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Anyone Seen A Ghost?



I lived in a 'haunted house' at the age of five - probably the foundation of my interest in all matters paranormal. But I can't lay claim to a personal sighting of a ghost.

Has anyone on these boards had a close-up, unequivocal encounter with a phantom? If so, care to tell us all about it...?:eek!!!!:
Woke up this morning after another late night FT surfing, looked in the mirror and yes I thougt for sure I'd seen a ghost.:cross eye
Yeah I have when I was a little girl of around 2 or 3 (this is what my mum says anyway). A relitive called aunt Elsie (though not my aunt) had died and a few months after when in my room I told my mum that this aunt looks after me! I had only seen her a few times around 3 when she was alive. It seems strange for me (a very young child) to remember someone I had hardly seen in my life.

There was another time (which I also can't remember) when I wouldn't go to my room (couldn't of been more than 4 or 5) cos as I told my mum there was a boy in my room. It's best to note right now that it was no brother as I don't have one!

I would like to see ghosts but can only claim the one rather
unspectacular sighting. It was, however, also seen by the friend
with me.

We had been at school together and gone up to the same
University at Bangor. This evening we had been at the tiny
village of Aber to visit friends. To answer the Blue Nun question
first, we had certainly had a drink but were in no way the
worse for it.

Our friends had told us to turn Right to find the nearest bus-stop
but had meant Left. We therefore found ourselves walking some
way towards Llanfairfechan. The night was dark and the road
unlit; this was a Sunday night and, Bangor being "dry" traffic
was returning from Llanfairfechan, the nearest town where you could
obtain a drink.

We soon thought we were approaching a bus-stop because there
was a woman, somewhat stooping and elderly by the side of the road
ahead. We had seen her in the light of the oncoming headlamps. As we
were getting close to the spot, another car came towards us and the
form of the old woman disappeared downwards, as if a pillar of sand had
blown away.

We were nonplussed but not scared. We went over and over what we had
seen, trying to account for it as an optical illusion. The woman had however
been perceived as a solid shape between us and the car headlamps. Her
dissolving before our eyes was experienced by us both. Until that moment,
we had not questioned that she was a flesh and blood figure - a welcome
sight, when we were seeking a bus stop.

In fact we had to walk further to find the real bus stop. I don't know if we
mentioned it at the time but it was ironic for this ghost to cross our paths
uncalled for. As kids of about thirteen we had once set off on a ghost-hunting
adventure to a Southport graveyard. And found nothing. :rolleyes:
I have been in the presence of a ghost. When I was 15 or so I used to go to a Sunday evening youth club at the local Baptist church (you had to attend church first then the youth club tarted - crafty, eh?)

Waiting for the youth club to start, my friend and I were ialone in the church, she wa playing the organ and I was turning the music pages for her. She finished what she was playing, looked at the back of the church and then said to me, "Let's get out of here, and don't look behind you." I obeyed, and she told me she'd seen, rising behind the back pew of the church, a white mist, rather like 'dry ice', spiralling upwards.

So, if only I hadn't been a coward, I could have seen a ghost!

Are shadow people ghosts?

I have multiple shadow entities in my 5 year old house. Don't know why, just have. I see them every now and then and they just skit about in between rooms in the house.
They don't scare me as I have grown up with all thing paranormal, from my parents and friends.
If they are classed as a ghost or spectre, then I'm on that long list of people who have seen ghosts...
I have seen something which was also seen by someone else...
In 1991, I moved to Peterborough to work for a software company there.
This company has a large, purpose-built headquarters built on the estate of a large mansion (the mansion next door is now an old folks' home).
I was in the office with two fellow employees, working late (it was almost 10 pm). The only lighting was from a large uplighter lamp, so the rest of the large open-plan office was fairly dark.
I happened to glance over to a corridor made from bookshelves and other furniture, and saw something very strange.
It all happened very fast; I saw a cloud of grey mist whizz along this corridor very quickly. It was soundless.
Shocked, I told my colleagues what I had seen. They told me I was seeing things, and should go home.
I thought nothing of it until a few days later, when (once again) we worked late up until 10 pm...
The same two colleagues were with me. One of them gasped, and exclaimed that he'd just seen what I'd seen a few days earlier.
We walked over to the spot where he'd seen it, and both of us felt a chill in the air, and the hair on the backs of our necks stood up. Scared, we retreated back to the light. We decided to go home.
The next day, we discussed the events in the works canteen. An employee who had been there from the early days pointed out two interesting things: the building had been built on the site of an old civil war graveyard, and some years ago, an employee had died at work from a heart attack (on that very spot!).

Some years later (after these events):
Over the course of time, due to office reorganisation, my desk ended up more or less on that spot.
Call it morbid fascination, or something drawing me there, but I felt compelled to go into the office on a Sunday to do some work. I let myself into the building, and worked into the night (I had a deadline, and I was a sad workaholic).
About 10pm, I sensed a presence, and told it to 'go away and leave the office'.
At about 11pm, I heard a noise and heard my name being called. It was 3 security guards, 2 alsatians, and a company employee who was irate at being called in to investigate.
He asked me if I was aware that a window had been opened over the other side of the building (it had triggered the silent alarm).
I wasn't aware of this, as I had been the only person in the building for 6 hours.
I went home and experienced no more unearthly things at that office. I also stopped being a workaholic.
Could this have been the earthbound spirit of the dead employee? Did I help this spirit by telling him to leave? Who knows.
Perhaps the spirit felt rejected, and jumped out of the window to kill himself.... Er, no, that probably wouldn't work, would it?

Still, good story, Mytho
I've not seen one point blank but to stop Rynner's last post from getting lonely :cool:

Was walking home with a friend one night when we saw a figure about 50 yards in front. We were teenagers and we'd been buggering about in the next village so we were wary of an ambush.
It was night time but there were plenty of streetlamps and the figure kept pace with us as we walked down the road. The odd thing about it was that it didn't seem attached properly, it sort of slid along without enough waggling of the dangly bits.
After we'd had it in sight for about two minutes it crossed the road and disappeared into the wall of a derelict factory with a brief flash of light. Another lad later claimed to have seen more or less the same thing on a different date, but he was a weirdo.

That's the only ghost I've seen but I've done a couple of moving objects and some out of place noises all with at least one other witness who thought that they had seen the same thing.
Never seen anything remotely fascinating myself, but I did have a very down to earth friend who maintained he had been walking from his local station to his house, on the way back from a night out (this was a walk of about half a mile through very dark surrey woods, which always terrified me when I was stopping over at his house) and as he came to a dip in the path where a bit of ground mist had collected, the mist started to take the shape of a woman and move towards him. He was pretty scared but decided that mist couldn't touch him and walked straight past. I wasn't there but he is just not the sort of person who I would expect to make something like that up.
tinfoilpants said:
It was night time but there were plenty of streetlamps and the figure kept pace with us as we walked down the road. The odd thing about it was that it didn't seem attached properly, it sort of slid along without enough waggling of the dangly bits.

Waggling dangly bits?:confused: The mind boggles!:p

As well as having my back turned towards a ghost (see above), I've also heard one. Where I work is part of an old RAF base and the original part of our offices used to be the Ops Room. (bit ironic for a German company to be based in a building that used to plan bombing raids on its own country):rolleyes:

All of us who have worked late have felt a presence and heard footsteps coming from the attic area above the workshop. No, it's not the building settling down, or central heating cooling down or anything, it's definite footsteps. It's not really scary, though.

I used to live in the obligatory "old farmhouse ™" and living there was me, my bruv, my mum and dad, and my grandparents. Every night we would sit down and have dinner, and on several occasions we saw a dark figure walking right past the window, it wasn't the sort of place to go for a shortcut, as basically there wasn't anywhere to go from or to, let alone climb over 4 walls and a fence.

After a few times of this, my dad and grandpa were getting really annoyed, as we just though it was a walker, tramping through the rose bed. So, a trap was laid - we'd act as lookouts and shout when we saw the chap walk past, and my dad and grandpa would grab their guns and jump out of the front door. After about a month of waiting we were giving up hope, then we saw the figure pass, we screamed at them that he was there and they dutifully jumped out. Yup, you guessed it, nowt :rolleyes:

We saw the figure go past, and about 5 seconds later saw them running round the corner. Where did he go? Gawd knows :p

Before you say they it was merely a pesky trespasser, there was absolutely no way that he could scarper, he simply disappeared. And no, I haven’t inherited the red-neck habit of sitting at the door, ready to shoot anyone who walks past…well, yes I have, but noone ever walks past so phner :p

Another tale from my old house was that every time we’d redecorate, there’d be a really funky smell, a sort of perfume but mould smell, and my Gran swore blind that every time we redecorated, she saw a ghostly figure walking through her room, across the landing and disappear next to my room ( :eek!!!!: ) so the answer to that was simple; we never redecorated after that, as it was genuinely spooking us up quite a bit TBH.

It has to be said though, that I’ve never seen anything like “ooh crap, that’s a ghost”, merely “Eh? WTF was that??!”
A buddy of mine swears one night he was laying in bed at an ex gf's apartment and all of a sudden the door opened a crack and some guy looked through the crack at him and my said Hello?
Jane?(ex gfs name) then the door just shut he laid there scared for a bit then his gf came in the room and denied seeing/doing anything apparently the chain on the apt door was still on too?
Now I found out about this from my friend this last Sat. when we were at his Bro's wedding and were talking to a relative of the bride and got to talking about the small college town they both live in and then it gravitated to the complex my friend still lives in (in another building) and turns out the brides relative lived in the building where my friend saw this. He told my friend without knowledge of the story that one day he came home and there was dried blood in front of his door on the floor at the base of the stairs. Apparently a tenant of an upstairs apartment was intoxicated and fell down the steep stairs to his death.
My friend was kinda spooked to learn that and recalled his story.
Just remembered another one. When I was a student I shared accommodation with 2 other girls. We sat around one night telling ghost stories and, well after midnight we all went up to bed. I was just dropping off to sleep when I heard a strange, slithering noise. Opened my eyes warily and there, at the foot of the bed was a black shape which, when it saw me, crouched down on the floor . . .

I was PETRIFIED until I realised it was my long, black leather coat which had been hanging on the back of the door and which had fallen off the hook!:D

I see shadow people at my job all the time. The womens bathroom is VERY haunted as well, none of us will go in there without bringing someone else along, which drives my boss crazy! Other than that, I've only heard a ghost- When I lived with my parents, we lived next door to an elderly couple. My bedroom window was only 10 or so feet away from their window and in the summer we would both have our windows open. One summer, I kept hearing a baby crying at night, for hours. It was strange because they were pretty old, and thier sons lived in another state, and as far as I knew, neither had any children. I asked them the next time they came over to visit why I kept hearing a baby and they said that it has happened for as long as they have lived there, the previous family had a baby die in that room....
I've seen quite a few. Often you don't realise until afterwards. Good job too as otherwise the streets would be full of people running away screaming, as in the librarian scene in 'Ghostbusters'!

A very nice one was on the road to Chester, June before last. I was off to Chester Castle to collect my soldier son. My other lad was with me. He was nearly 18 and learning to drive, so kept a close eye on the road!

On a long straight I saw a bloke on a moped in front. He was wearing a big overcoat and had an old fashioned white, though grubby scooter helmet. We were approaching a roundabout so I dropped back and turned left slowly, ready to overtake him. He'd turned left before me and was obscured for a few seconds by the high hedge.

But when we rounded the corner- nothing! No bloke, no moped, no gateway to hide in. 'Where'd he go?' I asked my lad Aid, who said, 'Who?' He hadn't seen anything at all. Suddenly I realised how very overdressed my moped man had been for such a hot day, and how out of date looking. Bless him, I hope he gets where he's going, one day.
Seen a number of spooky things; the more intense experiences occurred quite frequently during childhood. I guess they could have been attributed to an over active imagination or something, however, sometimes friends and family witnessed them as well.

One such occurrence occurred when my brother and myself were kids - I guess I was about ten at the time and we both shared a room together. Anyway, one morning we woke up to see my mum, dressed in a long white robe, glide into the room as if she was being pulled along on roller skates. She looked at us, smiled serenely, then hid behind the curtains. She said nothing during the encounter.

The curtains were quite short and her legs should have been seen protruding from the bottom… only they weren't!

I remember my brother (who was about seven at the time) climbed out of bed, giggling like this was some sort of game, walked towards the curtains asking why she was hiding. Only once he got close to the window, did he realise that she had completely disappeared. The only way she could have got out the room was to silently open the window and jump out, two floors down!!!

My sister, who slept in the room next to ours and was about twenty when this happened, walked in a few seconds later wondering where mum was. She could have sworn that she saw mum walk out of her room into ours.

Upon investigating my parent's room she discovered them both still tucked up in bed, asleep.

Okay, so on this instance we didn't really see a ghost. But did all three of us witness our mother's OBE?
Apparently a high proportion of 'ghostly' apparitions prove to have been of living people.
That reminds me, the night before last I was driving home from work, it was about 5.15 so it was still light. Looking in my rear view mirror, I could see a maroon 4WD vehicle right behind me (I don't know what type, but it wasn't a landrover/range rover, it was probably one of the jap makes).

I took my gaze off the mirror to watch the road ahead and a moment later looked in the mirror again. The vehicle had gone. I know that stretch of road very well and it's a flat, straight stretch of road, there was no side road or driveway it could have turned off into and if it had parked by the roadside I would have seen it. It had been too close behind me to disappear like that.

There's probably some perfectly rational explanation, but it puzzled me at the time.

Curzone said:
...woke up to see my mum, dressed in a long white robe, glide into the room as if she was being pulled along on roller skates.

A mate of mine was cycling home from work one evening in the twilight, when he saw a figure dressed in what appeared to be a black cloak with long black hair and a white face 'floating', with arms outstretched, at some speed towards him on the pavement on the other side of a line of parked cars. Turned out to be a Goth on inline skates.

There you go. ;)
As a first year student I was in digs that were 'attached' to a Hall of residence which was up a steep hill. 'Attached' meant we could use all the facilities of Hall and take meals there (apart from breakfast). One dinner per week was deemed to be 'formal', which meant we had to wear gowns (usually over our jeans, sweaters, etc!).

If I was returning to digs on my bike after dinner I liked to see if I could manage it without pedalling. The slope was favourable, but there was a road to cross and a set of traffic lights to negotiate, which meant I only actually succeeded two or three times. One such time I was still wearing my gown, which blew out in the wind Superman style, but as far as I know I wasn't ever mistaken for anything supernatural, rushing silently past garden hedges!
I was working as catering staff in a pub in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, and on this particular morning we were all meandering about getting things ready for the lunch time rush ( my boss Phil and his wife Alison, the chef the cellar person and myself). I was sorting out the back bar shortly after opening whilst every one-else was having the obligatory fag break at the end of the bar, and in the back bar mirrors I saw an old lady(I'd say approx 60-70) walk to the end of the pub and sit in the last alcove( semicircular benched areas the backs of which; when seated came to about shoulder height on the average person).

When iI finished what I was doing i walked to the bar hatch, which was situated at the front of the pub, and directly in front of the only public access to the pub. Only just realising that I had not heard the till being opened, I enquired as to who had served the old lady at the top end of the pub - I must point out at the pub was quite small and that you could see all of it very clearly - to be met with looks of bewilderment. "What old lady they all asked?" "That old lady" I replied as I turned to point to where i had seen her sit down, and where she now wasn't. Convinced she had gone to the ladies I went to investigate - no old lady.

As everyone pointed out to me, there was no way that she would have been able to enter the pub without being seen by them as they were all sat directly in front of the only public access. They all still think i was winding them up, but i saw her as clearly ( unfortunately) as i see myself in the mirror.
which pub???? which pub?????? which pub??????

In Nantwich, the Red Cow opposite the bus station is s'posed to be heavily haunted too.
the pub dear Escargot was called "Quenchers" and i worked there from approx 1990 to 1994. I believe that it was once called "The Gaiety" (circa 1940/50), although i believe it is now called "The MIllionaires Bar" or sommat. Its across from the shopping centre with the "Ice Man " on the side, in fact it faces it...........if you know where that is
Thank you dear outlaw Angel, I know that area very well and will shortly visit for a warming libation with spirit chaser!
I also once saw a phantom vehicle (this seems to be the thread to post it.) My father was bringing me home from college one weekend. To say the least, he never lets the conversation lag... So we were going over a patch of road that rather represented a sine wave. As we crested one hill, I saw an approaching car cresting two hills down. We were chattering away, but when we crested the next hill, the conversation just sort of stopped. No car. No more than 5 seconds lapsed from sighting to disappearence, and absolutely no place for the approaching car to go or hide. We went on in silence for a few seconds, then one of us said, "Did you...", answered immediately by "Yes, yes I did". But within about a minute or two the conversation picked up again, and the incident was not forgotted, but filed away.
Saw a ghost Tuesday morning-
was on work at 7am so left the house at 6:40. I swa a woman in a long pale coat walk toward me along the footpath, carrying something. I glanced down at my car keys and when I looked up, she'd gone!!! Nowhere for her to hide: just plain vanished.
I've never seen a ghost, but (theres always a but) I have been shocked by one. When the British Library was still in the British Museum building one of my jobs was to collect manuscripts for binding. This involved going into many of the stacks. There was one room in the White Wing that everyone loathed going to because it was haunted and the spirit was quite malevolent. Lights would fail, ladders would fall, books were never touched.

One day I had to collect a particular book from that stack. On top of some steps, about 10 ft up the cord for one of the lights kept getting in my way and it started to become very cold. The the step-ladder I was on started rocking from side to side and no it was not the floor or my own weight shaking it It felt exactly like someone was trying to push me off and I found the cord from the light was wrapped round my neck. Luckily the volume I wanted was to hand so I grabbed it unwrapped the lighting cord and came down like all the devils in hell were after me.

At the time I had worked for 2 or 3 years in Mss and was well used to working on ladders, steps etc and that is the only time I ever felt less than safe.
My BF had a strange encounter in the spring. I sent a full account, dates etc., to FT IHTM but it wasn't used.

He works at Mintons in Stoke on Trent and had to go into a basement, down a long narrow corridor with a locked door. He went up and down this corridor several times fetching equipment and locked the doors each time. The corridor is too narrow to allow anyone to pass him, and he had the key anyway, but the last time that day he went down there was a large heavy lifting trolley placed squarely in his way. It would have taken two strong men to move it that quick and it wouldn't have moved at all quietly. BF decided to climb over it but had to ask for help to move it on his way back as he was carrying too much and it was in the way. It was eventually lugged back to where it came from, up the corridor and round a corner, and BF was told of the building's reputation. Nobody likes the corridor and the room at the end just petrifies people, being the scene of a gruesome suicidal hanging.

Didn't scare the BF though, the Devil himself can't do that.......
Well this is your bog-standard ghost encounter in afraid, so people expecting bells and whistes might as well read another post :blah:

When I was about 5, I woke up one night at what must have been around 2am. I was generally a good sleeper, but for some reason on that night I woke early. I lay on my bed facing the door as ever, and before me was this figure in a night dress. I was sure that it was my sister, so i asked her why she was in my room. The figure just stood, silently just smiling at me. Upon second glance, i realised that it wasnt my sister, because the figure looked much older.
Strangely enough, I dozed back to sleep and when I woke in the morning I told my mother of the experience. She looked at me in a very odd way indeed, and went silent. She explained that my great grandmother had died in that very room, and to add to the oddness of the event, my G.Gmthr looked just like my sister (as photos showed).