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Crop Circles

The original "Mowing Devil" lit up the field the night before as though it was in "flame". So perhaps that incident was something more anomalous; a UFO or some plasma phenomenon.
It has been a very poor season thus far. Some deep shenannigans at play which I shall dedicate another post to later. Here I raise the strange phenomena of 'ghosting'.

Ghosting is the reappearance in shadow form of the previous year's design in the same place on a field. It is rare, and there seems no botanical reason why the crop should flop a second time after the design has been mown out and the field turned over and reseeded in a fresh bed, yet these ghost patterns appear from time to time. I assume these designs must be laced with chemical contaminants that alter the soil pH in some way that affects the subsequent season's growth. Either that, or there really are microwave radiation methods used in some formations which leave a residual effect in the ground. Or maybe they are starship landing sites after all. Any thoughts?

eta, the video shows the 2018 crop circle first and the 2019 ghost after.

This is a current sample of a 2019 ghost of one of last year's designs.

It has been a very poor season thus far. Some deep shenannigans at play which I shall dedicate another post to later. Here I raise the strange phenomena of 'ghosting'.

Ghosting is the reappearance in shadow form of the previous year's design in the same place on a field. Any thoughts?

A thought:
Some of the flattened stalks remain in the field because mechanized reaping machines aren't designed to pick up horizontal crops. This plant matter gets mulched into the soil by plough or seed drill and affects the next years growth. This might explain the 'raggy' edges seen in year two's design - it's been driven over by a tractor.
I'll go even further and suggest it could also be the result of a chemical marker left in the soil by the immature plants. A kind of warning signal.
The son of the man who first created mysterious crop circles has spoken about his father’s legacy and how he discovered the truth.
Despite conspiracy theorists being convinced that aliens were behind the phenomenon, the crop circle mystery was finally solved in 1987.
The tricksters who spent 10 years making them in the 70s and 80s were revealed to be Dave Chorley, from Winchester in Hampshire, and his friend Doug Bower.

A ghost crop circle.
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Still working on making archived material available and just come upon this. Thought surely of interest here.

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*Inaugural post*

Good evening from Adelaide, South Australia. Crop Cirlce research brought me to FT, so I may as well start posting here, but I'll be adding my particular brand of BS to many other threads in future. This is a fascinating board. Thanks for having me.

Last year I bought a DVD called "Crop Circles: Quest for Truth" by documentary film maker William Gazecki. It was Oscar nominated in 2002 (I think). In it, there is footage of the balls of light moving through crop fields in a fashion that describes purpose. Other footage on the extras shows the lights toying with military helicopters, disappearing from in front of them and re-appearing behind them as they hover. I was amazed, as I hadn't seen anything like them before. I have found no plausible answers as to what they are. Just that they appear to have some relation to the formations, though whether they simply occupy the same space as co-incidence or they are part of the creation process is difficult to say.

Of crop circles, I reckon they are created by people. I've researched the plasma vortex theories and the 'alien message' ideas, but these glyphs / pictograms seem certainly to me to be the most modern form of sacred art.

3 things;

1. The 'Circlemakers' ('Team Satan' they call themselves) claim authorship of these incredible geometric patterns, so I'd like to see them make an 'exact' copy of the Milk Hill (2001)
formation within the time frame that it was supposed to have hit the deck in (approximately 7 hours according to the farmer, though similarly complex patterns appeared within 45 minutes of bystanders witnessing an empty area in other cases, and yet others claim that they've seen formations appear in fields where minutes before there was nothing).

2. If they were created by a group of people, why has nobody thought to examine the footprints left in the 'tram lines' which is the only place they could step to avoid damaging standing crop. Perhaps they tromp out on their boards to avoid any impact on soil beds in tram lines???

3. How do the 'Circlemakers' account for the appearance of 'grapeshot' - small formations of as small as two feet across which appear isolated often far from main circles and tram lines? I can't figure that one out at all, unless the buggers have learned how to levitate :? :?:

I am sceptical of 'supernatural' explanations in most things fortean, yet with this phenomenon, I'm even more sceptical of the claims of authorship by the 'Circlemakers' (Irving, et al). There's a lot more unexplained than explained in this, which is why I'm so fascinated by it. Yes, it's last century's news, but I'm still waiting for answers. I think a lot of people are.

I would love to experience being in, at or above a formation some time. Has anyone experienced it firsthand or personally know anyone who has? I don't think the OP has yet been satisfied. I haven't, anyway.

Cheers, skinny
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A NEW crop circle mysteriously appeared yesterday (Saturday, May 30) close to Cley Hill near to Warminster.

Crop circle photographer Nick Best, of Skyview UK in Westbury, said: “This is the second formation this year, with the first believed to be near Avebury earlier in the week.

"No-one knows who created it but it was probably done on Friday night. Some people were talking about it yesterday."