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  1. gattino

    Dream Holiday...

    I would instinctively place this in the "connected dreams" thread, which has been almost entirely taken over by me as a personal dream journal. But on consideration the source of the "information" in this one isn't clear, and its novel in a number of ways, so it gets its own thread... My best...
  2. Stpauli9

    Feeling A Terror

    I touched a 'night terror' several years ago as I struggled to sleep. It was roughly 2:30, I was sleeping but my mind was still highly active and racing, it being a Saturday. I was possibly even warning myself to shut up and settle down when I felt a hand grasp my arm. And I grabbed it. No...
  3. D

    Creepy Insomnia

    I’m pretty sure there is an insomnia thread on here somewhere, but I don’t think a creepy Insomnia thread so thought I’d start one. I have been suffering mild insomnia for around 20 years now. It flares up from time to time and it’s not nice, and sometimes bloody creepy hence my post. I woke...
  4. Sabresonic


    I just made the name up and not sure what section I should of put the starter thread on but for the past 5 years the odd time when I'm not working or haven't had the right sleep I might wake up at 6/7 and then go back to sleep to around 9/10 but in between when I'm dreaming I just have horrid...
  5. EnolaGaia

    We Breathe Louder When We Sleep

    Snoring and sleep apnea will certainly cause noises during sleeping. However, it turns out that even without these extreme conditions we naturally breathe more loudly while asleep than when awake. FULL STORY: https://www.livescience.com/why-sleep-breathing-is-loud.html
  6. escargot

    Sleep: The How-To Thread

    Here's some more sleep weirdness, literally of my own making. Long story short, I accidentally trained myself to chill out at the sight of leopardskin. Light wakes me up so I have trouble sleeping beyond sunrise. I've tried wearing sleep masks, with varying results. They work if they stay on...
  7. MrRING

    Biphasic / Polyphasic Sleep

    I have heard that Biphasic sleep was a common phenomenon in the European Middle Ages, where people would wake up in the middle of the night and be active for a few hours, then go back to sleep. I was curious, so I set out to learn a little bit more. What it is...
  8. blessmycottonsocks

    Think You May Have Dreamt The Future?

    Further to a discussion in another dream thread, a few participants agreed it would be worthwhile starting a thread for people to share dreams which may contain elements of prediction or precognition. If subsequent news reports appear to corroborate details from the dream, we would then have...
  9. G

    What Did You Dream Of Last Night?

    Last night before bed I watched an episode of The World at War. At some point in the night I dreamt of being back in Mansfield, it was night(early hours of the morning?) and I was for some reason part of a group training to become a member of the Hitler Youth!!?!?!? I found myself sat...
  10. poozler

    The Wrong Death Of The Blues

    In the early morning of 15 May, I had a very vivid dream. The first thing I said to my husband was 'Eric Burdon is dead'. The dream was very vivid so I raced downstairs and booted up the computer. Eric Burdon was fine, but BB King had died. As my husband said, 'Well, you got the genre right'...
  11. AgProv

    Speech & Conversation In Dreams

    I read the two threads last night on "reading in dreams" and "where do you live in dreams" and found them both fascinating. With the permission of the mods, i'd like to kick off a third related thread, on the significance or otherwise of speech and conversation in dreams. My dreaming life is...
  12. rynner2

    Sleep 'Cleans' The Brain

    'Why do we sleep?' is an old question. This research suggests it's all to do with brain plumbing. I couldn't find any related threads, so this is new science. Sleep 'cleans' the brain of toxins By James Gallagher, Health and science reporter, BBC News The brain uses sleep to wash away...
  13. gattino

    Connected & Shared Dreams

    Most of the odd things that occur to me generally fall into the category of "psychic" daydreams and multi-layered coincidences. Seemingly precognitive dreams make an occassional appearance, but lately dreams have been to the fore, in my thoughts, (failed) experiments and conversations, with a...
  14. rynner2

    Snooze News

    Why hammocks are best for an afternoon nap The mystery of why it is virtually impossible to lie in a gently rocking hammock without falling asleep has been solved by scientists. By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent 8:00PM BST 20 Jun 2011 An analysis of the brain waves of sleeping...
  15. ramonmercado

    Sleep's Functional Value: Memory

  16. A

    The Human Body Clock (Circadian Rhythm)

    does anyone remember the deprivation experiment that took place about 15 years ago in or around Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico? College students lived in seclusion deep underground for...i think months. they had no clocks. i think it was two guys and one girl, in isolated confinement...
  17. M

    Can Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Kill Us?

    Sounds like they havn't got the casaultiy pinned down on this one: http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/thisweek/story/0,12977,1140726,00.html
  18. A

    Animal Sleeping Behavior (& Do They Dream?)

    Any ornithologists out there?... i read recently that "swifts sleep on the wing" How do 'they' know that?.... can you think of a way of finding it out?
  19. liveinabin

    Dozing D'ohs: Falling Asleep At Inopportune Times

    I remember when I used to work in theatre. I'd been at work since 11 that morning, come 2 am I fell asleep , up a ladder!
  20. T

    Sleep Deprivation Survey (Poll)

    Ok, what are your experiences of sleep and sleep deprivation. What's the longest anyone here has slept for? What's the longest you've gone without sleep for? What symptoms of sleep deprivation have you experienced? Have any of you experienced sleep paralysis, reccurring dreams, sleep...
  21. T

    Sleep Deprivation

    The more we do the less we sleep. In the modern world the presures of work and leasure are squeasing out sleep. If you need proof you only have to look at the times some of us are awake and posting to the message boards. We deprive ourselves of sleep willingly and often look on time asleep as...
  22. A

    Sleep Paralysis & Night Hag Experience

    Night Terrors Anyone want to discuss or offer an explanation of the phenom known as "Night Terrors"? That feeling that something is terribly wrong and you need to wake up right now , but your body feels like its trapped in molasses? My sisters get these all the time, one sister says she has...