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  1. M

    Which Would Be The HARDEST For A Scientist In The Star Wars Galaxy To Accomplish?

    1.) OCD cure- Cure for obsessive compulsive disorder 2.) SQUID-like device - Scroll down for SQUID 3.)Stellaser-direct a somewhat steady beam to a planet too far from the sun to receive enough ordinary light because of the...
  2. M

    Which Of These (See List) Should I Pick For My Star Wars Story?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me make a decision on picking a technology for my Star Wars story. I’ve been editing the Wikipedia page “List of hypothetical technologies” for many months now. I’ve worked hard on it but I can’t pick something. I’m looking for something that •Would be...
  3. M

    What Could An Advanced Civilization Work On Next?

    Let’s say their is a galaxy or multi-galaxy civilization. FTL travel is mainstream and commonplace. The civilization has also mastered. •Cold fusion reactors and room temperature superconductors •Megastructures like a Dyson sphere, Matrioksha brain, and Shakov thrusters. • The full potential of...
  4. ramonmercado

    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    We don't seem to have a specific SF films thread so here is one for SF films unlikely to earn a thread of their own. Starting with: Beta Test: Yes, its Mind Games Forever. Perhaps mixing the traditions of Inception and eXistenZ, Beta Test nevertheless makes its own mark on the SF gamer trope...
  5. James_H

    (Science) Fiction Becoming Reality

    There are many classic examples of this, but one I noticed is the recent trend of record companies to make animated/computerized popstars. Damn sure there's no artistic difference between one of them and Will Young... Irritatingly I can't remember any of these band's names (apart from gorrilaz...
  6. A

    Science Fiction

    This topic developed a life of its own on another thread, so has been split off as a new thread. (Pedantic Eburacum) I tend to expect multicellular life to develop around stars in classes F, G, and K, but class M red dwarfs have very small comfort zones, so are less likely to develop life...