There doesn't seem to be a follow up story to this, so presumably he's currently getting the dry wrap treatment.
Here's a surprise

'Perverts in bushes' are ruining nude zone in Paris park, say naturists

The nudists say they are being pestered in an area of the city’s Bois de Vincennes where for the last two years they have been allowed to shed their clothes.

An area of almost two acres of the park is set aside for naturists between April and October.

People throw their clothes in the air to celebrate the opening of the Bois de Vincennes nudist area in 2017.

But did it happen ?

Probably not as Boris has yet to be found dead in a ditch.

I follow Katie on Twitter so I'll keep you updated. My guess (70% certainty) is that she will do it. I suppose the loser's cafe is a famous landmark by now?
Bit of a cock up by police.

A naked man who was sunbathing near a railway line was mistaken for a dead body by police.

Concerned rail workers spotted a pair of feet but "no signs of life" on the grounds of Chafford Hundred railway station, British Transport Police said. In a tweet, BTP said: "Rushing to the scene, officers found a man in his late 30s enjoying some nude sunbathing." It happened as temperatures reached 25C (77F) on Monday. BTP added: "Please don't sunbathe nude on the railway."
From my Twitter:
A naked woman from the Portland protest. I sympathise but I find it strange also.

Also here:

It is curious. A comment on vulnerability, perhaps? Did seem to help defuse the situation. Certainly more going on than the writer of that quite judgemental tweet appears willing to see.

Also, a bare back and a hint of rear is 'graphic nudity', now? Or only when the subject is female?
Did we have this one?
Crash streak

Crash in New Mexico results in one woman involved getting out of her car and stripping naked, then walking off. Concussion, maybe? Can't find any follow ups.
Well, really, stripping naked and walking off when you're angry is a sensible thing to do. Married couples should try it when they have tiffs. :D
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I only looked at the Twitter photo, and believe her action is actually a very powerful statement.
Would people say the same if a man had done it? He'd be arrested for being a flasher.
He would be.
I believe her action is powerful because historically, women's parts have been treated as more mysterious and taboo. We don't get to urinate in public for instance, and in Western tradition women's sexuality has been defined as either transgressive or non-existent, you know, the whore or virgin thing. Men on the other hand, even when they have raped, have been excused with "boys will be boys."
I don't think a man flashing a line of police (or whoever/whatever they are) would have the same impact as this woman at all, and would be dismissed as having done a "naughty boy" thing, not because a man's body is innately more banal than a woman's body--because it isn't--but just because of millennia of social norms.

With any luck, we really are transforming our culture and our social norms, and someday soon a woman showing her parts would also just be arrested for being a flasher.
(But maybe I should have shared that in the chat forum? :bhave:)
Since the last post, I've been reminded also that protesting authorities by flashing them requires privilege that African Americans can not take for granted as White Americans can. To avoid further politicizing this thread, I'm going to post the article that reminded me of that in the chat forum, but I want to include this thought from it:
"I’m thankful for the passion and courage of other white allies during this movement.
But I’ve also been musing on the subject of weirdness — how that quality requires freedom, or at least the belief that one possesses it."

(Some background in case you aren't familiar with Portland's local reputation; it prides itself on "being weird".)
I once had to do a life sketching class at a (since demolished) art college .. the life model was called Sally and was a good laugh and then walked in naked and stood on a podium ... I was 17 so a little bit shy about naked women but what also struck me was how much concentration it took when our lecturer told us to request which pose Sally took .. then we had to draw her in 5 minutes, then two minutes and then 30 seconds to sharpen up our blocking skills ... I was exhausted afterwards and completely forgot the naked woman in front of me part ... anatomy, bone structure, shading etc .. I very much doubt that the above mentioned lecturer is a pervert ... he's been doing this for 11 years .. yet .. no complaints until now.
This reminded me of my life modeling class and one of my weirdest incidents. The life model was deaf mute, and the professor gave us our assignment and left us all to get to it. After going for our usual time, the professor hadn't returned, and our model started to look distressed at having to hold the same pose so long. Eventually she began to make a wordless sound out of her throat, primal and very loud, a wordless tone of distress, and she wouldn't stop
. We stopped our work and went to find the professor to communicate to the model she could break pose. Eventually we found him, but as a class the whole thing was unnerving.
The prosecution will get a dressing down for this.

A judge has struck out a prosecution against a Norwegian businessman who was accused of taking a bin lorry on a nude drink-driving rampage in Dublin city centre.

Rune Skinnarland, 55, had been in the city for a business trip before he allegedly got into the lorry and drove it into the door of an apartment building, causing thousands of euro worth of damage on 4 September last year.

Mr Skinnarland, from Norway but with an address at a hotel in Dublin, had been granted bail after he lodged €2,000 last year.

His case was back before Dublin District Court but he did not have to attend. The case had been marked peremptory against the State.

A direction for disclosure of prosecution evidence to the defence had been made by the court at an earlier stage. However, counsel John Griffon submitted that there had not been full compliance with the evidence order.

Judge Bryan Smyth acceded to the barrister's application to strike out the case against his client. ...
In case you wondered ... Austin, Texas is ranked as the #1 American city for naked gardening.
Quirky new ranking reveals Austin’s status as hot spot for naked gardening

Austin likes to keep it weird. But this one is super weird: Austin ranks as one of the best cities in the U.S. for … naked gardening.

A new study from Austin-based LawnStarter, a platform for lawn care and other outdoor services, exposes the Capital City as the country’s second best place for naked gardening. Austin sits behind Miami on the list.

LawnStarter compared the 100 biggest U.S. cities across nine key metrics to take the wraps off the best places for naked gardening. Ranking factors include legality of nudity, population of nudists, and gardener friendliness. Austin benefits from high rankings in the nudist-friendly category (No. 3) — we’re looking at you, Hippie Hollow — and the weather category (No. 16).

LawnStarter released its ranking ahead of World Naked Gardening Day (Yes, it’s a thing.) on May 1. ...
The honourable member for Pontiac has done it again:

In his quest for assistance, perhaps Mr Amos could inquire about the location of the nearest restroom or ask for an explanation of the concept of indoor plumbing.

With apologies to Oscar Wilde, to be caught naked on a webcam once may be regarded as a misfortune; to be caught twice suggests something more than carelessness.
Philadelphia's Philly Naked Bike Ride has been scheduled for 28 August this year. Assuming current rules remain in effect at that time, the only apparel all riders must wear is a mask.
No shirts, pants or undies needed on bike ride, just a mask

Philadelphia bike riders won’t need their shirts, pants, skirts or even underwear — just a mask.

Organizers of the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride say this year’s event will take place Aug. 28 and will require masks, based on the city’s earlier coronavirus restrictions. ...