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Railway Ghosts


Disciple of Marduk
Aug 24, 2001
HM The Tower of London
Today Techy dropped me off at the station and I pointed out the service lift to him. We spotted the lift repair man in his van nearby so after Tech left I popped over to chat with him.

What a sport he turned out to be! I told him about the scariness and he expressed gratitude that he'd only heard about it after spending the bed part of a couple of days in there. :chuckle:

He then kindly took me over to the lift and opened it it for me. It was a bit dusty inside, not surprisingly as it's been (I learned) in and out of commission for a year. Nobody wants to get stuck in there!

I might volunteer to give it a good cleaning and mopping. See what I can flush out. :bthumbup: