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The Genius Of Gerry Anderson - New Stamp Issue

And no Space Precinct! What were they thinking - oh. Never mind.
Indeed, what were they thinking?

He deserves some recognition. We've had the Wallace and Gromit films showing here each night for the past week, and the influence is clear, especially with the choice in soundtrack on A Close Shave.

Also been watching some DVDs of early Doctor Who (mostly the Lost in Time compilation of stories lost in the great wiping), and there's a definite Anderson feel to some of their model work, which may be more to do with the time and the technology available than any direct influence.
Probably my favourite stamps ever!

Don’t remember Super at all.
I knew all the others with Captain Scarlett being my all time favourite.
I think I saw only 1 episode of Supercar. I knew it mostly from a comic strip in Countdown magazine/TV Century 21 magazine.
Don't remember Supercar at all.
Can just about recall Fireball XL5 and can remember getting a Steve Zodiac marionette when I was far too young to really appreciate it and it getting horribly tangled up.
Did like Thunderbirds and remember having a wonderful T2 toy (complete with T4 in its pod).
My favourite though was always Stingray.
That stamp depicting a Terrorfish breaching whilst pursuing Stingray is definitely my favourite.