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Aug 2, 2001
This post excerpted from:
The Thing from Over the Hill (Scary Stories / Books From Childhood)

My annals of piffle - actually Phenomena, A Book of Wonders,
by Michell & Rickard, 1977 - give several accounts of transportation
connected with South America: ...

3: In May 1968, Doctor Geraldo Vidal and his wife were driving near
Bahía Blanca, Argentina. The next thing they knew, they were in
Mexico. Forty-eight hours had passed and their car was scorched
on the outside. ...
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The Vidal Case has been widely distributed - often with varying details - for decades.

A very well known and controversial account of human teleportation supposedly occurred in 1968, when a Dr. Geraldo Vidal and his wife, Raffo de Vidal, apparently teleported a great distance along with their whole car. In May of 1968, the couple was reportedly driving their Peugeot 403 along a remote, rural road in Chascomus, Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina, when they claimed that they were suddenly enveloped by a thick fog that thoroughly ensconced them. The Vidals would allegedly not make it to their destination on time, where concerned family members were waiting for them. A search of the road the Vidals had taken turned up no trace of them, baffling family and authorities at the time. 48 hours later, Geraldo Vidal phoned family to tell them that they were safe but inexplicably in Mexico City, a full 6,400 km away.

Vidal would later claim that they had no memory of what had happened in the 48 hours that they had been gone, and only knew that they had encountered a strange heavy fog, after which everything had gone black. ...

The case eventually became one of the weirdest, most baffling, and most talked about cases within the realm of UFOlogy and Forteana, and was written of in countless articles and publications.

The Vidal case has been intensely debated and picked apart, and is filled with so many conflicting facts and reports that is is hard to ascertain where the truth ends and possible exaggeration and misinformation begins. ...

FULL STORY: https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2016/10/bizarre-cases-of-mysterious-teleporting-people/
This 2007 article is the most extensive single overview of this very convoluted case. It concludes that the whole incident was a fiction created to promote an upcoming 1968 Argentinian science fiction film entitled Che OVNI.


Argentina: The Vidal Case Exposed

Argentina’s Vidal Teleportation – The Truth Can Now Be Told

by Guillermo D. Gimenez, Director, Planeta UFO (Necochea, Argentina)

Editor’s Note: The Vidal Case was deliberately excluded from the INEXPLICATA monograph on the subject of UFOs in the 1960s in South America and Spain due to its complexity. This article by our good friend and contributing editor, Guillermo Gimenez, will give readers the most complete approach to one of South America’s most fascinating and controversial cases.

The story concerning the teleportation of a car from Chascomus, Province of Buenos Aires, to Mexico in 1968, became world famous and it remains today an undisputed classic of Argentinean ufology. Furthermore, it was a the catalyst for the tremendous Argentinean UFO wave of 1968, when all newspapers took to publishing UFO accounts, including older cases that had never appeared in the press. ...

This incident received global attention and weeks later a “cloak of silence” fell over the events. Neither journalists nor researchers could secure access to the main protagonists, and those upon whom the mantle of silence fell were no longer inclined to speak. Conjectures and suppositions would surround the event. ...

28 years would elapse before the truth would emerge, and over 36 before it could be reported.

There had been so many obstacles in gaining access to the true protagonists, and given the case’s characteristics, the incident became a classic in world ufology. Authors all over the world took it as a spectacular UFO case. Subsequently, numerous teleportation cases would occur all over the world. ...

So much was written about the incidents in newspapers, and subsequently books, and presented in conferences and TV programs that even skeptics reported it.

It was Peter Rogerson in "Notes to a Revisionist History of Abduction
(Part 4): Recovering the forgotten records", Magonia No. 50,
September 1994, who reported having learned in Buenos Aires that the case had been a lie employed to conceal Mrs. Vidal’s missing days while she was committed to a mental health clinic. ...

Alejandro C. Agostinelli, an Argentinean journalist and researcher, looked into these events and confirmed that it had all been a sham designed to promote an Argentinean science fiction film at the time

In his report “Coches Voladores a Estrenar:
Fraudes,Rumores y Ciencia Ficción"
co authored with Luis R. González (Spain) and appearing in
Anuario, Cuadernos de Ufología, No. 29, 3ra Epoca 2003.Fundación Anomalía, España,
he states that he interviewed filmmaker Anibal Uset in 1996, who confessed to having invented the Vidal Case with the assistance of entertainment journalist Tito Jacobson and other friends to promote a movie that opened 2 months after the events, titled “Che OVNI” ...

FULL STORY: http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2007/02/argentina-vidal-case-exposed.html