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science fiction

  1. MrRING

    British SF Conventions Volume 1: 1937-1951

    Thought some folks might have an interest in this volume: https://taff.org.uk/ebooks.php?x=UKcons1
  2. C.O.T.

    Mr. Spock

    Hi, do you think that Mr Spock is one of the most charismatic fictional characters of the past century, as Dracula, Sherlock Holmes or others fictional characters? But..from were come his energy? What makes him interesting? What do you think.
  3. M

    Which Of These (See List) Should I Pick For My Star Wars Story?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me make a decision on picking a technology for my Star Wars story. I’ve been editing the Wikipedia page “List of hypothetical technologies” for many months now. I’ve worked hard on it but I can’t pick something. I’m looking for something that •Would be...
  4. M

    What Could An Advanced Civilization Work On Next?

    Let’s say their is a galaxy or multi-galaxy civilization. FTL travel is mainstream and commonplace. The civilization has also mastered. •Cold fusion reactors and room temperature superconductors •Megastructures like a Dyson sphere, Matrioksha brain, and Shakov thrusters. • The full potential of...
  5. ramonmercado

    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    We don't seem to have a specific SF films thread so here is one for SF films unlikely to earn a thread of their own. Starting with: Beta Test: Yes, its Mind Games Forever. Perhaps mixing the traditions of Inception and eXistenZ, Beta Test nevertheless makes its own mark on the SF gamer trope...
  6. Dinobot

    Godzilla Movies

    Any Godzilla fans out there? Favourite films? I like Tokyo S.O.S and any involving Mothra.
  7. Bigphoot2

    The Genius Of Gerry Anderson - New Stamp Issue

    Gerry Anderson's work is to be immortalised in a new issue of stamps from the Royal Mail http://www.royalmail.com/portal/stamps/ ... d=32300674
  8. sherbetbizarre

    Christopher Nolan's Inception

    Teaser trailer for the "contemporary science fiction tale set within the architecture of the human mind." http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810099246/video/15201197
  9. Graylien

    Good Science Fiction By Non Sci-Fi Writers

    Do you know of any good Sci-Fi (or Speculative Fiction) by writers not usually associated with the field? 1984 and Brave New World are the obvious examples, but are there any overlooked gems out there? My own recommendation would be Gore Vidal's Duluth, which is set in a small town in a kind...
  10. Moooksta

    Intergalactic Space Crusaders: Blake's 7

    Not sure if there are any fans of this show but it's back as a radio play, like an audio re-imagining ala Battlestar! It's here. Starring the voices of Daniella Nardini as Servalan and Colin Salmon as Avon! mooks out PS Pop Quiz! Name Blake's 7...without Goggling you cheaters!
  11. X

    Was H. G. Wells' Vision Of The Future Correct?

    Well, some guy calling himself Evolutionary Theorist has been paid by TV channel Bravo to make a report on what humans of the future would be like. I personally wonder what qualifications this guy has, seems like down right bullshit. I imagine he might simply have taken the easy option, rented...
  12. M

    The Terminator Films & Franchise

    They'll be back - Arnie an James cameron to make another sequel: Source See also: www.filmfanzine.com/?page_id=story&art_id=491
  13. O

    James Cameron's Avatar

    I was just reading an article in a book of trivia about films that were never made and/or completed. This one peaked my interest: AVATAR (1999) Great Idea: After TITANIC made $1 billion and won 11 Academy Awards, director James Cameron could make any movie he wanted--and this was the one he...
  14. uair01

    Ancient Science Fiction

    Lunar telescopes and interstellar warfare may sound like latest sci-fi blockbuster. But they're also found inside the pages of a Greek story written by Lucian of Samosata in 2nd century AD. This week, Quentin Cooper talks to Dr Karen Ní Mheallaigh from Liverpool University about the...
  15. A

    They Stole My Idea!

    You've nurtured that long cherished sci-fi movie project for years. 'The Attack of the Men in the Matriculated Munch Bunch Ads!'. Then Hollywood makes it, almost verbatim, as its latest movie. Maybe the same thing has happened with an idea for a new kitchen appliance, rock song, cartoon...
  16. M

    Star Trek

    I am suprised there isn't a thread for this here (or if there is I can't find it) so here is one for general trek stuff. I thought this was impressive (if not new): Old news:
  17. MrRING

    Red Dwarf

    SMEG ME! Red Dwarf Film ??? Anybody know the status of the Red Dwarf film? Earth needs more Dwarf, direly.
  18. M

    Babylon 5

    OK I'll nail my colours to the mast and say this is is my favourite Sci Fi series on TV. Anyway it appears there is a new project coming (pos. a film): http://bboard.scifi.com/bboard/browse.cgi/1/5/1957/1440597 Announcements couldn't be made before the 15th of Jan so something might be...
  19. James_H

    (Science) Fiction Becoming Reality

    There are many classic examples of this, but one I noticed is the recent trend of record companies to make animated/computerized popstars. Damn sure there's no artistic difference between one of them and Will Young... Irritatingly I can't remember any of these band's names (apart from gorrilaz...
  20. A

    Science Fiction

    This topic developed a life of its own on another thread, so has been split off as a new thread. (Pedantic Eburacum) I tend to expect multicellular life to develop around stars in classes F, G, and K, but class M red dwarfs have very small comfort zones, so are less likely to develop life...
  21. rynner2

    Philip K. Dick

    This long article is a mini-biography of Philip K. Dick. It's too long to quote, but at one period he started having visions. In one of these he correctly diagnosed an illness in his young son. He was a great and influential writer. This thread could also serve for comments on his work. I...
  22. A

    Star Wars

    Star Wars: Attack of the Clones If you want to read the first review, click here. :)
  23. A

    Doctor Who [Spoilers]

    Fortean Doctor Who I've taken a bit of stick from other Doctor Who fans, so I'm starting a thread about him. Quite a few of the stories are inspired by things Fortean. Terror of the Zygons - Loch Ness The Web of Fear - Yetis The Green Death - Giant Maggots (great on a Saturday tea-time)...
  24. JamesWhitehead

    The Vidal Case (Teleportation: Argentina To Mexico; 1968)

    This post excerpted from: The Thing from Over the Hill (Scary Stories / Books From Childhood) https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/the-thing-from-over-the-hill-scary-stories-books-from-childhood.643/#post-7560 ----------------------------- My annals of piffle - actually Phenomena, A...
  25. C

    Vintage Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series (Miscellaneous)

    Can you remember that DREADFUL series called MANIMAL (I think it was in the 80s and Simon McCorkindale was in it) about people who could turn into panthers, eagles, etc. I can't remember quite why they did it, presumably to keep makeup artists in work :) Carole