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visual perception

  1. fizzy55

    Shadow Twin

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could help give me some ideas on this. A friend told me yesterday that he has been seeing a figure following him around. He first saw it in his room, then stood watching him at work, then on the sidelines when he was taking part in a race. He says it is black and fuzzy...
  2. Yithian

    What Colour Is A Tennis Ball?

    I find this recent polling intriguing. Obviously there are differing brands and hues and the specific type of ball being referred to in the question is left unsaid, but that is a remarkable generation break. As a member of the 25 to 49 cohort, I would probably have said 'green' and been...
  3. Ermintruder


    Something that never fails to amaze me is the vast and frequently-contradictory designs of camouflage seen woven or printed into the uniforms of the world's armed forces. Whilst the logic in a leap from red to khaki is inarguably-sound, it seems there has been from then onwards an...
  4. Yithian

    Deceptive Perspective

    I'd be most grateful if somebody could explain clearly what this photograph shows. I am unable to distinguish which things seem large because they are near and which appear small beause they are farther away. I know only that it's 'a hotel' but my mind keeps telling me it's a miniature set. I'm...
  5. skinny


    Seeing anthropomorphic / anthropogenic imagery in random objects. The face of Jesus on a piece of toast; the man in the moon; the face on mars ~ that type of thing. This one I took during a rare configuration of Saturn Venus and the waxing gibous moon, probably in 2008. It made me feel sort of...
  6. sherbetbizarre

    Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand

    25 Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/photos ... understand Mod Edit: Original link dead, archived version below https://web.archive.org/web/20140311131357/https://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/photos-you-really-need-to-look-at-to-understand It's...
  7. rynner2


    A thread for stories where you thought you experienced something weird or ghostly or odd, but then realised it was after all something mundane that you had temporarily misperceived. (Such stories often crop up in passing on other threads, but there seems to be no thread dedicated to them - if...
  8. G

    Pareidolia Paranoia

    in other words: i see simulacra everywhere. especially on the living room floor. it's made of marble chips, and whenever i'm in the living room my eyes - and mind - start roaming, seeing little faces everywhere. i know, it's in the nature of the material itslef, little pieces of different...
  9. A

    Historical / Evolutionary Changes In Human Visual Perception?

    Hi! Im reading the book "The Occult" by Collin Wilson and, even if im just begining to read it, theres a question that comes to mind. There is a passage where he says the 2000 years ago, man was nearly color blind. He cites some examples. If you want them I can write down the text. My...
  10. G

    The Optical Illusions Thread

    I love a good optical illusion, and think they deserve their own thread. So this is it! Here's a damn jollly good page of illusions ... I especially like the wheels that appear to rotate as you move your head towards the monitor ... absolutely mental...
  11. M

    Brocken Spectre (A "Glory")

    (Copied / transplanted from the Weird Weather thread) Here's some nice piccies of some of these phenonoma. Jane. Here's the relevant text and a photo from the cited webpage ... Yet another colorful and rare phenomenon, the Brocken spectrum (also know as a glory), here a picture taken in...
  12. A


    No comment. dailynews.philly.com/content/daily_news/2001/09/13/local/DEVI13C.htm Link is dead. No archived version found.