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  1. maximus otter

    Rare Case Of Green Hairy Tongue Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

    [An Ohio] man developed a completely benign condition. His prognosis was excellent. He recovered in full, quickly. Yet, for any observer, a ghastly glimpse of his mild malady may cause acute discomfort and enduring trauma. The man briefly developed an unusual condition in which a shaggy carpet...
  2. Yithian

    GP Denies Giving Woman Cups Of Coffee Containing His Own Semen

    Apart from the puerile appeal of the headline, I am not sure what to make of his alleged medical condition. A Somerset doctor who denies putting his semen into a cup of coffee he made for a woman acquaintance believes it was done as a practical joke by somebody else at his expense, a jury heard...
  3. catseye

    Aphantasia & Mental Health

    I've been reading (well, listening to) Dean Burnett's book The Idiot Brain, and I was interested in the chapter on mental health conditions such as psychosis where he was talking about many delusions being caused by the brain's inability to separate the 'internal monologue' from external voices...
  4. MrRING

    Beethoven's Hair Combed Through Scientifically
  5. MrRING

    No Anus? No Problem!

    I found out something today that I had never heard before: you can actually live without an anus! Maggie, a brave and quite humorous woman who had much of her colon removed and had a colonostomy bag installed, tells her story on YouTube. For her, a young sufferer with Crohn's Disease, her anus...
  6. blessmycottonsocks

    Anyone Suffer From Vertigo?

    Must say, watching this made me feel quite queer! As also do some of the more extreme 'Urban Explorer' videos you can find on YouTube:
  7. Cochise


    This link has some interesting information on tinnitus. Thanks for directing my attention to it. (You know who you are :) ) The Fortean aspect being, of course, that people who hear strange sounds, especially 'The Hum', are often assumed...
  8. Swifty

    Kidney Stones

    I've started this thread partly because I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, partly for advice and also so hopefully someone else will benefit one day from any advice shared here .. I've been feeling ill and in moderate dull pain for the last 4 months .. after a series of doctor's appointments...
  9. Z

    Auto-Brewery Syndrome (Internal Alcohol Production)

    More at the link: ... um=twitter
  10. C

    Medical Anomalies And What Medicine Refuses To Believe

    I thought I'd create this thread for the purpose of discussing any medical anomalies you have , have heard of , or just interested in discussing or talking about . Depending on the feedback ( you can read about my own if you like ) on the general threath ,and the some of the problems I've...
  11. ramonmercado

    Voices In The Head 'Are Normal'

  12. M

    The 'Obesity Epidemic'

    Big assed piece article but I thought it worth reporducing the lot: -------- I was also reminded of this: Lazyboy - Underwear goes inside the pants
  13. ramonmercado


  14. M

    Cutaneous Horns (Horn-Like Growths On Heads & Bodies) Emps
  15. liveinabin

    Medical Mysteries, Bizarre Cases

    46 year old fetus removed from75 year old woman. (originally found at - link now dead, so hyperlink disabled. stu) Now I want to know how they knew it was 46 years old? Did it have a wife and kids?
  16. A

    The Physical Phenomena Of Mysticism

    "Miracles" at Saint-Medard France, 1727-1732 I read about this in "The Mammoth Encyclopedia of the Unsolved" a while back but haven't really found much else about it on the internet. Found this at
  17. A


    British Amnesiac found in Greece A British woman found by Greek authorities on the streets of Athens suffering complete memory loss has appealed for her family to come forward. The woman, who has given herself the name Jezebel Blythe, has arrived back in the UK after spending over a year...
  18. marion

    Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Compendium Thread

    I think a lot more people are diagnosed as having Asperger's these days simply because even the mildest cases are recognised now ( I read quite a few sites on it recently in the search for what might be wrong with my 16 year old son ). It might be possible that people who are diagnosed with...