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Fortean Headlines

Request to regular posters

The Fortean Headlines thread (in the Fortean News sub-forum) is properly intended only for headlines—almost invariably those that may be read as referring to bizarre events but actually turn out to be comparatively mundane.

Please do not post long extracts or full-article texts there (perhaps just a three-line 'reveal').

This is not a general thread for quirky news articles per se.

If you have a genuinely Fortean news story, please present it in its own thread in the Fortean News sub-forum with a full preview.

As ever, if in doubt, post away and one of us will do our best to arrange things nicely. It's just that there's a lot to do and many staff have off-board commitments of late.

Some recent posts moved.
Shouldn't they be more concerned with reconfiguring warp drive conduits, scanning quantum fissures using subspace differential pulses and balancing annular confinement beams than getting horny?
I'm definitely not sports literate. What is GAA? I read the article which mentioned the sport of "hurling"? Wtf? I won't say what that word brings to mind (definitely not a sport). Lol

One of the joys of watching RTE - which is Raidió Teilifís Éireann. Had to copy and paste that to get the accents in!

Edit to add that in Scotland I'd probably say shinty unless I thought about it. I think there's an annual Irish/Scottish match.