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Crop Circles

Another way might be to cut a partial template out of plywood, just to get the curve of the circle. Repeated use of the template would eventually complete the circle. Bit hit and miss, though.
How about -

They drive a post into the ground in the middle of the field with a very long rope attached, several weeks before the wheat ripens.
The other end of the rope is marked with a stick or piece of cloth so they can easily find it again. When the crop is ripe they can use the rope to make a perfect circle. When they have finished they can pull the post from the ground and leave no trace.
And those three lines at the bottom where the wheat is trampled are where they made a few mistakes trying to find the end of the rope from their access route via the bottom tramlines.
It is possible to walk through crops like wheat without busting a stalk. All it takes is patience and tiny feet.
I think you may have cracked it skinny.
Another way might be to cut a partial template out of plywood, just to get the curve of the circle. Repeated use of the template would eventually complete the circle. Bit hit and miss, though.
I saw a video of some guy who was selling a tool for making spherical compacted sand (for serious sandcastle making), and that's exactly what it was, a partial plastic sphere. Move his tool smoothly over the sand and you'd get near perfect sand spheres.
Hmmm...can't say I care for the middle part and it is a throw back to simpler designs imho.
Agree with that. So few of the original teams operating these days. Looks like most of the work is carried on by shaky amateurs. Not a lot of impact.

Just getting started, but. Usually two or three standouts each year since the Fall. Stay tuned.
Anyone spotted a 'VOTE TORY' one yet?
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Bumped up from page 12. Rob Irving was the founder of Team Satan, one of the early creative teams from the 90s. He was regularly and very personally attacked for exposing the wizards behind the curtain, of whom he was one. His attackers included many of those within British 'çereology' who were making tidy sums on the lecture and book circuits. hm

2004 post.
OP ="scotmedia"
The whole thing is in 2 parts due to size

Mid 1990s, Rob Irving was the invited guest for two
conferences on CompuServe and discussed his well known
involvement in the art of making 'crop circles'.

At that time and with Rob's approval, I encapsulated
those essential online dialogues, with his permission to

It should be appreciated that there's very little time
during an online debate to provide detailed answers on
complex subjects - swollen nodes, for example. Rob asked
if I would also point out that in the spirit of a
conference, what may read rather flippantly later on, was
actually well-intentioned at the time.

With that in mind, Rob provides an interesting and
informative insight into the subject...

Q: How long have you been interested in the paranormal
and why did you become interested?

RI: I used to love taking detours through Wiltshire, and
was particularly intrigued by Silbury Hill. When I lived
in LA, I used to hang around at the Bodhi Tree bookshop,
looking at pics of stone circles and pining. When I
arrived back in the UK, in 1989, the circles phenomena
was breaking. I dived in... back to making those same
detours, but for other reasons.

Q: You have admitted hoaxing crop circles. How did you
get started doing that?

RI: I went to a circles meeting in Glastonbury where Erik
Bekjord was speaking... or shouting! He was playing
double-bill with George Wingfield - quite an

I went with open arms, hoping to embrace something
unusual, but it didn't take me, and one or two others,
long to realise that something was wrong.

Soon enough, it was decided that the only way to really
test this was to know exactly how some formations
arrived, by making them. Well, in the space of a few
weeks, we'd gone from stumbling hoaxers to superhuman
intelligences; our formations dowsed, people got healed
in them, and the rest is history.

Q: You said you realized something was wrong, what was
that realization?

RI: That people were making extraordinary claims, while
giving the impression that they were the only ones who
could solve the enigma. While, deep down, they knew the
truth and went out of their way to conceal it. Just like
now, really.

Q: What is about faking crop circles, etc. that you

RI: Enjoyed, past tense. I gave up circle making. At the
time I felt that it was entirely justified if you were
really concerned about finding the truth of many of the
claims that are made. If you got rid of people like me,
you'd perhaps be left with more fantastic stories to hang
your belief on which weren't actually true.

The circles scene is a fine example of that. Perhaps, in
that sense, it's a microcosm of the scene surrounding
other phenomena, like ufology.

Q: Can you give us some examples of famous (or infamous)
crop circles that you HAVE hoaxed?

RI: Cherhill '93, loads in 94.

Q: Care to tell us why Cherhill is infamous?

RI: The two Cherhill sites were connected. One of them
was the source of Dr Levengood's H-Glaze findings, the
other showed higher counts of radiation and was heavily
featured in books - the likes of Linda Moulton-Howe's,
for instance.

Q: And you faked them?

RI: Well, made them would be more accurate.

Q: What percentage of supposedly "genuine" crop circles
in the U.K. have you made and what approx. percentage of
the rest do you *know* to be fraudulent?

RI: A lot depends on how you count them... but, since
1989, excluding Doug and Dave (whom I believe have been
entirely truthful), the vast majority can be accounted
for by circle makers who know each other, compare notes,
etc. I'm leaving some free because, again, there are
circles being made, especially now, by others,
copycats... which is simply a natural progression of what
happened in '89. I was a copycat once, too.

Q: What do you think about the latest crop formations,
from this summer? Like the 'double helix' and the

RI: I think they're intimidatingly brilliant... if you're
asking me if I think they're man-made, the answer is yes,
or some of my friends are psychic, as they told me about
them in January.

Q: How did they make them?

RI: Tools, planks and a considerable amount of skill,
experience, and expertise.

Q: Do you know of any others whom also create crop
circles in their spare time, and why?

RI: Many others, most of which are some quite well-known
circles "researchers". The current circle makers are
London artists who share a slightly different view of
"art" than others. Rather than seeing art as objects,
paintings, sculptures, etc., they see it as "experience".
There's no doubt that the circles create experiences,
some of which are seen as being "paranormal". I've been
saying for years that the circles should be looked at as
modern day devotional art and I still believe that.

Q: Wasn't there cultivated soil in New Mexico, in the
form of spiders, prairie animals, etc., formed to be seen

RI: With regard to the pre-indian designs (if that's what
they are), I'm satisfied that they could also be
described as devotional art, of some form or another. One
of the problems I have with the attitude that things like
that MUST be made by someone or something other than
human - apart from there being no evidence of that - is
that it falls in line with a general tendency to
underestimate human capabilities.

Q: Beyond the elegance, beauty and simplicity of your
designs, you have succeeded in stirring people to think
beyond themselves. Art has many subliminal purposes. A
single act creates results far beyond the obvious results
sometimes. Do you believe that your results match your

RI: Very much so, I'd have thought that was obvious.

Q: Colin Andrews talks about a formation that had the
crop bent a couple of inches from the ground. IOW, it
could not have been faked. He also talks about a circle
that some researchers documented the direction of the
crop, etc. and several hours later the direction was
changed. Also there are some formations that have crop
layered in different directions. In these formations I am
referring to, the crop is not broken, it ripens more
quickly than the crop outside the formation.

The people hoaxing formations cannot do these things. IMO
the fakers are just making things more difficult for us
to find out the truth.

Do you have any opinions on this?

RI: Firstly...as Colin knows... crop continues to grow
after it's been flattened, hence, in a day or so, it's
raising up. Colin knows better than to keep foisting that
one on his fans. Layering has been shown on many
occasions to be a natural artefact of flattening crop
with traditional methods. The story about the changing
direction of crop is false, as are many stories coming
out of the crop circles field.

Colin took many photographs over the years. If he had
documented evidence of changes in the direction of lay,
I'd be very interested to see it.

Q: What do you mean when you say layering is a pure
natural artefact?

RI: If someone walks a roller through wheat, it spills
out, like water from a tyre. Multiply that by the amount
of times that person goes over the same patch, or,
imagine combing hair in layers, it's a very similar
process, just the size is different. The thing is, that's
what was discovered in making them, it's really the only
way to settle the arguments.

continued below
Part 2

Q: Are you familiar with Dr. Gerald Hawkings research and
results of crop circle analysis? Diatonic scale of circle
ratio relationships etc? He is convinced many are not
man-made and has published volumes of test results to
verify that. Have you reviewed his work?

RI: Yes, I'm familiar with his papers, etc - I would
politely say that he's fallen into a bit of a trap marked
"pathological science". I'm sure he's sincere, however -
it's just that his findings could easily be shown to be
misguided if anyone really wanted to know.

Q: If they are hoaxed, then how do you explain away the
small amounts of radiation that are found at the centre
of some of them?

RI: Firstly, I never actually use the word "hoax",
because it implies things other than what's really going
on. None of the people I know who make good circles
regard themselves as "hoaxers", because they're not
trying to fool anyone.

As for the radiation, etc., first check out the person
making the claims, then compare those claims with other,
more likely possibilities, like "is there detectable
Radon?". There's many reasons, in any field in the
country, that you might get fluctuating geiger-counter
readings. In the case of Cherhill, the 3x level of
radiation, as reported, was rather misleading. As Jenny
Randles noted: three times miniscule is still miniscule.

Q: How do the hoaxers generate the swollen and bent nodes
seen in the wheat stems of many crop circles? In some
cases the nodes appear to have even "exploded", leaving

RI: There are many surprising artefacts of the mechanism
of making circles - layering for instance, is a purely
natural artefact. What cerealogists continually fail to
address is the way crops react to flattening. That's
often dependent on how old the crop is and in what
condition etc. For instance, swollen nodes. What are the
nodes for? The plants are very phototropic.

As for the work and claims of Dr Levengood, and his
acolytes, I'm afraid I have no confidence in it, or them.
Many formations that he's pronounced "genuine" can be
proven man-made. He's even proclaimed simple wind damage
as "genuine".

Q: What are your ideas on "what" causes the "circles",
apart for "hoaxers", and why have the designs gone from
"circular" to "key" shaped designs?

RI: I believe the intelligence responsible for complex
circles (and keys) is human. The UBI, who made the keys,
felt like it, probably. The UBI were a group of lads from
Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Q: Why has no-one ever considered the possibility of
staking out the area to catch the hoaxer, or at least try
to see what's really going on?

RI: There are many attempts to catch hoaxers. There's
currently a large reward for a conviction. But the
circles scene in England is very corrupt, a lot of the
people who purport to want to catch hoaxers are actually
making formations themselves.

Q: If they are not trying to fool anyone, then why aren't
they putting a sign up in the middle saying, "We did
this", signing their names. A hoax is anything that is

RI: Only fake if there's a genuine article, and there's
no substantial evidence for that. Also, going back to the
notion of art as experience, mystery is a crucial
element. To turn the question around: why get hung-up
over authorship? Who cares how they get there?

Q: What is it you believe about UFOs, etc.

RI: I believe there's phenomena that deserves
investigation, but I wouldn't describe myself as a
"believer" per se, most of my interest is in the people
surrounding and involved in ufology. Again, the research
procedures and attempts to sell stories.

Q: Have you ever seen a UFO?

RI: I tried to tell people but they wouldn't believe me.
The irony is that I saw it (them, actually - my two
sightings occurred in the same place, in the same week)
over the east field, Alton Barnes, the site of that Led
Zeppelin cover. One was at night, a pinky peachy light
which seemed to move just after I thought it might (I
think)... kinda did what I thought it might do, usual
thing - it moved to one side, shrunk in size, then popped

The other one was in daylight a white, star-like thing,
that came down a field as I, and three others, watched
from about half a mile away.

Do you know? A large pictogram appeared in the same field
a week later.

But I have my suspicions that I told the wrong people
about Irving's famous UFO sightings.

If you know what I mean...

Beautiful crop design.....does anyone know exactly how they make those. Do they design them on the computer at scale and what do they use to actually flatten the crops? I mean.....rope and planks can't possibly be the only tools used.
I understand a garden roller is employed for larger affairs such as this.

As to design methods, not sure. There's probably an app for it these days.

This link has design tips in part 3. Might be a pisstake tho. It's getting harder to tell the 'genuine' websites from the hoaxes these days. :sombrero:
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I understand a garden roller is employed for larger affairs such as this.

As to design methods, not sure. There's probably an app for it these days.

This link has design tips in part 3. Might be a pisstake tho. It's getting harder to tell the 'genuine' websites from the hoaxes these days. :sombrero:

Thanks for the reply....certainly seems a bit primitive....you'd think this day and age they would have better techniques.
I understand your prejudice, you old fart.
However, there is nothing more complexx required than the above cited tools and teeny weeny feet.


But then ...

SIGH: The phenomenon breathes again.
Haven't heard much about crop circles the last couple of years.....maybe the artists are tired of making them .
When they first appeared in the 80's...simple circles , I did think it was possible some were formed by bizarre meteorological conditions. Over the years it became clear to me that they were the work of talented hoaxers/artists.

You mentioned 'genuine' circles above in post 533....so you believe some are 'genuine'..? Can you explain?
I don't believe in "genuine circles" until the supernatural creation is catched on camera, or a UFO creating them is catched on a camera. Even then the footage needs to be checked for editing.
...and then run thru the Ermintruder.

Heads up.
People have been making these for well over 40 years. My advice, Austin, is just sit back and enjoy them.'
You mentioned 'genuine' circles above in post 533
Not so. I mentioned genuine websites that peddled the so-called genuine phenomenon.
Genuine is a purile dispensation. What does the geometry do to/for you? It matters.
They probably design the crop circles on computers these days. I really would like there to be a supernatural reason for the appearances of crop circles...

Well the boring round ones are easy to explain, they're caused by the saucer touching down on earth..:)
Check out the X-Files episode called "Gender Bender" (below) (ignore that stupid title) where Mulder and Scully investigate a black-dressed cult living in a farmhouse-

Love this. Pentacles are strong this year.

Shame the farmer cut it out. His prerogative. You can almost see the smoke coming out of the cabin. I do feel their frustration. It isn't much fun for most landowners when the artists lay down the harvest like that, and such a bumper year for the warm weather in England maxing the yield.

Drone video by Matt Williams. He gets better at this every year. Great work, Matt.
Amazing drone work. Hypnotic.
Thinking about getting a license.

re the drones
I was up in the nothing with my eldest a few weeks ago and we were chilling out around lunchtime when we both cocked an ear to what sounded like a swarm of bigarse bees approaching. We sat up, got up, wandered towards the sound and yet saw naught. It was slightly alarming - we couldn't see anything but we both speculated at the swarm theory. I was wonderfully weirded out, as was herself. Took me 5 full minutes of that weirdness before I twigged it. I scanned the blue and spotted the drone directly above us to the south. The operator was in a ute about 200m north of our campsite. He'd flown the thing along the track towards our campsite, through the creekbed and up into the blue above us before scoping the craft down further south and through the gorge. We giggled a bit and them recommenced lazing.
A spoof circle that's been made near to chequers to wind up President Trump

"Marketing agency The Tenth Man claim crop circle message to Trump. With thanks to crop circle experts, Circlemakers." ... I think 'experts' is being a bit over generous, they've mowed some satire. When they can weave each individual stalk under others etc then they might be experts.

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