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  1. eziofan

    Baltimore Bridge Accident

    Just watching the tragic Baltimore bridge accident. On the video stream you can see many cars and lorries passing over the bridge just before the collision. It certainly brings home the part that fate plays in our day to day lives. This will spawn many tales of how close people came to becoming...
  2. Cochise

    Unexplained Railway Accidents—Or Unexplained Aspects Of Otherwise Explainable Accidents

    Railway accidents have always been a fascination of mine since I bought L. T. C. Rolt's 'Red for Danger' when I was about twelve. i will try and put on here descriptions of several puzzling accidents, and also some tales surrounding other accidents. (Yes, there will be ghosts.) Bear with me, I...
  3. R

    U.S. Man Survives Chocolate Ordeal

    I like chocolate too but you can have too much....
  4. MrRING

    Dangerous Play (Playgrounds; Carnivals; Amusement Parks; Etc.)

  5. M

    Spills & Sundry Messes

    Overturned Van Spills 700 Live Rodents http://cbs2.com/water/watercooler_story_038101725.html
  6. A

    Electricity: It's A Killer—Or Not?

    I've been wandering round electric websites (to do with Van De Graaf generators), but rather horrifyingly I also found this link. It's a guy surviving a powerline encounter (but its still fairly shocking... shouldn't joke), but its shows how some people can miraculously survive. ELECTROCUTION...
  7. E

    Ridiculous Accidents

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2180867.stm Aquarium visitors thrown in shark tank A party of adults and children on a behind-the-scenes tour at a New Orleans aquarium got closer to some of the exhibits than intended when a footbridge collapsed, pitching some of them into a shark...
  8. S

    Jet Engine & Propeller Horrors!

    First off, the following is a link to what appears to be a member of a USS carrier being sucked into a planes jet engine. (Link - caution, don't watch if you're squeemish, but bear in mind he's not badly hurt) Link is dead. No archived version found. Now in a really handy coincidence, it was...
  9. harlequin2005

    The Darwin Awards

    Darwin 2001 THis just popped into one of my numerous mail boxes. I make noclaims on the veracity of the below:- It's that time again! The Darwin Awards are given each year to bestow upon (the remains of) the individuals who, through single-minded self-sacrifice, have done the most to...