Alien UFO Tech Is Being 'Reverse Engineered' in Secret

    Recovered UFO technology may be "being reverse-engineered right now," but we "don't understand" how it functions, according to a U.S. Representative. Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett told Newsweek that he believed "we have recovered a craft at some point, and possible beings." "I think that...
  28. MrRING

    Jimmy Carter Says Yes To UFOs

    I ran across this short then-contemporary article in Marvel Comic's one-shot UFO Connection magazine covering Jimmy Carter's UFO encounter that I thought some here might like to read.
  29. MrRING

    Scott Gearen UFO Images

    I was listening to the Obscurities podcast, hosted by b-movie queen Debbie Rochon, and came across her episode on Scott, who I hadn't heard of. https://www.debbierochon.com/obscurities-podcast This is the description of the episode: His first eperinece was as part of an elite paracute team in...
  30. Paul_Exeter

    Heather Dixon Of Bufora In The Guardian

    "Most UFOs – like the Chinese spy balloon – can be explained away. But what about the other 2%?" "As the head of national investigations for the British UFO Research Association (Bufora), I’m one of a team of people who investigate such sightings, which are sent to us by the public at a rate of...
  31. RaM

    UAPs Over North America (February 2023)

    The US are saying they have shot another object down over Alaska
  32. MrRING

    The UFO Chronicles: A.I. Created UFO 'Documentary'

    I'm not sure why they are calling it a documentary...
  33. Paul_Exeter

    Interview: Pilot David Hastings's Mojave UFO Photo [1985]

    Definitely one of the better photographic evidence cases:
  34. Paul_Exeter

    The Distortion Theory: In Search Of The 'Engine' Of UFO Encounters By José Antonio Caravaca

    A quite lengthy blog post from Spanish ufologist Caravaca that outlines what is certainly my preferred theory for Ufos and also cryptids: "If a genuine alien spacecraft, 100% made of sheet metal and nuts, were to land tomorrow in the middle of the White House gardens before the astonished gaze...
  35. N

    There Is Something In The Woods

    I'll get right to it. I wonder if any of you forteans can connect with this. Over the years I have always enjoyed woods and forests whether it be walks, mucking around with my kids or just being in nature as a change from city life. But not all woods have the same feel. I lived near the...
  36. BS3

    UFOs As A Poltergeist Phenomenon

    Eric Ouellet, a Canadian professor of defence studies, has written quite a bit on a 'parapsychological' approach to UFOs. In particular he argues that UFO 'flaps' or waves often mirror the structure shown by poltergeist phenomenona. They start with apparently closely witnessed anomalies; are...
  37. BS3

    The 'Crash / Retrieval Syndrome' (Non-Roswell UFO Crash Stories)

    I'm starting this thread as a place to dump comments about the many UFO crash stories that aren't Roswell (or Aztec) dotted around the US, particularly the southwestern US deserts. The phrase "crash/retrieval syndrome" was coined by Leonard Stringfield and seems quite appropriate, given that...
  38. Cloudbusting

    UFOs Assaulting / Attacking / Harassing People

    I was inspired to start this thread due to a story I was told recently. The details are slightly vague but I'll relay what I know. Apparently many years ago (we're taking a few decades here) two people my Grandad knew almost got 'assaulted' by a UFO. They were working on an allotment minding...
  39. pandacracker

    Contiguous Universes

    Over on the U.S. Military: UFO Investigations, Knowledge & Disclosure(s) thread the concept of contiguous universes has come up (with regard to the possible origin of UFOs/UAPs) It has got me thinking as to what actually constitutes such a thing. For example, could it be said that animals live...
  40. definitelymaybe

    'Emily': Marooned Extraterrestrial Creates Artwork At Area 51

    Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Read the full article here... Enjoy....... https://www.ufocasebook.com/2021/extraterrestrial-created-works-of-art-at-area-51.html Huge metallic flying saucer hovering..... A plume of thick black smoke was bellowing out from the back...
  41. M

    Object Floating Along Turkish Street (Diyarbakır; 2016)

    I thought I would just put this here because it fits the title of this thread. It's a slapped ham video but, I am inquiring about the video clip that starts at approximately 17:10. It's an older clip that has been around since 2016, but the original was really poor quality. Someone has...
  42. D

    One Last Bold Claim!

    One last bold claim about the coming days/months/years (Events that must transpire before 2028/30): UFOs and The Last Hour! - Insightful Reports Mod Edit: Old like is dead. New link from The Wayback Machine is here...
  43. packshaud

    Trinity Crash (New Mexico; Padilla Ranch; August 1945)

    So, the release of this book came to my knowledge (it's on Amazon): I didn't know Vallée is now on the ETH side of the UFO debate. Since it is disclosure time, here is mine: I didn't read it, I won't read it, but this cover is enough to base my review on: Now with the review out of the...
  44. definitelymaybe

    'Emily': Flying Saucers, Dead Aliens & The Military

    www.ufocasebook.com/2021/photographs-reports-from-former-airforce-worker-black-projects.html Reader Submits Father's UFO Experience with Photographs Hi www.ufocasebook.com, The information contained within this email and accompanying photography was given to me by my late father, I have no...
  45. CharmerKamelion

    UFO Over Edinburgh On ITN News? [5 May 2021]

    Hi guys. Did anyone see the ITN News at Ten tonight? That is on Wednesday 5th May. I ask because a few minutes into the programme (just moments after the headlines and title music) they cut away from the newsreader Tom Bradby (live from Edinburgh) to pan across the night sky above Edinburgh and...
  46. GNC

    Travis Walton

    Do we really not have a Travis Walton thread? Couldn't find one, just a few mentions here and there. Anyway, his former friend Mike Rogers who witnessed him being abducted now says he wants nothing to do with the case anymore (per FT report). Apparently they have fallen out over a remake of...
  47. Tunn11

    UFOs & Electric / Hybrid Vehicles

    I couldn't find a thread on the effect of UFOs on car engines, but I know it crops up in various sightings. I was wondering whether there have been any reports of the supposed effect on all electric or hybrid motors? I thought I'd seen somewhere something about differing effects on petrol and...
  48. feinman

    Stephensville UFO Event

    Eburacum's rebuttals in advance :): https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/what-happened-to-all-the-sightings-abductions.54646/page-5#post-1607678 --and I screwed up title of thread. Mod's wanna fix? Sorry. "Stephenville".
  49. Vardoger

    UFO Sightings / Encounters In Brazil (General; Miscellaneous)

    A lot of reports about a UFO crashing and several UFO witness reports in Brazil. Most info is on social media. https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/pkyy5g/ufo-over-mage-brazil-sparks-social-media-panic-and-conspiracies
  50. Zeke Newbold

    'Snowflake' UFO Above Rio De Janeiro

    From last November: this short video filmed in Brazil. Now the immediate source is the ridiculous Scott Waring - but he didn't film the video, so let's not be too quick to shoot the messenger. In fact I first came across this new sighting in the Russian hard copy press.The claim is made there...