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Do You Believe In Astrology?

Do you believe in astrology, and are you male or female?

  • Yes I believe in astrolgy and am male.

    Votes: 2 3.1%
  • Yes I believe in astrology and am female.

    Votes: 3 4.6%
  • I am undecided about astrology and am male.

    Votes: 7 10.8%
  • I am undecided about astrology and am female.

    Votes: 3 4.6%
  • I do not believe in astrology and am male.

    Votes: 39 60.0%
  • I do not believe in astrology and am female.

    Votes: 11 16.9%

  • Total voters

There was a study I'm reading about at the moment which postulated that the predominant traits of each star sign (which were divided into "extroverted" and "introverted") are determined, not by the movement of the planets or the constellations, but by radiation from the sun. According to this study, as the sun rotates it emits an alternating cycle of positively and negatively charged electrons (due apparently to it's magnetic field) which then have an effect on the Earth's magnetic field and cause certain changes in a foetus's development. Thus you have a cycle of alternately "positive - extroverted" and "negative - introverted" star signs.

I'm not sure how valid this study was (it was first undertaken by astrologer Jeff Mayo with the noted psychologist Hans Eysenck, but subsequently taken up by Maurice Cotterell, who by the sounds of it had some trouble convincing "established" scientists to believe his various theories) and I'm unsure as to quite how they determined whether a sign is positive or negative (other than asking people whether they viewed themselves as extro- or introverted) but it's a fascinating read anyway.

I'm reading it as part of a study of the Maya called The Mayan Prophecies by Adrian Gilbert, but you can also find Cotterell's more detailed work on it in his own book Astrogenetics.

NB. I'm a Cancerian, and definitely introverted, so I've always thought there may be something in it, but then other Cancerians who I've met are not as introverted so who knows... :confused:
I suspect that the female susceptibility to belief in astrology is due to the fact that every female has a monthly swat in the face about the influence of the moon.

Hasn't it been proven that there are subtle gravitiational influences exerted by every celestial body in the solar system? Astronomers find so-called "dark masses" and invisible planets simply by measuring the effects they have on neighboring star systems.

Sounds pretty logical to me: gravitational pull most measurably affects bodies of water, human bodies are 55-60% water, and our brains are suspended in liquid. Why would there NOT be an effect?

Also, it's been theorized that more primitive peoples, with less of a daily deluge of informational and sensory input would be more sensitive to (1) emotional states (2) physical traits (3) physical weaknesses and (4) mental strengths, all of which are purportedly determined by the time/place of your birth.
Re: Astrogenetics

MadCat said:
I'm a Cancerian, and definitely introverted, so I've always thought there may be something in it, but then other Cancerians who I've met are not as introverted so who knows... :confused:

Yep, that's me too. I like to hide in my shell a bit too much. lol
I have a book about the star sign Cancer and so much of it was true of me. It even said an ideal occupation would be a teacher!

I don't believe horoscopes though, unless it's something nice. If it's nasty then I just think what nonsense it is. ;)
Fallen Angel said:
Sounds pretty logical to me: gravitational pull most measurably affects bodies of water, human bodies are 55-60% water, and our brains are suspended in liquid. Why would there NOT be an effect?
There is but it's probably vanishingly small. Gravity is actually a very weak force unless you're dealing with masses on a planetary scale in a reasonably close (in astronomical terms) proximity. The idea that Pluto's position can affect gravity such that it changes someone's personality and perhaps fate is somewhat unlikely.
I haven't voted in the poll, I've been impressed enough with a personal reading to suspect there's something in it, though celestial gravitational effects are probably not it. This is a personal opinion.
I find it interesting that no one has mentioned Chinese astrology. In Chinese astrology, I was born in the year of the Tiger, with the element of water. Water Tigers tend to be aggressive, independent, emotional, philosophical, and sexually magnetic.

Besides emotional I swear I don't see any of those traits, but I read those to a friend and she was like, "Yes, yes, yes yes YES, you're definitely a Water Tiger". However, the cynical part of me says that if I had read a list of 5 other traits, she woiuld have said yes to all those too.

Has anyone else investigated Chinese astrology at all? If you want to find your sign/element, go to this site.
I'm a water tiger too, married to a water rabbit/cat.
My sister (born same day, different year) is an Earth dog. Ha! I knew it. None of us is like the description, except Hubcap, or rabbitman, as he's also known. (Does whatever a rabbit can....)
Dark Detective said:
There is (an effect) but it's probably vanishingly small.

Tell that to a woman with severe PMS. Then jump back quickly.
Thanks for the link, Fallen. I love reading things like that.
I'm a water rat. I like what it says:
talkative, social charmer, writer, critic, highly intelligent :)D), reflective, sensitive, quick mind, intuitive, calm and sedate nature. :)
A long article here about Sydney Omar, astrologer to Nancy Reagan, and about other top American politicos and astrology.
As for Ronald Reagan, like Calvin Coolidge, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt before him, astrology appeared to be tied into life itself, and important decisions required at least a quick glance to the stars. The Philadelphia Inquirer, for example, insisted that "the signing of the U.S. Soviet treaty eliminating medium-range nuclear missiles" had been signed at 1:30 p.m. on December 8, 1987 based on advise from an astrologer. In addition, many papers reported the story that Ronald Reagan had postponed his inauguration 9 minutes as governor of California till 12:10 a.m. on January 2, 1967 based on astrology calculations.

Reagan became noted as being one of the few governors to actually sign astrology legislation when on August 30, 1974, as Governor of California, he signed legislation which became Chapter 583, and added Section 50027 to the government Code, relating to astrology. The legislation removed Sacramento licensed astrologers from the category of fortune tellers, thus allowing them to practice their trade for compensation.
I'm a snake in Chinese asrology , I used to think that wasn't a good thing to be til I found out the snake represents sensuality to the Chinese ;)
I'm an Earth Monkey. (Knew about the Monkey bit, but not the Earth. How close is that to a Stone Monkey?)

The Monkey is the eternal child, youthful and clever. These highly multifaceted and intelligent souls are 'irrepressible.' Monkeys are quick, restless, enterprising, and sexual. Mischievous and high-spirited, Monkeys are social, active, convincing, and are gifted with a hilarious sense of humor. The best time of day for the Monkey is between 3:00pm - 5:00pm.
The nature of Monkey was "Irrepressible!!!!"
I don't know about the social or active bits, though. Between 3pm and 5pm is good, because that's when I leave work.

Also, note the "hilarious sense of humour" there. That means every one of you who fails to laugh at my jokes is angering the gods. You can't fight the power of the Chinese Astrologers.

Earth is the humid afternoon element, the symbol of the protected, padded nest, of peace and serenity; of slow and deep changes. Those born under the Earth element are more concerned with functional and practical aspects of life. They have exceptional practical powers and like solid and reliable objectives. The Earth endows each sign with more foresight and capacity for organization, and Earth element people are effective masterminds and creative executives. Stability, practicality, and reliability characterize those influenced by the Earth element. Earth allows each sign to use optimum resources and make wise and sensible in financial decisions. Those under this influence are serious and methodical in manner, building solid foundations in all that they do. Earth souls tend to be conservative by nature, and rarely exaggerate findings, calculations and expectations. The Earth element shoulders responsibilities admirably and demonstrates huge amounts of patience, whether it be with a hyperactive two year old, or a difficult spouse. Earth's' physical organs are the Spleen and the Stomach; it's flavor is Sweet. Earth's color is Yellow and corresponds to the end of Summer and humidity.
If my element is humid, then why can't I stand Summer in Brisbane? And I don't look good in Yellow either.
Male and voted no

Us Capricorns aren't taken in by all that crap
When anyone asks me my star sign, I like to reply Ophiuchus.

(although I never did find out which actual dates this would cover - anyone know?)
I'd like to believe this bit of my forecast for this week:

"You'll recognize the person who's ready to share your life and make you happy."

I could be a convert to this kind of thing if it happened! lol :rolleyes:
Just looked at the Chinese Horoscope and I'm a Water Dragon (seems a bit of a contradiction to me . . .)

Ooo today's forecast:

"This astral climate will bring you moments which are pleasant, romantic and warm. Trips and contacts in general will be favored. "

Shame I don't have the time to go anywhere! :rolleyes:

And next week:

"A secret happiness, a profound and fascinating attraction will light up your emotional life. "

Could be interesting, if I believed it. *ahem*
I think I'll be selective in what I believe in this stuff: believe the good stuff, and dismiss the negative bits. ;)

Birthsign Cancer BTW.
Spooky angel said:
I think I'll be selective in what I believe in this stuff: believe the good stuff, and dismiss the negative bits. ;)

Birthsign Cancer BTW.
I thought that was the whole point to Astrology. You believe the good stuff, and only pay attention to the bad stuff when it happens to have been right. That way you always remember when it predicted things correctly, and not when it fails.

I had a joke about your birthsign, but I've decided it was in bad taste. And now I've mentioned it, I have managed to make sure it will never be funny. Assuming of course, that it would have been in the first place.
In the days leading up to the 2000 presidential election, most pundits were predicting an intensely close -- but conclusive -- finish to the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

But Susan Miller went on Bryant Gumbel's morning show the day before the election and posited that there were some long uncertain days of counting and recounting ahead.

Nope. Miller is a well-known astrologer, and she had divined her prediction from the skies. As the election drew to its controversial close, the planet Mercury was in the final stages of what astrologers call retrograde -- when a planet, from our perspective on Earth, appears to change its normal path across the night sky and go backward -- or east to west -- for a few days or weeks. Nothing changes in the planet's orbit; retrograde is merely an optical illusion. Yet, tracing the path of a planet in retrograde on a star map over the course of a few nights makes it look like it's doing a zigzag.

Because many astrologists consider Mercury to be the planet of communication, shipping, contracts and verbal agreements, they associate Mercury's thrice-yearly retrograde -- including the current period of Aug. 28 to Sept. 20 -- with all manner of wacky happenings here on Earth, including a penchant in people for indecision.

Of course, there's no scientific proof (and plenty of disdain) that an optical phenomenon has any effect on Earth (you may be beaten senseless by an astronomer for suggesting such). But astrology is big business, and it's during times like Mercury in retrograde that astrologers become stars.

"When Mercury is in retrograde, it's strong all the time, but it's strongest at the very beginning and at the very end," says Miller, who remembers that Election Day 2000 was the last day of that particular Mercury-in-retrograde cycle. "On the day of the presidential election, Mercury was going back to normal. It was going direct. But the whole day, it was in stationary direct, and it was extremely strong."

Politics aside, to many astrology devotees, Mercury in retrograde means an increased likelihood of disrupted cell-phone service, faulty TVs, misdirected mail and even contract cancellations.

"The traditional meaning assigned to Mercury going retrograde in the sky is that of unexpected delays and frustrations in everyday life routines and in communications," says Anthony Peña, About.com's astrology expert. "Many astrologers likewise recommend delaying of the signing of contracts and other important life decisions. It is thought to be a time better spent in reflection and rethinking things."

Miller, who writes the Signs of Love column for the New York Daily News, and who also runs AstrologyZone.com, agrees. "It's not a good time to get married, and I'm really glad that J. Lo (and Ben Affleck) decided to wait," she says. "I'm really happy that they put the date off. The situation is very fluid at the time of making the contract. You would have made a different decision had you waited."
There's another page of this stuff, for those who want to delve deeper!
Rynner, have you been able to find a transcript for the story? Just curious to understand the context of what is being claimed. (I've done a search but turned up nothing.)
There was a story in the popular press a few years ago claiming that motor insurance company statistics proved that some star signs were considerably more likely to have accidents than others, and which backed it up with the said stats. Sagitarians were the safest drivers, and (I think) Aries were the most dangerous.
In actuality, they had failed to take the sample sizes into account, and as considerably more people are born in some months than in others, this was skewing the results.

Then there was a stage magician who I recall seeing on The Secret Cabaret. He offered to draw up charts for people who sent him their birth details, with the proviso that the time was optional but that it would be more specific if they provided it. He claimed that the participants who provided a date said the result was 'accurate' and that those who also provided a time said it was 'very accurate'. Then he revealed that they'd all been sent the same chart, which was actually for Bluebeard!

Btw if we're counting Pluto as an astrological object, what about all the other Kuiper belt objects? And erm, the Oort cloud?
BlackRiverFalls said:
Btw if we're counting Pluto as an astrological object, what about all the other Kuiper belt objects? And erm, the Oort cloud?
Whilst trying to hunt dow the transcript for the Susan Miller predictions, I came across this site which might answer your questions. ;) :)

It has a large list of named asteroids with their "astrological significance" identified. Here's a few tasters...

Asteroid 8990 Compassion was discovered on February 19, 1980, at Klet Observatory in Ceske Budovice, Czech Republic, and the credit for its discovery has been assigned to the observatory.

Astrologically, asteroid Compassion pretty much means what it says—compassion; sympathy; the desire to help and comfort; love for people by virtue of being people.

Asteroid 7328 Casanova was discovered on September 20, 1984.

Astrologically, Casanova gets much, if not all, of its influence from the reputation of its namesake... Which is to say that Casanova indicates pleasure in its most self-centered, amoral and uncaring form.

Asteroid 9949 Brontosaurus was discovered on September 22, 1990.

Astrologically, Brontosaurus indicates voraciousness, excessiveness, wildness.

Asteroid 6042 Cheshirecat was discovered on November 23, 1990.

Astrologically, Cheshirecat means "always grinning":

Asteroid 6735 Madhatter was discovered on November 23, 1992.

It is this that seems to give rise to Madhatter's astrological meaning, madness.

Hmmmm.... ;)
*looks utterly stunned*

I was just sat there smoking a fag and thinking about starting a Carroll thread 'cos the last few weeks I just keep coming across Alice references ~everywhere~, then I came back to the board and the first thing I read is your post.
Just checked, these are actually officially approved names, not just one of those dumb star registry things where they charge £n to put your selection on their database (Me, skeptical, never).

For a full list of asteroid names:


Following the link to its parent directories gives information on naming conventions.
Jobbo said:
When anyone asks me my star sign, I like to reply Ophiuchus.

(although I never did find out which actual dates this would cover - anyone know?)
30th November - 17th December.

Ask me another!