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Fortean Documentaries

I can't help giggling when reminded of this series. I enjoyed it but ...
I recall, a long time ago, watching a late night cable TV series from America which featured a spoof of this called "Bulls**t or Not?" and presented by Henry Silva.
The one where Jack The Ripper was actually the Loch Ness Monster? .. that was from the comedy film 'Amazon Women on the Moon' .. the show being called "Bullshit or Not" ..

Thems were the days ...
I honestly think they used Silva because of his passing resemblance to Palance.
Ghostwatch is now available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

Pretty sure it is a very recent release there, makes me wonder if it has something to do with Michael Parkinson's passing, or just coincidence
Possibly. Marketing has to be quick on the ball.
Luckily I got my DVD years ago.
This is Fortean by way of the incredible images they produced....
Celebrated photographer, creative director and filmmaker Anton Corbijn’s first feature documentary SQUARING THE CIRCLE (the story of hipgnosis) tells the story of Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey “Po” Powell, the creative geniuses behind the iconic album art design studio, Hipgnosis

I watched the film tonight (it's very very unusual for me to ever get a night off, but this was a unique experience). It is simply superb....please do go & see it.

So many wonderful insights into Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, 10CC, Peter Gabriel, Wings, Led Zepplin and the gloriously-chaotic creative processes that is:was Hipgnosis. Great production/direction, a total overall joy to behold...

‘Realm of Satan’: Meet the Church’s Magicians, Porn Stars, and Broomstick Makers

Satanists are inherently nonconformist, so it’s fitting that Realm of Satan—a documentary that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 21 —upends expectations.

Focusing on a collection of diverse international disciples of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, director Scott Cummings’ feature debut is a unique non-fiction affair that provides no background information, little context, and scant dialogue. It also boasts zero fly-on-the-wall material, instead presenting a series of carefully staged portraits of its subjects that aim to convey their lifestyles, personalities, and philosophies. Think of it as an 80-minute art installation in which Satanists are rendered—and deliberately render themselves—performative characters in a diabolical play of their own making.

Whereas Satanists sometimes argue that their religion is merely one about freedom—of thought and desire, and from rules and judgement—Realm of Satan contends that they’re far closer to the devil worshipers that movies, books, and TV shows have made them out to be for decades. Since everything in Realm of Satan has been self-consciously orchestrated to highlight these individuals’ dark and demonic visions of themselves, there’s nothing particularly scary about their appearances, attitudes, or practices, most of which come across as over-the-top affectations.

Nonetheless, Cummings’ film does occasionally strike upon a legitimately unnerving sight which suggests that these folks aren’t just playing around but, in fact, sincerely want to commune with the abyss.


maximus otter
Dunno if this has been said before, but I only discovered last night that there's a few copies of A Leap in The Dark TV series on You Tube.
Last night I watched the one where the 'ghost' of Ratcliffe Wharf was invented.
Plenty of names to recognise, a bit dated, but good fun.
Also look up the children's TV series "The Witches and The Grinnygog".

I think I'm more entertained and interested in old (1970s/80s) Fortean documentaries than the modern stuff that's around. Even if some has been debunked.
BBC 2 has just started showing a documentary series on the origins of the Amityville Horror and Netflix will have a series on Rael from this Wednesday the 7th of Feb.
I saw this on x/twitter earlier. Roger Cook didn't just doorstep villains!

This is so intriguing as many of the electrical issues reported also occurred at Ripperstone Farm, the 'heart' of the Welsh Triangle UFO wave of 1976-77, and also close to a military base (RAF Brawdy)
I'm watching part 1 of Amityville now. It's too early to tell but I'm wary that Christopher might be embarking in damage limitation to salvage his parents reputation.