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Fortean Headlines

Swedish men unknowingly father after sperm donation for research

In Sweden, some men became fathers without their knowledge after making sperm donations for scientific research in the 1960s and 1970s. Their sperm was unknowingly used to impregnate women at Uppsala hospital.

This was discovered by investigative journalists from Uppdrag granskning, a TV programme of Swedish public broadcaster SVT.

Research into freezing sperm in liquid nitrogen was conducted at the university hospital in the 1960s and 1970s. The men, who were then doing their military service in Uppsala, were asked to donate sperm. For this, they received 50 Swedish kronor, 10 times the daily allowance they received from the army at the time.

Journalists from the investigative programme called over 250 conscripts who were staying in Uppsala at the time. Seventeen of them said they had donated their sperm, assuming it was for scientific research.

Pregnancy test and ivf
After dna testing, which was done with the men's consent, at least three men appear to have become fathers of one or more children without their knowledge. One of them told broadcaster SVT he was overwhelmed by the news. "I don't know how to deal with this," he said.

Carl Gemzell, a now-deceased professor, was in charge of sperm testing at the hospital. The world-famous fertility doctor was also chief physician at the women's clinic that performed the fertilisations.

Gemzell is known, among other things, for his studies that were the basis of the pregnancy test as we know it today. He also developed a hormone treatment that eventually enabled fertility treatments such as ivf.

*** My note: it's a pity that his breakthrough research will now be cancelled because of his unethical actions. But medical progress was much faster in the 60's and 70's. Most of our current antipsychotics and antidepressants come from these times, when doctors could experiment with fewer obstructions. You don't want to know how those medical tests went then ...

In future, the Stadtsparkasse München will lock its vestibules at night. The bank cites protection against ATM burglars as the reason - and thus also locks out homeless people who previously found a place to sleep there.


Norfolk villagers and National Trust at loggerheads over ‘fairy bridge’ that appeared in the night​

The new fairy bridge was getting plenty of use last week from anglers, bird watchers and walkers, and although the mist was beginning to rise there was no sign of either fairies or the Screaming Cockler, the ghost of a cocklewoman said to have drowned.

Brings to mind my youth on the North Kent coast. Between Herne Bay and Whitstable is the small village/community of Seasalter which is separated from the sea by a saltmarsh, a large creek winding through it. Going on a coastal walk, there was only one wooden plank and rail bridge across the creek.
In heavy snows, it was hard to spot the bridge - it was in a dip in the ground - and several people would find themselves slip down, feet first, into the creek. My mum included.
He didn’t - he stored the tobacco up his arse for safe keeping. It was then extracted & a fag rolled & smoked in the usual way. I think you’d find it difficult to light a cigarette in yer jacksy.

Oo, I like experts, can you elaborate on the difficulties of lighting a cigarette in yer jacksy? Asking for a friend...:hahazebs:

Musselburgh man who hit woman with flip flop fails to appear in court​


Good to see that the press in places other than Cork get excited by everyday events at the Petty Sessions.
I haven't seen flip flops since the 70's! .. it's all surf board non slip stuff these days where I live.. I'm not complaining because I own two pairs and they're groovy. I haven't hit anyone with one yet.
I haven't seen flip flops since the 70's! .. it's all surf board non slip stuff these days where I live.. I'm not complaining because I own two pairs and they're groovy. I haven't hit anyone with one yet.
I used to wear them indoors in summer until a few years ago, but now go for 'sliders' which don't have the annoying bit in between your toes.
Lethal on wet pavers or kitchen floor though. I wonder if that's where the name comes from?
Weddings, funerals, job interviews..... perfectly normal. In the middle east.
I've recently read a book* about refugees fleeing from Syria and one of the characters they met along the way, in spite of being offered a pair of trainers, insisted on keeping with a pair of flip flops he'd begged off a woman in Greece. I couldn't understand how he'd walked so far in the same old pair of flip flops. I never could get on with them myself.

*'The End of Time' by Gavin Extence

Naked Professional Baritone Opera Singer Tasered In Lytham​

Professional opera singer, Mark Holland, armed himself with a bow and arrow, and went on a totally terrifying rampage at the Belmar Nursing Home (pictured) in Stanley Road, off Clifton Drive, on the afternoon of Monday 2nd October. The petrified staff at the Home called the Police at 1.35 p.m. after the enraged voluntary resident lost his temper when he was told that he could not go out shopping.
Human skull found in Florida charity shop Halloween section

A shopping trip in Florida has taken an eerie turn after a human skull was discovered in the Halloween section of a charity shop.

An eagle-eyed anthropologist browsing the store on Saturday spotted the skull and suspected it belonged to a human, officials said.

Detectives visited the store and agreed it was likely to be human.

The store owner told investigators the skull had been in a storage unit after being purchased several years ago.

Police in North Fort Myers, around 160 miles (260km) north-west of Miami, and the local medical examiner are now investigating the discovery and will inspect the skull further.

Officials do not believe the case is suspicious.

Via BBC News
Maybe it was someone who had a bet that a self-scan till would work first time... :D