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  1. Yithian

    Canal Ghosts & Water-Wights By Nick Ford (2023)

    As promised on the New & Soon To Be Published thread, I am providing a preview for the above named book. My first impressions are positive: it's quite a heavy paperback with modern (high-friction plastic coated) covers that runs to 232 pages despite the fairly large typeface. Although some of...
  2. Amergin

    Rupert Sheldrake Talk

    This will be of interest to fans of Rupert Sheldrake - a talk he is giving on Thursday 7th March, 6 pm to 7 pm: ‘Rethinking Consciousness:Setting Science Free’ Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, FREE WEBINAR https://webinars.advaya.life/rupert-sheldrake
  3. ramonmercado

    Cuban Spying Case Shocks U.S. Government

    Was this high ranking US diplomat a Cuban spy for 40 years? The Cuban spying case that has shocked the US government Published 13 hours ago Manuel Rocha, a former US ambassador to Bolivia, is accused of acting as a Cuban agent for more than 40 years By Will Grant BBC News, Havana When...
  4. blessmycottonsocks

    Papua New Guinea Cryptid Research Organization

    A native Papuan - Rex Yapi has founded a cryptozoological group. His forum currently only has 250 members so, if you're on Facebook, you may wish to sign on and support his endeavours. Papua New Guinea is one of the best chances we have for discovering unknown creatures or creatures thought to...
  5. AnonyJ

    Eight-Year-Old British Girl Wins Female European Chess Title At Championships

    Bodhana Sivanandan, from Harrow wins the Female Blitz Chess title in Croatia; Bodhana only began playing the game aged five during the pandemic. She's one to watch in future events! From https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-67770604 "An eight-year-old girl has been crowned best female...
  6. AnonyJ

    Man Is Caught Smuggling Otters And A Prairie Dog In His Pants

    Poor wee creatures! It's a step up from 'budgie smugglers' to be sure. From https://metro.co.uk/2023/12/08/man-attempts-smuggle-two-otters-a-prairie-dog-trousers-19949022/?ico=mosaic_weird "A tourist tried to smuggle two otters and a dog out of Thailand by hiding them in his trousers. The...
  7. AnonyJ

    Family Find Juvenile Owl Living In Their Christmas Tree

    Luckily, no harm seems to have been caused and the young owl was released into wide blue yonder via the family's back garden! From https://news.sky.com/story/family-find-baby-owl-living-in-christmas-tree-13031464 "...Every year the White family of Lexington, Kentucky, pick their own tree and...
  8. AnonyJ

    Whitby Pub Appeals For Return Of Stolen 'Mummy'

    The as-yet unnamed mummy decoration was stolen from The Endeavour public house over the annual Goth Weekend at Hallowe'en From https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-67727151 "A pub landlady has said she wants her "mummy" back after it was stolen on Halloween. The prop was...
  9. Swifty

    Bilaterally Gynandromorphic Green Honeycreeper

    This bird is half male, half female. ' A striking and extremely rare half female, half male bird has been spotted by a University of Otago zoologist. Sesquicentennial Distinguished Professor Hamish Spencer. Sesquicentennial Distinguished Professor Hamish Spencer was holidaying in Colombia...
  10. Aydee_Aitchdee

    Spirit Rave?

    Found this on Facebook, wanted to hear what you all thought (Mods, move to appropriate thread if a better place exists)
  11. lordmongrove

    Kids Destroy Million-Pound House Whilst Hunting For Ghost

    Kids may have destroyed a $1.5M home with chainsaws and axes because it's 'supposed to have a ghost,' one of their dads said https://www.insider.com/father-of-child-ransacked-home-says-they-thought-its-haunted-2023-11
  12. maximus otter

    Samurai Trash Collectors Clean Tokyo Streets After Halloween Revels

    Trash collectors in samurai costumes took to Tokyo's streets on Wednesday, theatrically wielding garbage tongs and flicking litter left from an evening of Halloween revelry into wicker baskets on their backs. Dressed in hats and boldly patterned black-and-white tunics, the group, known as...
  13. Yithian

    Folklands Exhibition: Wivenhoe, 27 Oct to 1 Nov 2023

  14. maximus otter

    Couple Spooked By Dog-Cam Pictures Hooded Figure Chasing Their Pet

    A couple claim their old house could be home to a real-life Paranormal Activity - after their dog was caught on camera fleeing a tall 'floating' figure dressed in white. Victoria Hepworth was dog-sitting her sister's one-year-old black Labrador Kiwi at their home last week when she spotted a...
  15. maximus otter

    Highland Clan Chief’s Hoard Of Coins Discovered In Glencoe

    A hoard of coins believed to have belonged to a Highland clan chief who was murdered in the Glencoe Massacre were discovered hidden under a fireplace during an archaeological dig. The 17th century hoard of 36 coins included international currency, and was hidden beneath the remains of a grand...
  16. blessmycottonsocks

    The Death Of Yevgeny Prigozhin (Wagner PMC)

    Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin may have died in plane crash north of Moscow, according to breaking news on Sky just now.
  17. Floyd

    Mushroom Lunch Deaths: Family Meal Mystery In Australia

    Two Saturdays ago, five people sat down for a family meal in a tiny Australian town. Within a week, three would be dead, a fourth fighting for life, and the fifth under investigation for potentially poisoning her guests with wild mushrooms. But the 48-year-old woman who cooked the lunch says...
  18. Min Bannister

    Man Finds 8,000 Year Old Dolphin Bones In Garden

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-66361506 What an amazing story! He was digging a pool for his children when he struck a bone. More details at the link.
  19. Yithian

    Koreans Hospitalised By Mysterious Yellow Parcels From Taiwan

    Authorities temporarily suspend suspicious international parcels on safety concerns 21:05 July 21, 2023 SEOUL, July 21 (Yonhap) -- The Postal Service temporarily suspended suspicious international packages, as concerns were growing over some random parcels that might contain an unspecified...
  20. maximus otter

    Doctors Re-Attach Head To Boy Decapitated By Car

    Doctors have reconnected a 12-year-old boy’s skull to his body after he suffered “internal decapitation” in a freak car accident. Medics in Jerusalem, Israel, say they performed the “extremely rare” operation on Suleiman Hassan after a car knocked him off his bike. Suleiman is pictured with...
  21. taras

    Conspiracy At The Grocery Store

    People in Pennsylvania finding this note: ...inside things they buy at the shops. In a pack of butter (this week) In a box of crackers (9 months ago) In a packet of Pocky (2 years ago) More (3 years ago) The text and layout of the notes varies slightly but is broadly the same message...
  22. maximus otter

    Woman Has Meltdown Over ‘Not Real’ Passenger On Flight

    A woman aboard an American Airlines flight caused quite the scene when she was caught on camera freaking out and heading for the exit over an apparent passenger she said was “not real.” The bizarre, expletive-laden meltdown that went viral Monday reportedly occurred as the flight was preparing...
  23. Yithian

    Ancient Magical Texts To Be Studied By Cadre Of Professors

    ANCIENT MAGICAL TEXTS TO BE STUDIED IN UNPRECEDENTED DEPTH BY CADRE OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS CHRISTOPHER PLAIN·JUNE 30, 2023 A team of German university professors has set up a specialized center dedicated to researching and understanding ancient magic and magical texts, with a focus on the...
  24. Yithian

    World's Deepest Hotel Opens In Wales

    World's Deepest Hotel Opens In Wales United Kingdom's Go Below offers adventure-packed cave tours in North Wales. But what made the company world famous is the unique accommodation set 1,375 feet (419 meters) below the ground level in an abandoned Victorian slate mine. Snowdonia's disused...
  25. maximus otter

    Mysterious Rocket Found Off Irish Coast With No Explanation Where It Came From

    It’s not every day that fishermen find the remains of a rocket stuck in their net. However, that is precisely what happened to a group of Cork fishermen earlier this year. Remarkably, the origins of the rocket are still shrouded in mystery as the launch it was thought to have been from has since...
  26. Yithian

    GP Denies Giving Woman Cups Of Coffee Containing His Own Semen

    Apart from the puerile appeal of the headline, I am not sure what to make of his alleged medical condition. A Somerset doctor who denies putting his semen into a cup of coffee he made for a woman acquaintance believes it was done as a practical joke by somebody else at his expense, a jury heard...
  27. Paul_Exeter

    Strange Creature Filmed In Water, South Carolina

    "A South Carolina resident was left scratching their head when they spotted a mysterious creature that some have likened to a submerged bird swimming in the water near a bridge" https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/watch-mystery-creature-filmed-swimming-near-bridge-in-south-carolina/
  28. Yithian

    Mumbai Dead-Rat Hunt Leads To Something Far Worse

    STORY NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED Stench made neighbours look for dead rat Sandhya Nair / TNN / Jun 9, 2023, 03:28 IST MUMBAI: Foul smell prompted three neighbours of Sane (46), accused of killing his live-in partner and chopping and pressure cooking her body in his Mira Roadflat, to scan their...
  29. maximus otter

    Prehistoric Stones At Carnac Destroyed For D.I.Y. Store

    Rennes (France) (AFP) – Around 40 standing stones thought to have been erected by prehistoric humans 7,000 years ago have been destroyed near a famed archaeological site in northwest France to make way for a DIY store, an angry local historian has revealed. The stones in Carnac were between...
  30. stu neville

    Las Vegas Alleged Third Kind Close Encounter

    This is interesting not least for the amount of coverage it's getting...
  31. maximus otter

    Animal Carcass Washed Ashore On Donmouth Beach Sparks Concern

    A washed-up animal on Donmouth Beach has sparked concerns after dog footprints were spotted nearby. Serena Rae, from Bridge of Don, had been taking a stroll on the beach on Tuesday when she came across the mysterious dead animal. “I was a bit scared as I have never seen a dead animal like...
  32. maximus otter

    Canadian Nurse Catches Witches Holding Carcass-Eating Ritual On Security Camera

    Terrified nurse catches ‘naked witches eating carcass’ in haunting CCTV after setting up cam in back garden Corinea Stanhope found a dead deer at the bottom of her garden in Powell River, Canada, and decided to set up a trail camera to see if it would attract any animals at night. But what...
  33. MrRING

    British SF Conventions Volume 1: 1937-1951

    Thought some folks might have an interest in this volume: https://taff.org.uk/ebooks.php?x=UKcons1
  34. Mythopoeika

    Manhole Weirdness

    Bouncing manhole cover in Denver: The sheer amount of air pressure required to do this... what is going on? Is Denver airport testing out their secret pneumatic train system?
  35. Yithian

    India Official Drains Entire Dam To Retrieve Phone

    India official drains entire dam to retrieve phone By Mattea Bubalo BBC News It took three days to pump millions of litres of water out of the dam, after Rajesh Vishwas dropped the device while taking a selfie. By the time it was found, the phone was too water-logged to work. Mr Vishwas...
  36. maximus otter

    Mystery Emerges As ‘UFO Is Spotted’ On The Other Side Of The Moon In Wild Video

    UNIDENTIFIED flying objects have been spotted floating near the moon in footage posted to TikTok. At least two white aircraft, one of which was notably smaller than the other, can apparently be seen in the video. Although one object remains static, another appears to disappear behind the...
  37. ramonmercado

    Transplant Patient Sees Own Heart On Display At Museum

    Yiu take my heart away. Transplant patient sees own heart go on display at museum Published 30 minutes ago Share IMAGE SOURCE, TOM EVANS Image caption, Jennifer Sutton's heart is on display at the Hunterian Museum in London By Toby Wadey BBC News A woman has visited her own heart at a...
  38. ramonmercado

    Rare Rainbow Sea Slug Found In Falmouth Rock Pool

    A rare rock pool find Rare rainbow sea slug found in Falmouth rock pool Published 2 hours ago I MAGE SOURCE, VICKY BARLOW Image caption, Vicky Barlow was looking around the pools of Falmouth when she found the rainbow sea slug A rock pooler has found a rare sea slug while searching around...
  39. Yithian

    Author Of Children's Book On Grieving Charged With Husband's Murder

    Utah author of book on grieving death charged with murder By SAM METZ SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — After her husband died last year, she wrote a children’s book on grief. Now she’s charged with his murder. Kouri Richins was arrested on Monday in Utah and is accused in charging documents of poisoning...
  40. ramonmercado

    Comic Book Festival Dublin—Issue #8: 17-20 May 2023

    Comic Book Festival Dublin Issue #8: 17-20 May 2023 Fête de l'Illustration & de la Bande Dessinée Alliance Française Dublin , Illustrators Ireland and the French Embassy in Irelandare proud to celebrate the 8th Anniversary of their partnership in presenting the Fête de l ’illustration & de...
  41. R

    Innsmouth Literary Festival Bedford Sept 30th

    Saturday, 30th September 2023. King's House Bedford 245 Ampthill Road Bedford MK42 9AZ. 10:00-17:00. The first ever Innsmouth Literary Festival celebrates the centenary of Weird Tales magazine and weird and speculative fiction in general. There are three main areas: The Auditorium – panel...
  42. Yithian

    Rash Of Mile-High Urine Attacks

    On New York-Delhi flight again, man urinates on co-flyer INDIA (Apr 25, 2023, 02:58 IST) NEW DELHI: A person flying on Sunday night allegedly urinated on a co-passenger and was handed over to the cops on landing in the capital on Sunday night. In this case too, the accused was inebriated when...
  43. Yithian

    Indian Woman Abandoned Over Mango Juice

    A story that is at once tragic and ludicrous. ================================== Navrangpura Woman Abandoned Over Mango Juice CITY / TNN / Updated: Apr 24, 2023, 05:30 IST AHMEDABAD: A 29-year-old woman from the Navrangpura area of the city on Saturday filed a complaint with Paldi police...
  44. maximus otter

    Nasa Says Flash Over Kyiv Was Not Its Satellite

    A mysterious flash that lit up the skies over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv generated much speculation. Officials in Kyiv said they suspected it was a Nasa satellite falling to Earth but the US space agency told the BBC it was still in orbit. The Ukrainian air force suggested the flash might...
  45. maximus otter

    Four Kenyans, Told Their Work On Earth Was Done, Fast To Death, Police Say

    Fifteen "radicalised" Kenyan Christians were rescued on Friday from a fast which began after they were told they were going to meet their maker, but four died during the rescue mission, police said. All 15 were members of the Good News International Church in the coastal county of Kilifi...
  46. maximus otter

    Vatican Academy Will Probe 'Mystical Phenomena' Around The World

    A Vatican academy is set to investigate 'mystical phenomena' around the world including 'weeping' statues of the Virgin Mary, stigmata and ghost sightings under plans for a new dedicated observatory. The Pontifical Mariana International Academy (PAMI), which describes itself as a scientific...
  47. MrRING

    Bovine Blast Obliterates 18,000 Cows

  48. maximus otter

    Model In UFO Mystery As Bizarre Craft Flies Past Her Plane At 20,000’

    A MODEL has spurred a UFO probe as a bizarre craft was seen flying past her airplane at 20,000ft in crystal-clear footage. Valentina Rueda Velez from Colombia captured the moment the object zoomed past her cockpit window. Footage showed the plane flying in perfect conditions with blue skies...
  49. Paul_Exeter

    Guardian (UK) Article On The Popularity Of UFO Podcasts

    "In the last five years, the number of podcasts investigating aliens, UFOs, the esoteric and the inexplicable has exploded on to the internet like a meteor shower" https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2023/apr/07/ufo-podcasts-thunderbeat-johnny-vaughan-high-strange-chinwag-paul-giamatti
  50. MrRING

    Man Shot For Refusing To Drag Race

    It happened right here in Atlanta: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/man-refuses-race-car-interstate-atlanta-shot-police-searching-suspect/FON6KMLZJRFNJJBABQCVP2NJ3Q/