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  1. EnolaGaia

    Can One's Language Affect Health & Longevity?

    This is an odd but interesting essay, from which I can only offer snippets owing to its length. The theme is considering whether certain features of Spanish language itself - and the influence of those features on perceptions and stress management - may help explain the "Hispanic Paradox."...
  2. ramonmercado

    Just 300 Out Of Thousands Of Medieval Irish-Language Manuscripts Still Exist

    Missing medieval manuscripts. Just 300 out of thousands of medieval Irish-language manuscripts still exist Lavishly illustrated German manuscript containing the Arthurian romance of Wigalois. Picture: Leiden, University Library THU, 17 FEB, 2022 - 19:00 MICHELLE MCGLYNN Thousands of medieval...
  3. Ermintruder

    Weird Word Ways: Reduplicative Recitations

    This type of English language mannerism, always, has subconsciously puzzled me. And it exists in other languages, too. You do know what I mean... Examples include: "dilly-dally" "shilly-shally" "wishy-washy" "mumbo-jumbo" "zig-zag" "ding-dong" "hee-haw" "wiggle-waggle" hip-hop" "spit-spot"...
  4. Yithian

    Whistled Languages (Sfyria, Etc.)

    Here's a fascinating article about a dying language (or language form) that many people never realised even existed. The aspect that interests me most is how it evolved so directly from the local landscape in such a way as to be able to exploit the topography. I feel certain that other such...
  5. Schwadevivre

    Linguistic Dexterity: Bilingualism; Multilingualism; Language Learning

    Which doe raise the question about whether all children should be brought up bilingual. It would also be interesting to see if the hearing children of deaf parents show similar flexibility.
  6. rynner2

    Local & Dialect Words

    I have lived in the westcountry (on and off) since the 60's, but I have never heard this term before:
  7. M

    The Georgia Guidestones

    http://www.radioliberty.com/stones.htm Whats this all about??
  8. A

    Linguistic Similarities, Both Derived & Deliberate (Borrowed Words, Etc.)

    "Butter and cheese is good English and good Fries" that is a saying that I heard a few times in Aurich in Ost Friesland in Germany. The Friesian language is very closely related to old English and some similarities exist to modern English. The sentence above means exactly the same in both...
  9. S

    Language Extinction / Endangered Languages

    story here & Puzzled monkeys reveal key language step
  10. A

    Runes & Runic Languages

    The mayans were not the first to create written language. Scientific evidence has shown that Runes, or the Elther Futhark (I dont know if thats the correct spelling) was the first and oldest form of language. It is still used today to create magic books and scripts.
  11. A

    Enoch, The Apocrypha & The Forgotten Books Of Eden

    I'm a bit of a fortean virgin and I'm looking for some information on enochian magik/language and Glasgow's St.Enoch. What, if any, is the conection between the two?
  12. A

    The Origins & Evolution Of Human Language / Languages

    First language gene discoverd, Im not to sure how we post interesting news story's but here goes. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/2192969.stm I get these story's using the BBC news ticker, its a little bar that sits on your desktop, and that days headlines scroll across and if you...
  13. A

    Sudden Language / Accent Acquisition (Xenoglossy; Foreign Accent Syndrome)

    Alright, got into a semi-debate with a friend of mine recently. I said that there had been cases of individuals spontaneously speaking a foreign language, perfectly, with accent, that they were not familiar with, possibly in connection with being hit on the head. She, however, did not believe...
  14. A

    The Voynich Manuscript

    Can you believe I'd never heard of this until a few weeks ago when I was doing some (proper, historical) research on John Dee, and found it mentioned in a footnote, dug up a lot of info about it on the web. One ot the most fascinating things I've ever heard of, anyway, so I thought I'd ask...