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Necrolog (Deaths Of Folks Who Had Impact On The Fortean World)

She was a very sweet lady, but she did go beyond reporting the stories to opining about them. Her ideas were not well developed. She once presented that certain dogs had evolved to be bipedal which could be an explanation for dogman sightings. She also did a lot to promote the paranormal view of cryptids, and particularly, a Christian view. Many dogman tales have an occult color.

She sounds a tad dogmatic.
There is no evolutionary precendent i can think of for making dogs bipedal aside from Dr Moreau having a hand in it! I think the early Bray Road reports, like the creature dragging a dead deer of a truck was a black bear with mange. They do look really weird without hair.
That particular story is SO GREAT. I love it. Imagine seeing that happening in your rearview mirror! Guaranteed freak out no matter who you are.
I think the early Bray Road reports, like the creature dragging a dead deer of a truck was a black bear with mange. They do look really weird without hair.



maximus otter
Great loss to Forteana and all his many friends. He’s been around since I first was on the interwebs. I think we first became internet friends on the original primenet Forteana email list. We ran into each in person at various unPissup events in London during the late 90s / early 2000s and have been friends / acquaintances ever since. Sharp wit and a great photographer. He will be sadly missed. RIP mate.
It was always an aim.to make McNally laugh, because to do so meant you were doing something right - alas, never met in the flesh but spoke often in the ether and usually about TV. In fact, he and I were both engaged in a wider conversation on Twitter just yesterday morning, about the 35th anniversary of Mr Jolly Lives Next Door. You can never tell. A very sad loss. RIP.
Christopher Fowler, author of the Bryant and May series has passed away.


Aside from the obvious Fortean themes in his novels, he was a longtime fan of Fortean Times. The magazine often popped up in his books and they were full of trivia and ephemera about London.

On a personal note, he supported my initial "Save the Forums" tweets, and I tweeted him a picture of a BBQ joint in Kansas I found on a road trip, that was named after Arthur Bryant. Imagine my surprise when it popped up in the final book!

One of the great English fiction writers. RIP.

I have just heard of the sudden passing of Scott Carpenter, intrepid Bigfoot and Dogman researcher, from a brain aneurism. He was such a great guy, his videos out in the field are what first drew me to cryptozoology.
Scott was a respectful and cheerful guest on many YouTube channels - just look him up - and always found time to chat. He is the author of a number of books which can be found on Amazon, the latest being The Sasquatch Awareness Project.
So many of Scott's family and friends have written on Facebook about their love for him as a man and as a researcher and author so it I thought it only right to say a few words here.
RIP, Scott and keep on studying on the other side. ❤