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Las Vegas Alleged Third Kind Close Encounter

To prove to this section of town there is not an alien invasion and all is safe, police have put up security cameras.

NASA has been very critical of this situation claiming people shouldn’t get crazy over a shooting star in the sky.
The DailyMail reports this family has been harassed by crazies, alien hunters, and thrill seekers coming onto their property looking for E.T.

So, how do you stop this activity, move out and by another home ?
I have tried twice to watch this but i find it very irritating how he keeps leaning forward and playing with something, I give up.

He's reading from a script or notes on his phone. He leans forward to scroll it up.

@Zeke Newbold - You asked a couple of times about remnants found of the meteor(ite). I was lucky enough to see a similar fireball (actually probably a more spectacular one) about 7 years ago. I could have sworn it was so close it was going to land within a few miles. I later saw on the news the same meteor had been spotted across the UK and Ireland - the scale is quite deceptive when it's the one big burny thing in an otherwise black sky.
I saw a firey ball quite a few years ago, i reported it on one of those sites that you do that on, now my minds a total blank as to which one it was, seen in the East Midlands., looked like it was heading for the park or ASDA, could it have been a click and collect?
Can't remember hearing any noise from it either, sneaky meteor

I like that the one person does suggest that they saw raccoons because raccoon eyes glow in dark. The family try to say it is not because of size. However, raccoons can be quite large up close.

Raccoons are common around here and I know the approximate size, but I was very surprised when I opened my back deck door when hearing a noise one night. The raccoon was on its hind legs trying to get into my metal garbage can. It was probably about 30" tall, but that being almost half as tall as I, and up close, it looked BIG!

I can't see why raccoons would be on equipment, but it's not improbable. Also, I do suspect that there may have been someone trying to steal the equipment.