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Sounds a bit like Royston in Hertfordshire, always has a cloud hanging over it, but it never seems to rain!!!!:confused:
i travel thro treverva quite a lot btwn Penryn an Gweek, i've even dragged a boat out of a shed there once and it does have an od vibe. I put it down to it being in a sort of wind funnel valley acentuated by the reservoir...

I had a cream tea in the Lobster pot in Moushole and didnt feel Crowleys presence hovering over my shoulder and he stayed there!.... One of his acolites (Pixie Smith) ended up running a home for retired Priests on the Lizard somwhere...

mind u what do i know i once lived in St Just! no not the prity one the other one!...actuly i like st Just realy.
Royston Herts...yes its a strange place but then its on the way to places and nowhere its self!...Templer cave/temple there isnt there?....i must go up to Temple on The Moor agin check out the atmos!
The Crowley/Penwith connection keeps popping up it's goat's head. I've been told that for a while Crowley rented a house in either Zennor or Pendeen, (another dark, dark place). Can any one supply details to confirm whether the Great Beast did ever paddle in Penwith's rock pools, or is it a myth?
Ground Elder said:
Can any one supply details to confirm whether the Great Beast did ever paddle in Penwith's rock pools, or is it a myth?

There's an A C thread running in the esoterica section at the moment, so I put up a post to ask if anyone knows any more info about this - I'll be interested to read thier reply..
....Meanwhile, on with the Morwenstow story !

This was related to me by a friend, Nick at Cornwall College about 8 years ago :

Nick was from Bude and told me that there are many spooky stories relating to Morwenstow (he didn't elaborate), so one night him and a group of friends (in 3 cars) dared each other to go to there at midnight one saturday night.

Apparently they all wandered uneventfully around the churchyard and surrounding area for about half an hour (Nick said he had a unspoken creeping sense of dread at this point). They then decided to walk off on the path that leads away from the church and towards the coast (I think this is where he meant), after a while they found a derelict building and decided (against Nick's instincts he told me !) to go in. They could all smell a strange smell and as thier eyes got used to the dark they saw there was a rotting pig's head suspended from the ceiling !

Well that was too much for them and they all legged it back to thier cars, and all the while they all had a sense of being persued ... They reached the cars and all jumped in and locked the doors - and here's one of the strange things, NONE OF THE CARS WOULD START !!

Well after about 5 minutes of trying to start the cars there was complete terror and panic amongst everyone, people were beginning to say the Lord's Prayer and other such like things... Then when they had all completely given up and thought they were doomed (Nick couldn't really specify what they thought was going to GET them though !?), the cars all started and they drove away very quickly !!

I remember Nick saying you couldn't give him a million pounds to go there again EVER !!

So that's the Morwenstow story... does anyone have anything similar to report about the area ??

Well Weird Cornwall III

Well Weird Cornwall...this weeks West Briton Oct. 25 01

Pole Dancing
New from Cornwall seems quite fun this week with Pole dancing being permitted in Truro. The Eclipse Club has been given a licence for the exhibition of nearly naked ladies who dance for customers they despise. I wonder if the ‘Eclipse ‘ club is like the real Eclipse i.e.. No one goes! ...Oddly the ‘eclipse’ runs as a lively Gay club and is now branching out so to speak! The girls are staying with the owner in is house in Rejerrah (with his wife in attendance) And CCTV cameras (and we all know how ‘wonderfully successful’ they are don’t we.) are being installed INSIDE the club, with tapes being available to police and council members!!!!!!!!...After all it’s more important that no wicked ladies expose themselves than people get mugged in Truro in sure you will agree.

Nancekuke death camp
The Government are going to clean up the former Nerve gas plant despite maintaining that there isn't anything there to clear up...other than ‘Normal’ chemicals (?)... They apparently produced 20 tonnes of Sarin (one drop lethal) I wonder where that is?

Congrats to Elsie
Elsie Goulding reached 100 this week and got her telegram form the queen in here home in a Hyle Nursing home. Still no comments on how to achieve such and age other than being a Methodist is seen to be a good idea.

Washed Up In Falmouth
A huge tree! Not very notable in its self, except when some hapless yachtsman crashes in to one, but this one, was different. From the pic it looked to be about 20 ft by2 ft diameter but its dificult to see 'cos its completely covered in Goose Barnacles (a subtropical crustecea) Probably they attached themselves and grew thousands of miles of drifting ago. Bits of it were sawn off and transported to Plymouth Aquarium for display.... (Personally id like to have seen the whole log put in a tank. After all every life is precious and Dolphins better rescue service, praps 'cos their cute)
so they didnt do the full running backwards round the church seven times like Shiels suposedly did in Mawnan?....ive been to Morwenstow and thought it quite i was tempted to give one of them hay rolls a push just to see how far it would fly off the cliff...
I'd love to know why St Buryan is the village of doom

Found one possible ancient reference using google. Apparently at one time Sennen folk had to take their dead to be buried at the church in St Buryan.

adding my own gloss - if you were going to St Buryan you were dead. - I
i can see how that might colour your view of a village!... im wondering about heis 'dark lay line' thing... it was told to me by a PZ hippie shop owner. And ive never heard of it b4...
There was a man called Brian Tregaskis who I met in Manchester (don't ask) who insisted that Jane Eyre was actually based on a Cornish legend to the extent that the heroines name was just a mis-hearing of Zennor

Mind you Brian also claimed that his father was the only Cornish member of the IRA
Charlotte Bronte's mother lived in Penzance before having children, so maybe there is some truth in this. Can't think of what legend it might have been based on, but I'll do some digging.
Branwell Bronte's house is in PZ.....THe Cornwall IRA conection may not be so silly...a mate was visted by spoeciel branch and shown pictures of all his visitors for the last month..(he lived in Ireland for years and had a gun licence and a radio licence).. includeing a mate called Jonny (an irish musician) he sent us a letter once and it arived obviosly opened.... Erskin Childers boat (used for gun running to IRA was impounded on the fal too....makes u wonder ah!
it seems it dope time in cornwall!... biggest canabis farm in England in not 1000 yds from where i type 250 plants hydropomicly serviced on a small industrial estate. Cops busted it 3 oclock this morning aparently...
Nancekuke death camp

....Hey Sidecar_Jon ! I've never heard about this before... Sounds quite scary - any chance of an elaboration ??

Re: I'd love to know why St Buryan is the village of doom

intaglio said:
Found one possible ancient reference using google. Apparently at one time Sennen folk had to take their dead to be buried at the church in St Buryan.

adding my own gloss - if you were going to St Buryan you were dead. - I

I was listening to Radio 4 the other day and they talked about a similar place in the Lake District which gave rise local legends of a 'Ghost Road' between the two villages (can't remember thier names sorry !), with phantom horses silently pulling funeral coaches & headless horsemen also riding along the route etc.

It would be intersting to know if there are any similar phenomena recorded along the route between Sennen & St Buryan ??
When I get a moment I'll dig out my old copies of the Ley Hunter & Meyn Mamvro (Cornish earth mysteries mag), as in the past they have carried articles on Penwith funeral routes .

The theory is that spirits only travel in straight lines & the bodies should be transported by the most direct route possible.

At St.Levan there is a stile shaped like at a coffin, where the pall bearers would rest awhile. There is also a split boulder in the church yard with a Merlin prophecy attached - if a donkey with panniers can pass through the gap, the world is about to end.

Must get my ass up there again some time soon.

BTW can't find anything that would link Jane Eyre to a Cornish legend other than the aforementioned Branwell/Penzance link.
Sounds like the story of the 'corpse road'.

When there was no burial ground in one area, the deceased needed to be transported to the nearest church yard. BUT, there was a belief that where a corpse traveled, a right of way was established!!!!

As a result a network of corpse roads seem to have sprung up, efectivly, the corpse was taken by the shortest route to the nearest corpse road & then to the church yard!!!!!

There are stories of fights taking place, when the bearers deviated from the corpse road!!!!!!!
As far as I recall the folk-tale it was that a village girl employed as a maid servant by a local farmer who lived on his own. Things went well except that every night the girl would hear the farmer talking to someone in his bedroom but despite looking thru the keyhole all she could see was the farmer on his own.
Then one night she saw her employer anoint his eyes (thanks p.younger) from a small pot of salve. She managed to steal it and did the same for herself. It was then that she started to see that there were other people in the house including the most beautiful woman and our nosy heroine realised they must be the Fair Folk. Realising that the farmer was married to the Queen of the Fay and that both of them were in danger she tried to pretend nothing had changed but gave herself away.
The Good People raged and swore and the Queen said that she could no longer live with her mortal husband. As a punishment the servant girls eyes were put out so she could spy no more.

Regarding corpse roads - Although it comes from the North East the Lyke Wake Dirge seems to equate the journey on the corpse road with the journey of the soul
It's still a long way from Cherry of Zennor, (the tale related by Intaglio), to Jane Eyre. However, I'm learning lots about Charlotte Bronte in the process of trying to find a link, so thanks go to the posters on this thread for prompting the furtherance of my education;)
i will look out some stuff.. basicly a 'remote' site for production of Sarin nerve gas, useing orginaly captured nazi equipment... like i said when ive got a Mo i will dig somic out...oh its near in very in well its very nearly in porthreath!
...Perhaps that explains the strange behavior of some of the residents... No ! only joking, I like Portreath, in fact it used to be a good 'bunk off' spot for all the local students getting out of lectures in the summer !

I'm eager to find out more info though ....

im working on more info... local MP is keen to get place cleaned up so its been in the papers a lot over the last few months..
Well I found out something’s Im not sure I wanted to know! Operation Antler (mentioned in Express article) was experiments on Terminally ill and old (!) patients who were killed by injection of nerve agents...presumably to prove something, but mostly to remind us that nazi equipment and ideas on human experimentation had been imported. See the link at bottom of page for more on this and Harold Wilson implication....I’m glad I live over the other side of Cornwall! wondering if any Operation Paperclip personel where in Cornwall (or maybe still are).........Another odd thing i found was the link between Marmite and Anthrax warfare!.. see this link for how to grow yr own!
Link is dead. The MIA webpage can be retrieved from the Wayback Machine:

Here is the relevant text:


Britain brewed deadly anthrax spores in large metal milk churns as part of a Second World War experiment. Researchers at Porton Down cultivated the spores using a mixture of Marmite, molasses and simple salts. In 1942 and 43, some of these spores were released on Gruinard Island, off the coast of Scotland. Researchers wanted to measure how long the spores would last and how far they would spread. Anthrax was initially tested as an anti-livestock weapon. But as the war drew to a close, the British looked into the feasibility of using biological agents on people.

Perhaps most worrying of all are the chemical and biological weapons lying in Britain's coastal waters. Shortly after the war, in an operation codenamed Sandcastle, huge quantities of chemical weapons were disposed of at sea. These included 120,000 tonnes of UK-manufactured mustard gas and 17,000 tonnes of the German nerve gas Tabun, all of which was loaded into 24 redundant vessels and scuttled in deep water off the Hebrides and Land's End.
........ Even more worrying is the nerve gas Sarin. This was used in the 1995 terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway that left seven dead and more than 4000 injured. Following a 1mg dose, death occurs within 15 minutes. Initial symptoms are loss of vision, vomiting and convulsions. Death comes from respiratory failure.
It is no secret that at Nancekuke, Cornwall, the MoD experimented with Sarin for at least 12 years after the war. Officials are, however, keen to point out that: "Sarin was developed in the UK for experimental use only. This was stopped in 1956, when almost all stocks were destroyed, and no Sarin has ever been dumped at sea by the UK."
Seamen who sailed on dumping expeditions in the 1940s confirmed that in poor weather, the ships discharged their cargoes no more than a few hundred metres offshore.
Mark Graves writes [5th Jan 1999]: ``RAF Portreath was opened in March 1941, and abandoned in 1946 after a very active wartime role. It was taken over by the Ministry of Supply in May 1950 and renamed Nancekuke. It was then operated as a sub-station of the Chemical Defence Establishment at Porton Down (during which time VX nerve gas was produced) until 1978, when the CDE moved out and the site was cleaned up. It was then taken over by the MoD as a GCI radar station, commencing operation in 1980.''
WORKERS AT a secret government chemical plant in Cornwall were poisoned by leaks of a deadly nerve gas. The Nancekuke base in Cornwall was used by the Ministry of Defence to supply its Porton Down chemical weapons plant with sarin nerve gas. The Independent on Sunday found that the military authorities have suppressed evidence of health damage to workers at Nancekuke for 30 years. A 1970 MoD report shows that between 1950 and 1969 staff at the plant were 33 percent more likely to suffer serious illnesses than expected.
No one knows how much is hidden in the honeycomb of old tin and copper mines beneath the base near Redruth. Local MP Candy Atherton believes there could be about 20 tonnes.
The Ministry of Defence said it suspected a lethal mix of high explosives had been dumped with the chemical weapons at Nancekuke. A spokesman admitted: "We don't know what is in those mineshafts."
The danger is real - 41 men who worked at the plant died of Sarin poison and the case for compensating survivors and families of victims is still going on.

For years there have been mystery illnesses among swimmers, rafts of dead seabirds and fish have been found and hundreds of seals have been beached suffering convulsions, burns and burnt-out eyes believed to have been caused by Sarin leaking into the environment. (jon...its a well known danger to divers a few of whom have been washed up very dead on the beech at Portreath..jon)

Last week the Daily Express handed a map of the base to detectives from Operation Antler who are investigating the scandal of human experiments with nerve gas at the top secret Porton Down base.
The map shows shafts reaching out from the danger area under the neighbouring village of Porthtowan. The Express has been told of unauthorised dumping of Sarin into shafts on the base by truckers contracted to carry Sarin to Porton Down.
Sarin was produced at the rate of a tonne a week in a factory taken from the Nazis at the end of the war and re-assembled on the Cornish clifftops inside the perimeter of the RAF fighter base at Nancekuke. The factory closed in 1980.
In the course of a recent Westcountry documentary on Nancekuke, the MOD pilot production plant for nerve gas, which was operating in the 1950s in Cornwall, it was revealed that there was research going on there into jet aircraft fuel - might this have been research of the OP additives which are causing problems to aircrew across the world? It seems to be rather a coincidence that this was being carried out at a top secret, high security facility, already working on OP compounds. (jon... Op dips are anti tick/mite sheep dips, implicated in illness in farmers...and amazingly i find now in JET FUEL!...jon) (ok i put this in as a small brake from the horror of it all!!!!!)

Equally amazing, was the discovery of Asplenium bulbiferum which was found growing wild in a damp gravelly area amongst the buildings of RAF Portreath at Nancekuke. Colin French saw, again in 1994, an unusual looking fern growing in a plant pot in his father's greenhouse and enquired as to its origin. His father worked at Nancekuke and whilst weeding around the Headquarters Building several years before spied the young sporophyte fern amongst the gravel. Being a keen gardener he dug up the curious fern and propogated it in his greenhouse.
Rose Murphy

Nancekuke's nerve gas factory supplied deadly GB Sarin to the
Porton Down chemical defence establishment in Wiltshire.
The plant was assembled using equipment brought back from
Nazi Germany after the war.
Last month the Independent on Sunday revealed medical
reports which had been suppressed for 30 years. These
showed that Nancekuke staff were one third more likely to
suffer from serious illnesses and 50 per cent more likely to
suffer from respiratory illnesses.
Candy Atherton, Labour MP for Falmouth and Camborne, is
calling for a full inquiry into the deaths of 41 men who worked
at Nancekuke.

Jon...along with Nancekuke i have heard tat Gwithian Dynamite works was used to bury some nasty things. I was told that scattered about Gwithian Dunes are piles of rocks where sheds once stood. The rubble was used to fill in holes over collections of 25 gallon oil drums some containing waste from X-Ray machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!... There is a link with government here too...Harold Wilsons father was an industrial Chemist who worked in explosives at one time in Gwithian and near Trago Mills (where years after it had been closed they found quite a bit of TNT...just lieing around)
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Weird Cornwall IIII

Well Weird Cornwall IIII...from West Briton Nov. 1 01

St Pirans oratory

Perranporth dunes hide one of the oldest Christian buildings known. But they are covered by the sand and have been for years. An Oratory, was possibly established 1,4000 years ago! In 1835 William Michell wrote to the WB claiming that he had uncovered the Oratory; excavated again in 1910 and covered in a concrete shell it was again reclaimed by the dunes. During excavations ‘thousands’ of bones of parishioners were uncovered. One old lady remembers playing round the area and picking up ‘pockets full’ of teeth!!!!!... Also discovered were three Skeletons of giant size (no details of the exact size tho') they were transported to a sed for safekeeping where they were stolen. (!) and never recovered. (in the Shadow of St Piran by Elieen Carter)
So look out for mystery teeth showing up around Perranporth and the odd giant skeleton!
Cornish Forteana

Hi, im a new member to this board, and to the subject in general, although ive had a mild interest for many years.

Anyway, my question is whether anybody knows any fortean-like places to visit in East Cornwall - West Devon. A quick scan through the members of this board reveals that many a member here is from this fair land.
name some places..cos i got some jen on many places in Cornwall..but for a start

Temple On The Moor ( Big Templar center for operations, U could hunt the lost treasure!)
Lerryn/Looe ..'when the devil had nothing to do he built a ditch from Lerryn To Looe' work.
Looe..suposed treasure on the Island
Jamaca Inn...creepy Doctor potters museaum (stuffed kittens in odd tablou)
I dont really know. As i say, its only now that i really have the time and finances to really "get into" a subject that has interested me for a long time. Im really just looking for some interesting ideas for places to visit, with some sort of story (fortean) behind them. Of particular interest is the occult and the paranormal.