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Weird Sex (Practices, Preferences & Accoutrements!)

Auntie Peach said:
Well I think the sad git has watched so many of these films the lines are indelibly printed on his memory. I used to have a thing about learning the slang word for the male organ in as many languages as possible, so if I ever meet someone of a new nationality I usually ask (not business contact obviously). Just so I know what to ask for, wherever I find myself in the world!!!

And I thought I was worldly-wise because I made sure I knew the local word for beer when travelling abroad . . .:confused:

Hey Carole - we could pool our knowledge and have one great holiday!
Tres cervesa, por favor!

My pronunciation was obviously as bad as my spelling as we got two coconuts and a hamburger!

I have to say this thread made me laugh. I loved the "We only do sheep shaggers" thing. I just can't stop again.
Minor Drag said:
I seem to remember some eye-poppers about Catherine the Great having harnesses rigged so bulls could be lowered onto her!

There were libellous rumours of this sort during her reign but I don't recall bulls being involved. I think it was more a smear campaign to undermine her reputation and status as a female monarxh in a deeply patriarchal society.
It wasn't a bull, it was a horse. She is supposed to have died that way, many people still believe that. In reality she died of an anuyrism or so.

The minotaur is also supposed to have been created when Icarus father made a device that enabled the cretan queen to have sex with a bull.

As for wether men or women do it more, if women they need those big devices, maybe that would keep them from it. But I am not so sure there are more men than women doing it though.
The Catherine The Great story I heard was that she was having fun with a palace guard whose name was the Russian for 'horse' or 'pony ' or something and that was how the story arose.

Also, it's true to say that a powerful female figure might be libelled in a personal and prurient way to damage her reputation.
Women' s behaviour is historically judged and controlled by calling them a. promiscuous b.mad or c. just plain wicked.

To return to the bestiality theme-
(Only read the following if you're not easily shocked.)

I had a girlfriend who swore to me that she, at age about 12, hid a pet hamster down her pants, where its wriggling gave her an orgasm.
When she tried it again with a different hamster it bit a hole in her drawers and she had to hide them at the bottom of the dustbin!
On a similar note, is it true about how the Pet Shop Boys got the name.
On a similar note, is it true about how the Pet Shop Boys got the name.

I really wish your hadn't 'said' that! Combined with the list of terms so kindly provided by Ogopogo (which I understand carries a severe penalty in certain parts of Alabama, though these days only if you Ogopogo within 50m of a public building :) ) I've now begun fretting as to how many band names might actually be slang terms for imaginative and uncomfortable sexual practices......

..........and that everyone else but me knew all along! ;)
How about some Weird Sex?

Warning - Thread Contains Adult Themes, Links and Language

As reported in FT before, but worth repeating:

"Certain people have very odd ways of assuaging their passion, the man who loved pavements:

(picture of Karl Watkins here)

Karl Watkins, 20, is seen here during his trial at Hereford Crown Court in February 1993 on five counts of outraging public decency. Watkins claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, but he was identified many times as the man found face down on sidewalks with his pants around his ankles. One boy told of seeing Watkins' bare bum "moving up and down" while a mother said she was shocked to see a crowd of children around him. Watkins, of Redditch in Worcestershire, who even attempted to mount an underpass, was jailed for 18 months. Sun, 19 Feb; D.Mirror 20 April 1993."

From Private Eye, quoting the Shropshire Star

"My client has been seeking medical help for his condition", solicitor Anthony Muller told Wolverhampton Crown Court, "and apologises for any offence his behaviour has caused. But the fact is that, for several years now, he has been in the grip of a compulsion, and can only find sexual fulfilment by simulating sex in public with bin liners."

Muller was defending Karl Watkins, 23, an electrician who had pleaded guilty to seven charges of outraging public decency. "My client's fetish centres on the feel and touch of a bin liner. It started when, as a child, he used to get into a crouching position, push the pedal of the flip bin and rapidly spank himself with the lid. For some time, he has been prowling the streets at night, and the police have often surprised him in wheelie bins, and even in the backs of dust carts. In fact, his absolute sexual fantasy is to be inside a dustcart, naked, when the bin bags are crushed. He very much regrets the incidents on pavements in Halesowen, Stourbridge, Blackheath and Brierly Hill, all of which involved
him standing in front of teenage schoolgirls with his trousers and pants around his ankles, and simulating sex with bin bags.

Judge Malcolm Ward placed Watkins on probation for three years, on condition that he took bromide or an equivalent drug to reduce his high sex drive. "


"A shy 20-year-old student called 'George' was erotically obsessed with his Austin Metro. He lived at home with his strictly religious parents, had no sexual experience of women at all, but began to develop feelings for his car. He fantasised about other Metros he'd seen, but his own was special and photos of it adorned his bedroom. Its front reminded him of a smiling child, and its rear end aroused him. He would seek out quiet places where
the two of them could be alone. Described as "confused but happy", George would crouch down by its smoking exhaust pipe and masturbate. Independent, 7 Dec 1992.

Eventually, George was sent for treatment at London's Institute of Psychiatry, and was the subject of a paper in the journal Sexual and Marital Therapy (Dec 1992). Before his car fetish, George was 'preoccupied' by women, children and dogs urinating. He was treated by a technique known as 'orgasmic reconditioning' - he'd masturbate looking at pictures of cars
and then switch at the last moment to pictures of women. He was also taught to picture himself masturbating in his Metro and then imagine his father catching him in the act. Drs Amanda Permet and Padmal de Silva say that George now thinks more about women, but "he has retained a strong interest
in Metros which we have not yet been able to modify." They stressed that George was an unusual case, though this did not reassure Helen Fielding. Writing in the Sunday Times (13 Dec 1992), she points to a large body of knowledge about the sexual relationship between man and car, and quotes Auden:
"Love requires an object / anything will do / When I was a child, I
loved a pumping engine / thought it every bit as beautiful as you."
Beyond that, Fielding blames modern advertising that extolled cars and computers as love objects.


Shoplifter Julie Amiri told Chichester Crown Court that she could only achieve orgasm by being chased through the streets by police cars or store detectives and being locked in a cell. "It turns me on. I love the uniforms, the chase and the flashing blue lights." A psychiatrist specialising in shoplifting confirmed that Amiri suffered from a disorder which compelled her to steal to gain attention. Amiri, a 35-year-old divorcee, said she had her first orgasm in the back of a police car when she was 28, and found it hard not to think of the association. Sussex Eve.
Argus, 9 June 1993.


An unnamed American would habitually shoot himself while sexually aroused. He wore a bulletproof vest, but sometimes it was not enough to prevent fairly serious wounding. After medical treatment on several such occasions, the man was ordered into therapy. Dr Mark Schwartz, writing in that renowned medical magazine Vanity Fair (Nov 1992), said: "He kept using less
protection to get his kicks because he was building up a tolerance."


The prize for Oddest Urge should be split between two men in Brenda Love's Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices (1992). 'Pieface Brown' got his girlfriend to pie him at the point of ejaculation. She could only take so much after which Pieface gatecrashed social functions, inviting women to tarte him up while he videoed it...

However, Pieface is outshone by the soldier who swallowed Barbie dolls' heads at the critical moment. Love claims to have seen an X-ray of six heads in his intestine, and said: "He re-uses the dolls' domes after a good boiling."


There may be historical significance in all this. Just before fire
demolished part of Windsor Castle, a caretaker there was arrested for performing an undisclosed sex act with a jar of Bovril in the very chapel in which the conflagration started. Sun, 5 Sept 1992."

What were they up to in Buck palace today, eh?
On a sadder note, I believe the troubled Mr. Watkins took his own life.
I knew of someone years ago who got drunk and had sex with his front garden , according to his mates he was shouting 'I love you , I love you ' while he was at it . I don't think it was a habit though .
Some of the wilder shores of sex used to be available for a few
mouse-clicks. These days they want to get their hands on your
credit card before you can see the muck.

But the world is full of exhibitionists, so I guess there are still
some free freak shows out there. But hardly worth trying on a
Search Engine these days. I must be getting old.

Some very horrible things came under the heading of Extreme
Body Modification with close ups of people who were up to
such delightful activities as skinning their own testes or castrating
themselves - this subject turned up on another thread recently.

I also remember a pretty vile Message Board devoted to Impaling! I
hope it was fantasy. Unhealthy enough anyway. :eek:
I remember Graham Norton once found a website dedicated to people with a fetish about lifting. A guest on the show had problems with the lift at work, and searched the web on LIFT, and got these very bizarre picture of naked people holding one another above their heads.
Japanese women break off engagements, become prostitutes to


Women become hookers, dump fiances to follow Beckham

Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 06:15 JST

TOKYO — It seems Japanese women can't get enough of England's soccer captain David Beckham. Some are even going so far as to dump their fiances and become call girls to pay for trips to England to follow their idol.

Even though the World Cup has been over for nearly two months, weekly women's magazines in Japan still carry stories on Beckham and photos, books and Beckham goods are selling well.

To cash in on the Beckham boom, several travel agencies have introduced various package tours to England, which are targeting women blindly devoted to the player.

Since the England Premier League started in the middle of August, the number of participants on these Beckham tours is rising.

According to one travel agent, "We cannot officially name these package tours 'Beckham tours' because it violates the right to his name and portraits. Everyday we get a number of inquiries asking if it's possible to see Beckham on the tour. We can't guarantee it. The tours usually last four days and cost about 250,000 yen. The highlight is a stadium tour in which you can see lockers, dressing rooms and corridors."

What sort of people go on Beckham tours anyway? One is Kaori who is an office worker and also has a part-time job at a nightclub in Roppongi three nights a week to pay for her upcoming trip to England.

"My dream is to go to England, have an English baby and raise the child like Beckham. Actually, I planned to marry my boyfriend in June. We had been together for about two years. However, I broke off the engagement because I couldn't have followed Beckham around during the World Cup if I had married him. My parents were disgusted at the time but I told them that he had been unfaithful," said Kaori.

Another Beckham devotee is Sayaka, a job-hopping part-time worker in Tokyo. "Of course, during the World Cup, I chased him. I supported myself by working as a call girl in Sapporo where England had a game with Argentina. I'm gonna go to England and work as a call girl there too. Who knows, maybe Beckham will hear about me and invite me to his Beckingham palace."

Meanwhile, Mikiko, a housewife in Setagaya, has changed her 6-year-old son's hairstyle to resemble Beckham's. She has also been sleeping with her English instructor. "I want to go to England, so I thought I had better learn English conversation at a language school. My teacher thinks he resembles Beckham and loves it when I call him Beckham during sex."

While these three Beckham fans are obviously very devout, Taeko is even more extreme. "I stayed at hotels where Beckham stayed during the World Cup. I checked toilets he might have used, took photographs of them and even licked them," she said. "I'm definitely going to England. I want to live in Beckham's neighborhood and go swimming or shopping together with him. If I meet his wife Victoria, I will ask her to leave him."

Author Masazumi Ando, who wrote a book about English hooligans, laments at the stupidity of these women and many more like them.

"Even though they go on these tours, they'll never see Beckham. These women can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. They'll be taken advantage of by guys at nightclubs or wherever and exposed to danger. It'll be a downward spiral for them as they look for ways to earn money. I wish they could see how shameful their conduct is," he said. (Shukan Post)
Japan's latest fetish


New adult videos deal a low blow to manhood

by Ryann Connell
Staff Writer

September 2, 2002

Whatever you may feel about highly paid professional male ball game players who act like prima donnas, it's almost impossible not to feel some sort of empathy for them if a speeding ball slams into their lower groin region.

Perhaps that compassion goes some way to explaining the enormous popularity of a new genre of adult videos in Japan today. Shukan Taishu (9/16) notes that loads of punters are getting their kicks out of flicks where chicks do kicks -- right between the legs of naked men.

Surprisingly, the main market for tamakeri (ball kicking) videos is apparently not among young women stressed out at living in a male-dominated society, but mostly young guys who get off on the idea of being punted in the privates.

"People started taking an interest in these adult videos about a year ago. The popularity started off among freaks, and then spread toward a wider audience until now it's quietly going through a boom," adult video commentator Jiro Takada tells Shukan Taishu. "At first, the videos were only made by small, independent makers, but now the major companies have got in on the act. There must be 100 titles in all. The contents are bound to appeal to masochistic men and there are some works that are entirely devoted to scenes of men being kicked between the legs.

"Most of the videos finish with sex, though. They're nearly all made for sale, but about 20 percent are produced for the rental market. That's allowed them to develop something of a female following."

Fans, like the university student we'll call Akira, can hardly wait for a tamakeri video to kickoff.

"I recently asked my girlfriend if she'd kick me, but she looked at me as though I was some sort of weirdo,' he says. "All I can do is watch the videos. The more painful it looks, the more excited I get."

A long-term worker in the adult video industry, Yuta as we'll call him, disputes the student's claims.

"He couldn't possibly feel like that. If you really get kicked there, it'd hurt like hell," he says. "It's enjoyable because it's virtual reality. The point of the movies is that you can get a woman to do anything you want her to."

Writer Nobuhiro Hashimoto has a different reason to explain the pull of tamakeri videos.

"Why do movies that involve harming a man's penis sell so well in this country, which runs on an ideology of 'penisim?' It's because there's some sort of latent masochism in every man," he says to Shukan Taishu.

Tarzan Yagi, a former porno actor who turned to making adult movies when he went soft four years ago, has been one of the driving forces behind the production of ball kicking videos.

"You can't use professional actors, because you're making films about men being kicked in their most vital organ. If you did use them, they'd soon be put out of work. So we advertised in S&M magazines and over the Internet to find guys to appear in tamakeri videos. We had over 200 applicants. There weren't any particular standards regarding who was hired. I suppose the only requirement was an ability to stand erect after being kicked in the balls," Yagi tells Shukan Taishu, with a laugh.

"Having a fetish for being hoofed where it hurts isn't really something you can tell somebody else about. So, when we gathered all these guys with the same fetish together in the same place, they soon became friends. And the most respected of all the guys were those who could remain aroused no matter how many times they were kicked.

"Basically, guys who enjoy being kicked are what I call egotistical masochists. Despite being masochistic, they make the demands about where they want to be hurt. To give you an example, we had one guy who asked that he be blindfolded while the girl was kicking him so it would intensify the pain. These guys'll have blood pouring over their member, and their gonads will be drooping sadly like a worm, but they love every second of it.

"People who buy the movies are the types whose imaginations are stimulated by this idea."

Yagi notes that the movies are just as appealing for the girls who star in them.

"Most of the girls are actresses registered with employment agencies. Few of them get regular work. We know we'll get them at their angry best, because aside from the fact that they're hardly ever employed, they're furious to learn that they've got to work in a tamakeri video once the agency has finally found a job for them," he says. "All that power that you see coming out of the girls in the video is a result of them relieving the stress and anxiety that has built up within them on a day-to-day basis."

Having basically conquered Japan, Yagi is far from knackered.

"I've got this plan to take 100 men and women to a deserted island to make this huge tamakeri video," Yagi tells Shukan Taishu. "I don't want tamakeri to be popular just in Japan. I want them to be a hit throughout the world."
the most impressive thing is they can still perform after a good kicking!......... i asure u that sex would be the last thing on my mind!
Only in Japan could this seem like a step in the sexually healthier direction. You know, considering their current fetishes: Pre-pube girls in school uniforms, bukkake, cartoon tenticle rape, etc.
i can see u have made a study of Jap perversions!... u missed out the elaborate rope bondage tho.....oops what a give away!
You mean Nawa Shibari

They like to use Western women for this kind of thing nowadays.

Erm, :eek: so I am told
But that would take yards of extra rope!.....is it something in the Oriental mind that makes them want such inticate things?..

Why is this??? It seems so unbelievable.Is it because their society has put so much stress on the "individual" to succeed? There schooling structure is unbelievable compared to USA standards, my god what pleasure can mutilation with-out repair and may death bring--stress relief?? (shakes head):cross eye
Have "Bollocking Matches" died out? They were a vile feature of life
in boys' schools a few years back. I think we even had
a league table fastened to the notice board!

The idea was not very subtle: you had to attack your opponent's
balls, while protecting your own. Pulling and twisting rather than
kicking was the rule. All very nasty and painful, especially if someone
initiated an attack from behind!

Character-building, no doubt, though I gather poor Tottie could never
have children after. :(
James Whitehead said:
Character-building, no doubt, though I gather poor Tottie could never
have children after. :(

Probibly because he was gay. Laytent Homosexuality anyone? ;)
So I suppose he didn't mind watching video's of other people's wives undressing :gaga:

lame porn if you ask me..(true story) I use to work for this company called (when I first left the Navy)-------and I..oh,,. why bore you..maybe later...
Its very similar to another story i read on the BBC site this week, a man orders a prostitute to his room only to get his daughter turn up, he ended up devorced:rofl: