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My house is haunted

When you say nothing, do you mean absolutely nothing? As in no static (Or white noise, or do you just get white noise on an untunned radio?) noise? If you normally pressed record and made no noise would the tape be positively blank, or would it have static noise on it then? Might be worth trying just to compare?
I don't think there would normally be white noise on The Beast's tapes as he was using the built-in microphone (I assume). There would be background noise from the whirring of the tape itself, but to get white noise it would have to be connected to some kind of radio source.

Beast, have you tried using your Dictaphone since (no sniggering!)? Is it still recording silence, or has it resumed picking up sounds from the mic again? Is there a 'source' selector switch on the machine to choose to record from either the mic or a line in source that you could have accidentaly switched?
Hey, two days in a row!! I must have been a good boy!!

August, the dictaphone (I can't help sniggering, it's a stupid word!) works. I've used it since. I even recorded a few seconds on the 'blank' tape that was in the machine when it recorded nothing.

Wintermoon, ;) there was no noise, just the very faint hiss you get when you turn the volume on sound systems all the way up.

It was actually really creepy listening to nothing. I was almost wetting my pants waiting to hear some bizarre sound that I couldn't explain. But nothing. I'm not at home during the week for a while now, only weekends, but I'll try it again on Saturday night.
So a sound triggers your dictaphone to start to record. The trigger sound itself wouldn't be recorded if it was of a small duration.

Does the dictaphone automatically switch off after a certain length of time, a certian length of 'silence', or will it continue recording till the tape ends?
"Arianach, hasbollah cazOOOSH!"

** Siriuss stands back marvelling at his powers of resurrection

Right where's he at then? finish the bloody story :)
> Right where's he at then? finish the bloody story

Perhaps he's been... taken...
Yeah I remember this thread... I was avidly reading it in the days up to the delivery of my baby daughter... In fact she was born on 15th of March 2002.

I remember being on my hospital bed being transported to strange surreal places by the nitrous oxide and the pain of my contractions and thinking ''what happened to Beast and his haunted spare room ...? ''

Of course with all the hectic changes the arrival of a new person causes I didn't log in for ages and forgot all about it until now...

So C'mon what happened in the end ?
For a short time, I worked for NTL: and can perfectly understand why everyone complains about them. The organisation is as bad as you imagine it is, the staff I worked with talked about weightwatchers and babies all day, but never seemed to do any actual work. He's probably gone through his cable when working in the garden. Or something....
most times ghosts don't do people any harm

Just think pleasant thoughts and keep an open (albeit guarded) mind. You might also want to have a tape recorder running all night, in case you do fall asleep, you might record something of the nights activites.
Err, I don't want to overstep the mark with other peoples personnal information, but, for the sake of you other desperatly inquizitive posters....
I usually mail The Beast occationally and vica versa. Last I heard he hasn't actually satyed there for ages and is living in a different part of the country for now. Despite repeated attempts to get him to come on for a visit, no show so far. I guess he's too busy at work or not allowed. Anyway, if you guys want to get a petition going try the 'E-mail The Beast' option on the profile. But don't tell him I suggested it! ;) :D
Morning people.

I promised that I'd bring an end to this thread, and so I shall. Unfortunately the end is not as spooky as I would like it to be, in fact it's as none spooky as you can get. It is, however, interesting.

As you may remember, the noise was quiet and shuffling, like one foot being dragged across the floor. It only appeared at night, and wouldn't/couldn't be recorded.

Well, I no longer live in that house, but the week before I left, I discovered the reason why I hadn't seen my landlord since I moved in. It appears that he is in prison. What for, I don't know, but, according to the letting agent he isn't likely to be out anytime soon. With that in mind I decided to see if I could get some closure on the whole polty-in-the-spare-room scenario, once and for all.

So I pulled up the floorboards.

Yep, you read right. I rolled back the carpet and pulled up the floorboards in the spare room.

Underneath, was the usual collection of dust, spiderwebs and old newspaper, and unfortunately, no centuries old skeleton (although, if there had been I would have screamed like a 7yr old girl on a rollercoaster). There was also some pipes covered in old lagging, and mouse droppings.

This is the interesting part; the lagging around the pipes had been ripped up along the length of the pipe in strips, some of which were still attached to the original lagging. But a majority of the material was missing, or had been removed.

It seems, although I never witnessed it myself, that mice (or a mouse) had been ripping off strips of lagging to use in in it's/their nest, wherever the hell that was. I pulled a piece of the material myself, and the sound was very similar to the one that could be heard in the middle of the night. The cloth is so old that the ripping sound is very soft.

So there it is. Not spooky, and by no means conclusive (can mice walk backwards and tear stuff like that? I've seen them do it with newspaper in a cage, but old cloth around pipes?) I also assume that as the sound was fairly quiet, and rythmic, the dictaphone (as, I think someone mentioned) started recording as the sound began but never actually managed to record the sound itself.

Sorry for the anti-climax.

Although, it doesn't explain how the heating came on all by itself.........