'Ghost Hunting' Shows Are Getting So Bad That It's Beyond Amusing


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Sep 2, 2011
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When Most Haunted started showing, it was new, it was fresh (even though there had been programmes aired regarding Ghosts prior to this one) & the format was different to anything else that had been shown (hence its large following) & I was hooked, but after so many Seasons & it seemed like `same old, same old` it did entertain.

Now they are all over the place, one channel on a Friday has one after the other, after the other showing similar shows but their formats are slightly different.

The American shows seem to repeat the same footage again (& again) with dramatic music to emphasise the point further.

Even though Most Haunted is a bit dated now, its still the original & the best for me, its had some moments which did have you on the edge of your seat in hope that some spook would indeed appear right in front of the lens in a darkened room & in its early days (Seasons 1 - 6ish) the team, Yvette & of course Derek (R.I.P.) had you `hooked` & wanting more with anticipation of next weeks episodes. Then of course there was the live shows - especially the Dover Castle & St Pancras (Hotel) ones.

This show set a president for further shows (UK & US) & I don't think well hit the dizzy heights of these type shows again as we did with Most Haunted.

That's unless someone `catches a ghost`...…….that would be well worth a watch...……...