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Weird Cornwall

Gunnislake..Hingston Down (to the west) battle between Cornish and Danish AD 935..should be good for a few ghosts..

Cotehele house..1742 Sir Richard 7th Baronet Edgecumb was takemn ill and died hes was put int he vault. The sexton snuck back to the vault to prise the valiable rings from his fingers when he revived from his Coma and he returned to the house carrying the sextons lamp...

Lanceston..During french wars a Parole town where French prisoners were alowed to roam about. And Set up extensive Masonic lodges that persiste to this day. t Marys Church has a crucifix said to have been looted by a French man in Spain..
i live in Callington, which is pretty close to all those places, so i might be breaking the jalopy out at the weekend, and going touring.

By the by, whereabouts in cornwall are you based?
Bodmin Moor, or quit eating babies for a minute and come see Dartmoor; nice stony thingies in circles and lines.
Funnily enough, my father made a program about the rows of stones on the moors once with some guy who claimed there was a correlation between the little stones all in a row, and larger standing stones across europe. Used a guides by traders apparently, with the little ones being a map or legend of sorts.
Falmouth...well Penryn realy!.... but i like to colect things on places all over Cornwall...
So, anyone have any stories on Callington?

Its actually got quite a strong Arthurian link, i hear.
Callington ..all i have is...Dupath well...biggest well building in Cornwall erected by monks of St Germans 1510... be interested in anything u turn up tho!
im going to have a bit of a rummage at the weekend. i also fancy having a look at local church records if they go back far enough.

ill post anything interesting
good idea... must be a libruary there too..i find chatting them up is good source too..
ha ha callington library is pretty much useless. as a rule, they have to order anything even remotely interesting. They only seem to own stuff that is so broad in it's outlook to be as good as useless.

Anyway, thanks for the tips
i think Cornish Liburys are set up to specialis in subjects..eg Falmouth is Ships and sailing...PZ is art and crafts... Redruth is cornish studies (and help full)...u can order books from them..
sounds like it!... go to Tavistock a nice town and i rekon theyd have agood one!...always go to Creebers for some nice chocies anyway!
Plymouth is quite near, and their library is fair enough.

Also, i agree, crebers is a great place.
and the second hand computer bits shop with the grumpy bald guy too...and the cheese shop...
Slaughter bridge, near Camelford....site of Arthers last battle, not much to see, but soak up the atmosphere.
I heard on Radio 4 this afternoon (The Material World) that Cornwall's coastline moves up & down, in a vertical sense, by 10 cm a year!
That explains why I can see further some mornings. I'd always put it down to the mizzle :D
I grew up in Camelford which in itself is atmospheric. There is a stone at Slaughterbridge which apparently marks the burial place of a knight. Roughtor on Bodmin moor is only a couple of miles away. This is supposedly haunted by a girl who was murdered there in the 19th Century. There's a memorial to her near the car park. There are also the remains of prehistoric settlements on the slopes of Roughtor, and the summit boasts the remains of a castle. Nearby is Tintagel. Spooky places to visit here include St. Nectans Glen, which is very beautiful. The area around Tintagel castle is also spectacular with a 12th? century church and 'Merlins' cave. Bostcastle is also worth a visit. This town is famous for its association with witches and there's a creepy witch museum near the harbour. Hope that helps and I didn't sound too much like a tour guide!
I just realised you said EAST cornwall!! So my post was just useless!! I'm a dumbass! But if you want to visit North cornwall you know where to go !!

!!!!! etc.
Any Where In Cornwall

Just a quick question(or two);) . just recently moved to Cornwall and out to look for the strange and unusual and up to and including today not experienced anything unusual apart from the womans hair in camborne(where i live) that looks like shes skinned her poodle and put it on her head.

Any body know anywhere in cornwall or experienced anything here?
I know there are some stories but most sound like urban legends from the 1600's. Cheers
I'm so sorry you had to move to Camborne :D

Anyway, there are lots of interesting standing stones down and around Penzance so you could go and have a look at them.

While I was at Geevor mine recently I picked up some books on 'Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall' which are reprints of a book first published by William Bottrel in 1870 which has some quite specific legends and ghost stories (house names/streets etc.) you might find that useful as a starting point.

And everyone who lives in the area should go to down to Geevor now it's a museum, not only does my friend work there, it's very interesting, especially if you were in Cornwall when the mines were being shut down (and you can walk through a bit of the mine which is quite spooky).

many thanks

Thanks for the tips buddy. And believe me I wouldn't live in camborne if i didn't have to, still it's only temporary while i'm at uni in truro.

I only answered privately because I doubted any one would check back at a thread when they've answered me just to see if I thanked them.

Cheers again Drew.
obviously I didn't reply privately:confused:
must of taken a wrong term. It looks like some form of Elvish now.
Standing Stones, etc here.

The local libraries usually have good local studies sections, with history, folklore, etc. The mining is especially well documented, and has its own lore and superstitions. The Cornish Studies section at Redruth library covers the whole county (or did, if it hasn't been subsumed into the embryonic Cornish uni).
Well......Uni in Truro ah! theres isnt one in Truro...u mean the collage down the road from the Hospital dont u?.... any way... Cornwall Forteana... Camborne, only roumores etc..but there is soposed to be a ghost cyclist that rides down by the Red River, A copper barron buried in a pure copper carcophagus (SP?) under the chruch, (which has a sun dial with "remeber death" on it") Go to the Redruth Conish Studies Libury they have lots of stuff on wierd happenings... If ur interested in Horrible Murders look for "Bodies and Crimes" by the local pathologist (all the liburys seem to have acopy) contains some odd sucides and goat molesting!.... There is an archelogical index of all the stone circles etc with map refs too....
Id ur into industrial Archeology there sthe old dynamite works in Gwithian Towans (Book called it think Conish expolsive works or somic) and former "Saftey Fuse" works in Tuckingmill ... oh and vist Macsalvors shop between cam and redruth if only to see how much a torpedo costs nowdays ( they have lots off strange things in there for sale)........ Carn brea could do with investigateing with roumored Whichy going on up ther at full moon...... any thing that perticly intersts u i can dig up?
Speaking as a furriner, what's the matter with Camborne? I bet it isn't as bad as Middlesbrough!

carole said:
Speaking as a furriner, what's the matter with Camborne? I bet it isn't as bad as Middlesbrough!


All inland Cornish towns are a bit grey and forbidding, Postindustrail (for the last 80 yrs) Port towns are more open and jolly all round...more cosmapolitan and tollerant. Cambourne is grey dusty and sort of half shut down. tho it has some wonderful buildings its seems sort of opressed.....