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The Optical Illusions Thread

many of us :) it's half identified as failing to merge the two etyes into one vision, but still seeing each in detail.

It's one of the things the right coloured lenses can help with.

@EnolaGaia if it's something that affects you then it's lifelong - you just get better at dealing with it. As an adult you can compensate and it's only when all your processing power is taken up elsewhere that you really become aware of the problem.
I asked, because I posted an article recently about someone who claimed to have taken mindfulness meditation to the extreme and as a result start to see 'what was there', including a tendency to see only two dimensionally.


I believed the hype and did mindfulness meditation for dumb reasons-- now I'm trying to reverse the damage​

"The biggest harm of reducing the tendency to pre-filter input through concepts is the processing time that it takes to bind all the shapes or sounds or ideas I’m hearing into something my brain can use. Mindfulness training puts the emphasis on direct sensory experiences— that’s what you’re really experiencing, not the "thing," really the concept of the thing, that you think is in front of you-- and so my processor is all gunked up cataloging a bunch of parts and shapes and surfaces before just seeing a table that I could use. I take in excessive extraneous detail and don't prioritize incoming information as quickly as a result of mindfulness practice."
Do we have this one yet?

This Photo Is Black And White. Here's The Science That Makes Your Brain See Colour
No, it's a smurf. Honest. I can PM the details?
Ok. I didn't want to squint too much that I got a headache.

Is it one whole smurf or a bunch of little ones? I think I can see a bunch.
I'm seeing one big one, aith a robe made of small ones lol