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My house is haunted

Did it happen at the same time when you're friend heard it? Try to figure out if it does happen at a certain time. That could explain things a bit better.

Wow, this is a great read...

I don't want to be an ass, but is it possible you may have dreamt it when you tried? I ask because, when you are thinking constantly about something as you goto sleep... you always dream about it, often all night. I do anyway. If I have dreams that are situated in the bedroom, I often 'wake-up' not knowing whether it was a dream or reality.

Just a thought.

Heh, this is cool anyway...

Tell me more...
Remind me to send NTL a really shitty letter!!!

My connection is really tempramental at the moment so my posting is getting quite thin. Sorry guys.

ReverendGortex, I didn't dream it. I was wide awake, and heard the same noise last nite.

I haven't been able to capture anything on tape yet, but I'll keep trying.

Oddly, the more I hear the sound, the less scary it gets.
(Newbie poster alert! Authorities have the situation under control!)

So, do you turn the lights on when you hear the sound?

My grandmother's house has really old floorboards. When the house cools at night, the boards tend to contract and creak where people have walked...sometimes in the order that the boards were walked on. Once in a while it makes a sound like somebody walking across the floor.

Then again, once when I was a little kid I felt a hand grab my foot while I was sleeping at grandma's. So there ya go. :p

Good man, Beast.

Be sure to keep us updated.

If I were you, I'd have shat myself and probably moved house... lol.
Beast - glad to see you're still with the living!

Is the room in question ground floor or an upper floor?

Is your house terraced? If so, do you know how the joists run? Some terraces have joists which run through a number of houses, and can conduct and distort sound.

If the time is constant, have you tried going outside to see if there's any possible environmental source? Does the sound seem weather (wind/rain) related? Are there any machines, in the house (eg fridges gch) or outside (generators etc) that kick in at the time you hear the sound?

And of course, are you sure that nobody in your house is winding you up?
Hello again. Just looking for an update...

Beast, were you ever able to obtain an audio tape of the sounds?
The Beast seems to have disappeared... should we send out a search party?

I'm scared!

More likely that The Beast's silence is due to his dodgy NTL connection than anything spooky... but I'm still keeping an eye on this thread.

Come on, Mr.Beast! :p
It's me!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Sorry guys and girls, if NTL gets fire bombed in the next few days please act as my witness and say that I was here all the time, they're really starting to get on my t*ts. Does anyone remember that NTL complaint letter that was on one of the other threads last year? Well I've just written a similar one, complete with 4 letter, 1 syllable expletives, about the crap people and help they have on their so-called helpdesk.

Sorry, I'm digressing.

Still haven't been able to get anything on tape, although the plot does thicken.

On Saturday night, the 16 March 2002, I went to bed quite late and made sure that everything was switched off, as I always do. This included the central heating, and the gas in the kitchen. Sunday morning I woke up at about 6am (have I told you this already? My memory is getting terrible), and I was sweating myself to death as the room was swelteringly hot.

Overnight the heating had switched itself on, as I discovered when I checked the control panel, and as I have the thermostat on high anyway the house, at least the rooms with radiators, heated up rather quickly.

Now some points about my system.

My central heating has two switches, much like flat standard light switches. One switches the system from heating and water to just water. When the switch is set to just water it also heats the radiators upstairs, don't ask me why I'm not a plumber.

The second switch has 3 settings. Timed, OFF, On.

When I went to bed it was set to off, definitely. There is nothing that can accidently knock it, it can't be blown on by wind or draught, and I have no pets that may have touched it.

And it was definitely off. I'm on a gas meter so I'm very conscious of the amount of gas I use, and am almost miserly with my use of it.

So have I pissed something off? Is it trying to tell me something?

I'll try and keep you up to date, but if my connection doesn't stay up and running I could end up in prison for the ritual sacrifice of an NTL internet connection.
You're getting too close to the truth and It's trying to scare you off! And NTL is in kahoots with them, trying to keep you from the FT members who can help you!

Oh sorry, I read Rosemary's Baby over the last few days and I've got conspiracy theory in my head, hehe. :madeyes: :devil: :monster: (Have I covered them all??)
Aliant said:
What's Rosemary's baby?

Rosemary's Baby is a book from the 1960's that was made into a movie later on. It deals with a couple who move into an apartment building where their neighbors belong to a Satanic cult, and they end up pulling the husband into it. The wife gets pregnant and they are trying to get her into the cult, sort of. I don't want to give too much of the plot away in case you or someone else reading this wants to read the book. It was an excellent read, and I'm told the movie was damn good, too.

My reference to it in my earlier post was due to the fact that the members of this cult are in a conspiracy against the wife... And I was making the joke that Beast's ghost and his ISP service are conspiring in a similar manner. Sorry if it got to be too far of a reach...
Not to be disrespectful, but isn't this likely to be a case for a plumber rather than an exorcist? I'd previously suggested gch system as a possible culprit, and the latest events seem to point that way. (Mind you an exorcist probably comes a lot cheaper than a plumber, and is less likely to do that sucking in the breath before quoting thing:) )
Three possibilities. Round and round they go, where they stop, nobody know (s).

1) It has been theorised for some time that hauntings depend on heat energy at some level, e.g. cold spots etc. Therefore, an increase in heat could be seen as an attempt to increase available energy.

2) Your central heating clock is as bad as mine.

3) Something was a bit chilly.

Have you ever noticed that people use the word 'energy' when they don't know what they're talking about?
Maybe instead of conspiaring against you, or wishing to scare you, your ghost, if this is the case, is just trying to say, 'Yeah, I am here! Notice me, if you want anymore proof, this is it!'??

P.S. Mr Beast, ;) :madeyes: :miaow: Flirt, flirt. Heh heh, ;) :D.
I'm still here!!!!

I think NTL have given up trying to silence me!!

Up the Revolution!!

Ahem....sorry about that.

Wintermute, please be as skeptical as you wish. Im not ruling anything out.

Danhigginbottom, all three of those are very viable possibilities. My house gets absolutely freezing, without the heating on, the heating system itself is old so could possibly be twitchy.

Wintermoon, If there is something ghostly there, I hope it's trying to contact me. I'm trying everything I can to get evidence. I've even borrowed a video camera from a friend (the guy who originally pointed out the noise) to see if I can get anything on film. I'm gonna feel a right tit, if it does turn out to be the heating.

Flirt, Flirt ;) ;) :D ;) :cool: Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink

What does the cat mean?
Could it be that you have a kong sized ghost snail....?


I've heard similar stories about odd shufflings noises that otherwise came to nowt, but I never heard about any depth of research that went into such shufflings. I'm interested to hear what happens....
1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ...

I'm not convinced about the ghostly interpritation but I do like the thread.

I hope you get something on video! Just a thought but...

You don't mension any manifestations other than the noise so what do you hope to get on tape? Surly the origional idea of the audio recording is a better one. A way of picking up the noise (?): set up a microphone (or more than one) close to the place where the noise ocurs.

Then eliminate all posable rational explanations.

Cool thread.
Jamesveldon, the video camera is just in case something manifests.

If it's the heating, then nothing is likely to, but there's always a chance. I've still got the tape recorder in there, and I check it regularly, but have yet to pick anything up.

I'[ve also tried to get other people to stay in the room to get a third opinion on the noise, but everyone I know, already knows about the noise and won't stay in there. One of my friends is having real trouble with his wife, and I offered him somewhere to stay, his reply was "F*ck that!! That's the poltergeist room!! BUt thanks for the offer"

Remind me to be slightly less outgoing next time something like this happens!!

I would stay in a haunted room. I have before but that's another story (actualy it was a haunted house.)

When are you going to do it?

Keep us informed...
I'd stay in there--but I'm a magnet for them so it wouldn't do any good.

I'd stay with you in that room or by myself-because I'm not afraid but I can't because unfourunately they follow me anyway no matter where I go so that if something DID show it would only be a reaction to me.

sorry buddy-you're on your own.
I'd be happy to stay in the room, but it would be kinda pointless because I'd just sleep right through it.

Fayyaad's 'kong sized ghost snail' set me a-thinking. We've been assuming that if this is a ghost, it's human. Now while I'm not entirely convinced you've got a dreaded snail haunting, could it be some non-two legged creature making the noise?

Or maybe it's the ghost of a man/woman crawling along, rather than walking. I assume you've checked the house isn't built on the site of an old foot-lopping site?
those also serve who only stand and wait

When I receved notification that there where further postings on this thread I thought that you had finaly stayed in the room. Come on get over the fear and do it for all us!

Anything came up on the taspe recorder or vidio? We need to know!

Ooo, General... I love your sig pic!!

Apologies for the hijack.

Right, by my calculations, and by recent NTL workings I've got about 60 secs before my link goes down so I'll be quick.


Stayed in the room twice more. Haven't heard anything since. Gave up on video camera as it was knackered, and I don;t own one myself.

BUT, just to further confuse things, I still haven't picked up anything on the tape recorder, however it has recorded nothing.

I'll explain, that sounds way too confusing. The recorder I've got is a small dictaphone type one that I usually use for recording story ideas and crap like that (yes I write stories, nothing exciting just stuff.). This dictaphone has a noise sensitive setting on it so that it starts recording when it hears a sound. I set it on the sound sensitive setting a couple of weeks ago and left it in the room. In the morning it had only recorded about 10 secs of sound and that was of the little old lady next door slamming her front door. Nowt exciting. HOWEVER, (if you're still reading this you've a bigger attention span than me) I set it up exactly the same way on Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning it had recorded a whole side of a tape (which is 30mins).

I dubiously rewound it and pressed play, expecting to hear Marjorie from next door having a loud conversation with one of her old biddies, but there was nothing on it. Absolutely nothing. I turned the volume up full and there is still no sound. It was definitely on the sound sensitive setting. The tape was completely blank, yet had been recording (as was obvious from the fact that the record button was still pressed down as it doesn't automatically click off). 30 mins of nowt.

So, there you go, I've recorded nothing, which may be something, but could turn out to be nothing.

Sorry it's taken so long to get back, my long and arduous war with NTL seems to have hit some kind of stalemate. If I stop complaining, they seems to let me get access for a few minutes a week. But as soon as I comment on it they cut me off completely. Bastards.

Right, talk amongst yourselves, I'll be back in about a year.