1. Cochise

    Unexplained Railway Accidents - Or Unexplained Aspects Of Otherwise Explainable Accidents

    Railway accidents have always been a fascination of mine since I bought L. T. C. Rolt's 'Red for Danger' when I was about twelve. i will try and put on here descriptions of several puzzling accidents, and also some tales surrounding other accidents. (Yes, there will be ghosts.) Bear with me, I...
  2. R

    U.S. Man Survives Chocolate Ordeal

    I like chocolate too but you can have too much....
  3. MrRING

    Dangerous Play (Playgrounds; Carnivals; Amusement Parks; Etc.)

  4. M

    Spills & Sundry Messes

    Overturned Van Spills 700 Live Rodents
  5. E

    Ridiculous Accidents Aquarium visitors thrown in shark tank A party of adults and children on a behind-the-scenes tour at a New Orleans aquarium got closer to some of the exhibits than intended when a footbridge collapsed, pitching some of them into a shark...
  6. S

    Jet Engine & Propeller Horrors!

    First off, the following is a link to what appears to be a member of a USS carrier being sucked into a planes jet engine. (Link - caution, don't watch if you're squeemish, but bear in mind he's not badly hurt) Link is dead. No archived version found. Now in a really handy coincidence, it was...
  7. harlequin2005

    The Darwin Awards

    Darwin 2001 THis just popped into one of my numerous mail boxes. I make noclaims on the veracity of the below:- It's that time again! The Darwin Awards are given each year to bestow upon (the remains of) the individuals who, through single-minded self-sacrifice, have done the most to...