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Weird Sex (Practices, Preferences & Accoutrements!)

Looks eerily like the lay-by I used to stop in regularly at night on way home from work to ring home.

Later found out it was reputedly a famous local dogging spot. :thought:
Dunno what the fuss was about as I'd be there 5-10 minutes at a time, often well after dark, alone, in a nurse uniform, and never saw another soul. :chuckle:

Here's a photo.
No, that's not me parked up on the right.


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I don't mind 'bespoke', good word, it's the tautology of 'bespoke' and 'custom made' that annoys me; that's what bespoke means FGS :rolleyes:
Actually, while using both terms is essentially redundant, they are not exactly equivalent. "Bespoke" implies something made to order from scratch, whereas "custom made" could be something made from a list of predefined options, or an alteration of an already (near-)complete item.
Putting this in this thread instead of strange crimes since it's nsfw. (there are pics and video of the dildo)

Shoplifter Caught Trying to Steal Giant 30″ Dildo from Circus of Books WeHo

A video posted on the Circus of Books WeHo’s official Instagram account shows a person trying to walk off with a giant black 30″ dildo from the adult bookstore located at 8861 Santa Monica Blvd in the LGBT Rainbow District. “DILDO SHOPLIFTER CAUGHT ON CAMERA!” Reads the post on Sunday, January 29, 2022. “Drunken hot mess klepto tries to steal our biggest dildo. But it was way too thick and heavy for the getaway…”

The thirty-second clip shows a person unable to walk straight when they stumbled upon the giant black sex toy. They casually wrapped their arms around it like they were lifting a baby and then stumble outside of the store lugging the giant silicone log.
Well it was from Circus of Books, maybe he had a lonely pet female elephant.

Gillian Anderson asks women to send her their sexual fantasies​

Gillian Anderson has called on women around the world to contact her anonymously about their sexual fantasies.

Anderson, who plays forthright sex therapist Jean Milburn in the blockbuster Netflix series "Sex Education," has posted a video on Instagram and explained that she's "launching a major exploration of women and sex."

Seated on a burgundy armchair, the 54-year-old actress appeared relaxed as she asked women to send her their "most personal desires" for a book she said she is "curating."

The Golden Globe winner said: "As women we know that sex is about more than just sex, but so many of us don't talk about it.

"Our deepest most intimate fears and fantasies remain locked away inside of us. Until someone comes along with the key.

"Well here is your key. I am curating a book of your anonymous letters to me. A book exploring how women think about sex, because sex is about womanhood and motherhood, infidelity and exploitation, consent and respect, fairness and egalitarianism, love and hate, pleasure and pain."

Viewers were asked if they had a secret fantasy which they would only share with those they "most trusted" -- if anyone at all.

The British-American actress went on to say: "Wherever you come from, whether you're 18 or 80, you sleep with men or women or non-binary individuals or all or no one at all. I want to know your most personal desires.

"Let's open up this conversation together and create something revelatory."
Better to share with her than with one's own bloke. :nods:

Evidence I have carefully collected - well, listening to drunken yarns women tell each other at Anne Summers parties - suggests that telling a partner about one's personal sexual fantasies, even ones made up in response to his badgering, is a big mistake.

He will brood on what he's heard and wonder why she wants something so outrageous, and if indeed he is enough for her. It all goes downhill from there.
Some people having sex with a trout by the sounds of things ..

'In a statement on social media, Tasmania police wrote that they "are aware of a graphic video circulating involving two people and a fish.'


They have been arrested & charged with numerous offenses:

Tasmanian couple arrested over sex videos involving live trout and a grave​

A couple have been charged over two grim sex videos involving a live trout and the grave of a famous artist.
A couple have been charged over two grim sex videos involving a live trout and the grave of a famous artist.
A 57-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man, both from southern Tasmania, have been charged with bestiality and conducting prohibited acts in a cemetery.

They will face Hobart Magistrates Court at a later date.

One of the pair used to work at a veterinary clinic.
I'm afraid to say there must be a degree of truth to these types of fish-sex stories: some of the older British & Commonwealth members on the forum might be vaguely-aware of the pejorative term 'skaters' used for Royal Navy sailors- I'd like to think that these are just apocryphal stories, but with sailors, anything is possible- NSFW

(the citizens of Portsmouth/Pompey have a....conflicted collective relationship with most sailors, who they disparaging refer to as 'skaters'....but in turn, some of the inhabitants of surrounding towns & counties (& opposing football teams) also in turn refer to them as 'skaters'....umm, actually the term 'fish fxxxxxs' can be heard being shouted at soccer matches)
So we're preparing a series of meditative prayer meetings for Lent and we chose the minor prophets as theme. So I'm preparing by listening to some cool lectures by this rabbi. And out of the blue he says that one of the evildoing jewish kings was so sinful and wilfully blasphemous that - according to midrash Jewish tradition - he even had the name of the Lord tattooed on his private parts !?

See at 45:50:
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In the introduction to her book "Butts: A Backstory," journalist Heather Radke recalls a moment when, at 10 years old, she and a friend were cat-called by two teenage boys while out riding their bikes.
"'Nice butts!' we heard them say," Radke writes. "The fact that they said something unprompted about our butts felt uncomfortable and bizarre... I was aware that there were body parts that were considered beautiful and sexy and were coveted by others, but it had not occurred to me that the butt was one of them."
That episode was just one a series that led Radke to realize how big of a role backsides play not just in our relationships with our bodies, but in the cultural, social and gender-specific experiences that define womanhood.

"Butts, silly as they may often seem, are tremendously complex symbols, fraught with significance and nuance, laden with humor and sex, shame and history," she writes. "The shape and size of a woman's butt has long been a perceived indicator of her very nature — her morality, her femininity and even her humanity."
It's from these observations that "Butts" — a thoroughly researched cultural history of the female butt — stems.
“Winning, cheeky, and illuminating….What appears initially as a folly with a look-at-this cover and title becomes, thanks to Radke’s intelligence and curiosity, something much meatier, entertaining, and wise.” –The Washington Post

“Lively and thorough, Butts is the best kind of nonfiction.” —Esquire, Best Books of 2022 So Far

A “carefully researched and reported work of cultural history” (The New York Times) that explores how one body part has come to mean so much—now one of the most anticipated books of 2022.

Whether we love them or hate them, think they’re sexy, think they’re strange, consider them too big, too small, or anywhere in between, humans have a complicated relationship with butts. It is a body part unique to humans, critical to our evolution and survival, and yet it has come to signify so much more: sex, desire, comedy, shame. A woman’s butt, in particular, is forever being assessed, criticized, and objectified, from anxious self-examinations trying on jeans in department store dressing rooms to enduring crass remarks while walking down a street or high school hallways. But why? In Butts: A Backstory, reporter, essayist, and RadioLab contributing editor Heather Radke is determined to find out.

Spanning nearly two centuries, this “whip-smart” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) cultural history takes us from the performance halls of 19th-century London to the aerobics studios of the 1980s, the music video set of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and the mountains of Arizona, where every year humans and horses race in a feat of gluteal endurance. Along the way, she meets evolutionary biologists who study how butts first developed; models whose measurements have defined jean sizing for millions of women; and the fitness gurus who created fads like “Buns of Steel.” She also examines the central importance of race through figures like Sarah Bartmann, once known as the “Venus Hottentot,” Josephine Baker, Jennifer Lopez, and other women of color whose butts have been idolized, envied, and despised.

Part deep dive reportage, part personal journey, part cabinet of curiosities, Butts is an entertaining, illuminating, and thoughtful examination of why certain silhouettes come in and out of fashion—and how larger ideas about race, control, liberation, and power affect our most private feelings about ourselves and others.