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  1. Floyd

    Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost And The Gravestone (Penyffordd Farm)

    A new documentary about the Penyffordd Farm hauntings: A child's gravestone in the garden, a monk-like figure supposedly appearing over a sleeping baby and words carved on walls... all reported at a house once known as the UK's most haunted. About 300 apparent paranormal phenomena was...
  2. Paul_Exeter

    BBC World Service 1996: UFO—Fact, Fiction, Or Fantasy?

    This is definitely worth a listen. Narrated by Anthony Grey, three 30 minute episodes feature Jenny Randles, John Mack, Stanton Friedman and many others: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/p033f98v?partner=uk.co.bbc&origin=share-mobile
  3. lordmongrove

    Uncanny (BBC Programme / Podcast)

    New wireless series, Uncanny, this episode features the brilliant Peter Laws. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0010wp9
  4. lordmongrove

    Ghosts & Poltergeists: Obscure Cases

    Ghosts are not my field (very interesting though). There are a couple of cases i stumbled upon online that i'd not heard of. Maybe you guys know more. The Vallecas Haunting. The San Pedro Haunting
  5. David Plankton

    British TV Show About Mythical Creatures

    Can you help identify this TV show? It was broadcast in the 1970's on the BBC and the time slot would be mid to late morning during the Summer holidays. Same time they used to show things like 'Why Don't You?' and 'The Banana Splits'. My memory tells me that it was presented by David...
  6. stu neville

    Local TV Weirdness

    Kind of like the Max Headroom Pirate broadcast, this happened about an hour ago here in the West of England. BBC Breakfast handed over to the regional bulletin as per at around 6.55, but instead of the local anchor we got her voice, but something else entirely in vision (which does, oddly, fit...
  7. gattino

    Television Debate On Exorcism (1974)

    Just stumbled on this little gem.. a british audience discussion program following the release of the exorcist. It's fascinating in multiple ways. It gives some credence to the popular belief that the movie strongly upset cinema goers at the time. Just hearing awfully awfully british voices...
  8. Yithian

    The Mr Blobby Thread

    Speaking of unbearable...
  9. liveinabin

    Ghost Program On Radio 4

    People sharing their experiences of seeing a ghost. The last chap to speak has a great tale. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03lph1d Be quick, it's only there for a few days.
  10. G

    Owzabout That Then? The Jimmy Savile Revelations & Aftermath

    OK, so so far it's come out that Jimmel Fixit has abused kids all over the country, including the Haut de La Garenne childern's home in the Channel Islands. 60 possible victims since 1959, according to the latest as of posting. A friend of the Thatchers. A friend of Prince Charles. And...
  11. D

    Edge Of Darkness (2009)

    I very recently saw Edge of Darkness, with Mel Gibson. At the end of the film, I saw that it had been dedicated to someone who had died in 2009. I looked him up and saw that he had been the writer of the British miniseries Edge of Darkness produced in 1985. Needless to say, I was curious about...
  12. P

    Archaeology: Interpreting The Evidence

    I heard a really interesting programme on BBC Radio4, the other day. Various differing interpretations based on the data retrieved from excavations on ancient sites, in this case the enormous Iron Age site of Maiden Castle. The well known British archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler dug the...
  13. F

    BBC Radio Programme On Charles Fort

    Tomorrow night (Thur 21st Dec) I'm giving an interview on BBC Radio Wales' "Adam and Mal Show" about Charles Fort; probably discussing his life, work and relevence today. The show starts at 8pm, and I'm on around 8.15. You can listen to the show online (whether you're in the UK or not) at...
  14. GNC

    Roy Jay

    Remember Roy Jay? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, but he was a British comedian circa 1984 who dressed in a convict's outfit covered in arrows and told jokes in between saying, "Spook!" and "Slither!". It's just that since he disappeared from view in the mid-eighties, there have...
  15. A

    The Woman In Black On Radio 4

    That wonderful ghost story The Woman In Black is on Radio 4 at 2.30 pm today (Saturday). and you can listen to it on the Internet for the next week. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/saturday_play.shtml
  16. MrRING

    Red Dwarf

    SMEG ME! Red Dwarf Film ??? Anybody know the status of the Red Dwarf film? Earth needs more Dwarf, direly.
  17. A

    Doctor Who [Spoilers]

    Fortean Doctor Who I've taken a bit of stick from other Doctor Who fans, so I'm starting a thread about him. Quite a few of the stories are inspired by things Fortean. Terror of the Zygons - Loch Ness The Web of Fear - Yetis The Green Death - Giant Maggots (great on a Saturday tea-time)...