The Invention Of Jesus


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Nov 2, 2017
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Just poking around in this older thread and I do have to say: "Harbor a criminal class"? "Not above some dishonesty"? Don't think so and no more than all the other people in the world. "Prefer to see Jews geting promoted"? Not in my observation. Why the Russians persecuted them and they were driven out of other countries? Something to do with wanting the land and accumulated assets probably. And a great target when the people in power were doing a poor job and needed to deflect. And in every society there were a normal number of poor Jews. You can't both see them all as successful merchants, teachers and money-lenders and also enjoy Fiddler on the Roof, which was in fact extremely accurate because my grandmother told me it was. An objectionable lot of unverifiable generalizations in this post.
I have a slavic relative by marriage, and his babushka told me that in the old country in the old days, nobody would marry the Jews because they were gingers, not because they were Jews. I damn near snorted vodka out my nose.