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When the name Crocus City was mentioned I knew it rang a bell but it wasn't until I looked on the map where it was that I realized this was where I commuted to and worked for three months back in 2018.

Yet to hear if anyone I know from the venue, or indirectly through contacts, may have been among those affected by the attack.

A sad connection, as I had nothing but fond memories of this place.
And this one is weird. THere are many such factoids. I don't think it means anything, but we see the birth of conspiracy theories live!

BroSINT 69™ @osint_69 Video from the terrorist attack in Moscow on Friday. What is that guy in blue doing? Why did he push that woman? Why is that woman now hiding down when everyone is trying to evacuate the theater?

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Mykhaïlo Golub @golub
Russians begin to suspect that the Crocus massacre was an inside job by the Russian secret service.

It's about the "men in blue"

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Sparky @1980_sparky
I dunno, maybe they just hiding and then hitting the phone to find out WTF is going on.
I mean that's less interesting than all people in blue are FSB, I get it.
But, people behaving weird in an extreme situation to me does not automatically = grassy knoll territory.

Chrissi @chilichrissy
Everybody else starts moving to get out. He pushes this woman and sit's down quite chilled making a bit videos. Having a couple of times eye contact with an other not stressed blue man. Behavior not normal when panic kicks in.
The other one in the top row also not stressed at all

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What about the woman in yellow? She is just sitting as well.:omg:

And the "men in blue", how do we know the photos haven't been colour enhanced?

And now the conspiracies start, just to obfuscate everything.
Who is 'umbrella man'? Thanks.
Also the 'mysterious' umbrella man at the George Floyd protests in 2020 and protestors with umbrellas in Hong Kong a few years ago.
I recall a children's cartoon series from America in the late 1970's which featured a man with a closed umbrella as a head ...
just sayin'.

Russia Claims It Ignored U.S. Warning of Terror Attack Because It Was ‘Too Vague’

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin claimed Tuesday a warning from U.S. intelligence about the March 22 terrorist attack in Moscow was ignored because it was “too vague.”

“Yes, indeed, the Federal Security Service received certain information from U.S. intelligence agencies that such an unfortunate event is possible,” Naryshkin admitted during a Moscow press briefing.

“However, as our Russian colleagues mentioned, the information was too general and did not allow us to fully identify those who participated in this terrible crime,” Naryshkin said.


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