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Fortean Headlines

My husband's feet are so smelly a frog that crawled into his trainers 'was gassed to death'

Gemma Tyson, 40, was astonished to discover the dead amphibian in one of mechanic Brian’s Nikes.

She soon put phew and phew together and concluded the creature was overcome by the whiff.

She said Brian rarely changes his socks, which leads to a powerful honk.


maximus otter
Those are Max Air trainers.
Mystery solved in the case of a woman walking a banana on a lead in Taunton.


I haven't even read the story yet but I suspect it's not as good as it sounds...!
From the expert in the article:
“Also, I’d love it if more people were walking bananas around the UK. I’d like this to become a social movement that encourages people to embrace the bold and the bizarre. That would be hilarious!”

If too many people started doing this, the therapeutic value would disappear, since it's no longer an embarrassing act, but simply a useless part of everyday life. Do we need that?
Does this mean in 9 months there'll be loads of these guys running round the church? ;)

Not exactly a headline, but today on Wikipedia's home page, in the section Did you know...

I think there's a Viz comic strip in that.
Perhaps the protagonists could be called 'Sharon' and 'Tracey'?
The company specialises in providing electronic tracking and security devices for motorcycles and farm ATVs
So does that mean they hadn't installed their tracking devices on them or that it doesn't work?
Well, it could be - a 'prequel' to 'The Terminator'.
Which reminds me - the most recent in the franchise 'Dark Fate' (2019) is on the box tonight.