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This podcast is interesting. He's a retired Boston detective with experience of hundreds of criminal interviews and his insights are very revealing. Give it a goo.
This online article provides additional details on the bases for Lori Vallow's charges and indictments. It was all for the sake of prophecy, you see ...
Death of Charles Vallow was Necessary in Order for Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow to Fulfill Religious Prophecy: Police

Accused triple-murderess Lori Vallow Daybell conspired to kill her fourth husband in order to fulfill a bespoke religious prophecy and clear the way for the marriage to her fifth husband, according to court documents recently released by law enforcement in Arizona. ...
FULL STORY: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profil...-vallow-to-fulfill-religious-prophecy-police/
Prossies seek death for Chad. Inevitably.

The more this goes on, the more I am inclined to consider Chad might be the patsy. He seems kind of a dum dum. He rarely speaks but when he does he sounds like a moron. I reckon it was the Lori and Alex show from go to whoah with Lori driving it all. The many many men in her life, apart from Charles, all look like pussy-dazzled twits.

I'm fascinated by the weirdness of the case. The way these creatures slithered about pretending to be human in the realms of mankind is pretty disturbing. The innocent just chopped into bits for a lunatic agenda with no form or conclusion is just unthinkable. I hope the creators of the inevitable netflix series cast it well and employ a director with a modicum of creative integrity. I really really do.

The strange belief system of the Daybells.

An Idaho couple charged in the murders of children and a former spouse were involved in a cult-like belief system that encompassed "zombies" and "vibrations," according to newly released court documents. The documents use text messages, computer files and interviews with friends and family to offer more insight into the relationship between Lori and Chad Daybell, the Associated Press reported.

Both are charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the deaths of Lori Daybell's children, Joshua "JJ" Vallow and Tylee Ryan, and the death of Chad Daybell's former wife, Tammy Daybell.

Believing in the presence of both good and evil, the Daybells employed a unique scoring system, assigning every person a "light" or "dark" rating to designate whether that individual had made a contract with God or Satan, according to the court documents. They also assigned people a number in reference to how many previous lives they had.

They scored people on a "vibration" scale, with those deemed as having high-enough "vibrations" to have special powers, or be "translated." Additionally, they believed in the existence of "zombies," people whose bodies had been possessed by evil spirits after dying, AP reported.

Lori has finally been ruled competent to stand trial.
Her arraignment hearing is April 22nd.
The trial is set for January 2023.

I've followed this case very closely for two years and heard all sorts of explanations from practicing legal experts. I can field questions about the case if there are any.
This video has a lot of content I've never seen before. Important evidence such as recorded 911 phone calls, police bodycam and interrogation footage. I've been following details through Lauren Matthias' Hidden True Crime channel and East Idaho News. They've had poor quality videos of some of this, but this youtuber has located HQ videos of those interviews and also new items I didn't know were out there. For instance, Chad calls a funeral home and gives a false name to find out about rapid cremation processes and costs. Very dodgy.

That this is all out there surprises me as I imagine the prosecution and/or defence would have requested a lock on such evidence so it doesn't prejudice their case before trial.

The narrator has assembled the 2.5hr video fairly well, but his English is quite poor and muddled in places.

The trial is set for January 2023.
Chad's trial is in January as he waived his right to speedy trial. Lori didn't, so hers is this October, assuming she maintains mental competency. And this after the judge denied separation of their cases.

Confused? :tumble:
An article about Apocalyptic Cults especially the Vallow-Daybell case, there's a book about that cult coming out.

Today was supposed to be the last day of the world, the day four horseman would ride across the sky on sinewy white steeds—sweat and spit falling to Earth like hailstones. If the Book of Revelation was any guide for what the end of the world would look like, I imagined that the bassy cacophony of those hooves would be so thunderous, people everywhere would drop to their knees, clapping hands over ears, horrified and awed by their power. The clouds—red and towering higher than we ever knew the sky could go—would part like the Red Sea to make way for the bringers of our doom.

It is 7:02 pm Pacific Standard Time on July 22, 2020, and the world has not ended. Yet. I do not think that it will, but doomsday author-turned-doomsday prophet Chad Daybell and his wife, former beauty queen and mother Lori Vallow Daybell, believed today was the day. The end of the world as we know it.

Chad's trial is in January as he waived his right to speedy trial. Lori didn't, so hers is this October, assuming she maintains mental competency. And this after the judge denied separation of their cases.

Confused? :tumble:
Lori and Chad will be tried together in January. I'm so happy for her; she'll be reunited with her forever man. If (when) she gets found guilty, she will immediately appeal coz her right to a speedy trial, which she demanded at her arraignment, has now clearly been overruled/ignored. Yay.
Ok. He's been released. Not clear as to why...
PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Colby Ryan, the son of Lori Vallow, won’t face charges after the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office filed a motion to dismiss without prejudice, which allows for charges to be filed in the future. Ryan was booked with sexual assault charges into Maricopa County jail last Saturday, where, according to court records, he “agreed” with police that he allegedly raped a woman.
The first fiction series will appear on September 14th on Netflix - Sins Of Our Mother.

After what i just posted above, I wonder if there will be a delay, as it is based on Colby's perspective. Listen to this producer's statement at 3:30. hm
@skinny - Thank you for posting all these. I live in Arizona and was oblivious to all this - because I am oblivious to most news.

Some points which leapt out to me:
Lori Vallow was a woman raised very traditionally: no college (apparently), no independent self-supporting life, etc.
She went from one very conservative lifestyle and belief of LDS to an even more extreme belief.
Married 5 times.
She was the type of woman who wanted to have a child with the pre-eminent man in her life - so 3 children with three different husbands (I think - this isn't clear). I think this is common among women raised to be good, obedient wives and mothers.
She CRAVED attention, admiration, and respect.
No skills in conflict resolution. (!!!)
No ability to assess danger, even of the risk of emotional damage, for herself or her children. No ability to deal with this in an effective, adult manner.
Very little or no self-awareness, so when she was in a conflict with a husband - any husband - she was unable to understand that her frustration with this led to extremely poor choices: 3 divorces, one murder.
Most of her life, she presented herself well as an attractive, well-spoken, good-humored, middle-class mother. She duped the police with this.

I have known several women like this, not all Christian, and except for the murder part :) , they all had these commonalities.
Is delusion a matter of degree or kind? At what point does an increase in degree lead to a different category?
Sins of Our Mother: Interesting documentary series, deals with all of the murders. Much of the footage is from police bodycams, news reports and courtroom recordings, supplemented with interviews of family members and friends. How extreme the Cult's beliefs were is made all too clear, especially the effect they had on Lori Vallow. In the UK or RoI such a documentary series would make any prosecution virtually impossible because the show essentially convicts Vallow and Daybell. The story could have been told in 100 minutes instead of 141 minutes running time. Directed by Skye Borgman. On Netflix. 7/10.
'...according to court records, he “agreed” with police that he allegedly raped a woman.'

I suppose there isn't much use in disagreeing with them about being alleged to have committed a crime.

Since it was dismissed without prejudice, they probably realized they didn't have enough evidence - yet.
I suspect that it will depend on whether the victim, his estranged wife, will decide to pursue or not. Inviting him over, initiating and then continuing sexual contact, then deciding to stop - all are confusing signals. Especially to someone raised by Lori Cox-Yanes-Lagioia-Ryan-Vallow-Daybell. Ye Gods.
Update ... A judge has ruled Lori Vallow is fit to stand trial. Prosecutors have filed notice that they will seek the death penalty.
Vallow found competent, prosecutors to seek death penalty

Justin Lum of Fox 10 (@jlumfox10) reports that prosecutors in the Lori Vallow case have filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty. Vallow is charged with conspiring with Chad Daybell, her husband, to kill her two children.

Judge Steven Boyce has found that Vallow is fit to stand trial, as the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has stated they do not intend to be a part of any further hearings or to take a position in the Vallow case.

This means that if a jury finds Vallow guilty of first-degree murder, the prosecution can and does intend to, seek the death penalty.

Vallow and her husband, Chad Daybell, are set to stand trial together on January 9, 2023. ...
FULL STORY: https://komonews.com/news/instagram/vallow-found-competent-prosecutors-to-seek-death-penalty#
January? Ha. I predict at least another year of stays and delay motions because this judge can’t seem to deal with the complexity. Already one judge recused himself. This one (Boyce) seals every motion so none of us really knows what the hell is going on. Meanwhile the bodies of the kids sit in the freezer and the poor family can’t bury them until after trial. What a shitshow.
Prosecutors plan to present “sufficient evidence” that shows Lori Vallow Daybell intended her two children and Tammy Daybell to die and that she participated in the killings of her kids.
by Nate Eaton, East Idaho News

ST. ANTHONY — Prosecutors plan to present “sufficient evidence” that shows Lori Vallow Daybell intended her two children and Tammy Daybell to die and that she participated in the killings of her kids. That’s according to court documents filed Thursday from Madison County Prosecuting Attorney Rob Wood and Fremont County Prosecuting Attorney Lindsey Blake. The prosecutors also expressed “serious reservations” about Daybell’s request to meet with her husband Chad, and they argue her alleged actions make her eligible for the death penalty.

More at link

There's a hearing of some sort this week.
Trial starts in April 2023.
Now, just prior to the start of trial, the Judge splits the trial. After years of saying no way, he does what they want.

Here’s a prediction: the judge will delay again to rethink his options and then eventually drop all charges through lack of a competent prosecuting team. Lay your bets.
No execution for the mad mom, Lori Daybell.

She commanded that her kids be butchered and their remains roasted, but she's all good to live her blessed life as long as she chooses. I'm no DP advocate. If I could choose her punishment, it'd be to have the kids' remains slopped into a ventilated acrylic cube and bolted onto her cell floor for as long as she can breathe. No mercy.
Lori's trial has, miraculously, begun. Just the jury selection (and opening statements?) this week and then the evidentiary phase to kick off after easter break.

No cameras, photos or live recordings allowed at all. No, the only reporting to be done is the ol notepad and pencil and then an oral summary from our folks on the spot at recess. Gotta love Idaho/Boyce. Oh and Eaton and media affiliates have done a whip round and hired the Charlie & Lola illustrator to aid our imaginary, though as of now even those appear to have vanished from all platforms. Couldn't find a one from 10 minutes of search. hm. Anyway, there are some here at min4:31 of Eaton's day 1 summary.

If ... IF you're into high strangeness, listen to Mel Gibb's testimony in the Day 4 trial audio. She was situated in the middle of the weirdness but she called Lori and Chad on their lies and ... yeah just go there.

As someone who was not lucky enough to have children, I will never understand these 'mothers' who just 'get rid' of their own flesh and blood.
When in this country you can surrender your children to a police station, or any 'safe haven', and waive your parental rights.